Excellent Mouse! Ignore Eggs!!1/15/2021 2:41:39 PM

Pros: I can't change the number of Eggs, should be 5! This is a 9-button mouse. There are four buttons in the scroll wheel. Side-to-side, forward and reverse while pressing down. Great mouse, I highly recommend it!

Cons: The instruction sheet is in Chinese, had to experiment to find the 4 buttons hidden in the scroll wheel

Overall Review: I recommend this mouse! With all nine buttons mapped, it makes my work easier than ever. I'll never go back to a 5-button mouse. I use the wireless usb dongle, since I have extra ports, but it has Bluetooth, so you don't need the wireless usb adapter. Once charged with the usb plug in the bottom-front, it keeps running for weeks. I'm still using the initial charge from a couple of weeks ago. Logitech makes the best products. Buy this mouse, it may be the last mouse you need to buy. Did I mention you can connect it to 3 different computers via bluetooth? A button on the bottom lets me use the same mouse on two other laptops in my office. Buy this mouse, I guarantee you'll love it!

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Awesome!5/19/2014 10:07:28 AM

Pros: BTRFS entire drive: No partition software, just install btrfs file system to the drive name (/dev/sdc). Filled it up in a few hours backing up another drive that I intend to convert to btrfs as well. Instant access to over 60,000 files seven directories deep leaving ext4 in the dust.

Cons: Strong temptation to purchase a dozen of these for a RAID10 NAS.

Overall Review: I have no idea where the negative reviews came from. All systems go, better than advertised. Perhaps the Vantec Iceberq Hard Drive Cooler, Model HDC-6015, was a smart decision. I can't tell if it is on or off, the drive plus fan are so quiet.

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Put your helmet on and run away fast4/29/2014 10:44:22 AM

Pros: Produces 6-color images. Two lamps, one infrared (or ultraviolet?) for removing scratches. 4800x9600 resolution. Does lots of 35mm film and slides at once, so says the advertisement.

Cons: Violet-blue-grey vertical streaks washes white documents. Even with nothing on the scanner glass, the white paper press does not scan in white. Easy to fix in GIMP, increase contrast to +60%; not willing to experiment with color photos. No Linux support: The hotfix for the violet-blue-grey streaks on white background is for Windows and Macintosh. Unable to use more than 2400 resolution in XSane. No way to access advanced features, proprietary drivers for Windoes & Max.

Overall Review: Purchased this when a cheap plastic gear in my Scanjet 5370C wore out with no way to purchase replacement. I have no 3D printer, which could easily make a replacement gear. There is an image of a giant lollypop labeled "Sucker" floating over my head next to the image of a giant wood screw. Waiting for local charity to pick it up and get it out my house. Looking for a high-resolution scanner from a manufacturer that returns calls from Linux Kernel Developers.

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