High Quality11/27/2012 10:54:47 AM

Pros: Quality - The device feels solid. I don't cringe or expect any shattering when I drop the drive. Speed - I've never had a faster USB drive. Some other USB 3.0 drives barely feel like they are a step up from USB 2.x. With this drive the benefits of USB 3.0 are clear. Even plugged into a USB 2.x port file transfers are quicker than I expect.

Cons: The Lanyard - Let's be realistic and just not call it a lanyard. Wikipedia says that a lanyard is typically made to go around one's neck or wrist, but the "lanyard" supplied is barely as long as the flash drive itself. I could put it around my finger maybe. Lets call it what it is. A keychain attachment. One that's fairly difficult to loop through the two (airflow?) holes on the back of the drive.

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Fantastic Keyboard11/27/2012 10:42:28 AM

Pros: - The Cherry MX Black keys are superb for gaming. Takes a bit of getting used to for typing, but I adapted fairly quickly. (I have a friend with the same keyboard but with MX Brown keys, which is excellent for typing.) - Fully back-lit. - The 2 port USB hub is useful. It essentially takes 2 usb ports from the back of my motherboard (the 2 used up by the keyboard) and makes them accessible on my desk. Great for flash drives and game controllers. - Profiles. They keyboard can keep up to 5 profiles within its own local storage. In a profile each key can be reassigned to different functions and/or macros. The profiles can be switched by using the Storm Key (Replacement for the Windows Key) + [1 - 5]. Currently the only change I've made is altering the left Storm Key to act just like the Windows key. It sounds stupid after hating on the Windows key for so long, but I just can't live without Win + R (Run), Win + P (Projector / Display Settings), Win + E (My Computer), and the new Win + X (Windows 8 "Admin" menu)

Cons: Changes made to profiles will not take effect until you "exit out" of the profile software. I didn't discover this until I closed the software out of frustration. This wasn't explained anywhere that I could see, and was a tad annoying.

Overall Review: Get a mechanical keyboard. The difference is amazing no matter what type of keys you choose.

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