Excellent performance, but blocks a RAM slot.9/13/2017 3:35:48 PM

Pros: The cooler works great. My Threadripper 1950X stays nice and cool. The pump is completely silent and the fans are nearly silent when the CPU is idle. I don't even need to run the fans at half speed when the CPU is under full load at stock speeds. It should work great when I overclock. The waterblock has full coverage of the Threadripper IHS.

Cons: The waterblock covers up the RAM socket closest to the right side of the CPU socket. The hoses are pretty long when the radiator is mounted in the top of a mid tower case.

Overall Review: My CPU temperature is running about 36°C at idle and 47°C at full load with an ambient temperature of 22°C. This is measured by the motherboard socket sensor since AMD still haven't provided a Linux driver to read Ryzen core temperatures. I am running the fans at a low speed to keep everything quiet, it runs a good bit cooler if I speed them up.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for your support and purchase. We really appreciate you taking time for review and suggestion. Sincerely, Enermax Technical Support Team 626-913-8899
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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Excellent Motherboard9/6/2017 11:13:46 PM

Pros: When loaded up with a Threadripper 1950X, high performance memory, and a good NVMe SSD, this thing really rips through rendering and software compilation workloads while staying nice and cool. The motherboard has lots of PCIe and NVMe slots and you can use all of them at the same time without slowing down. There are dual 1 gig Intel ethernet ports which can be bonded together for more speed and plenty of USB ports. Everything except the RGB LEDs work out of the box under Linux. The VRM and chipset runs nice and cool at stock speeds, I haven't tried overclocking yet though. I didn't have any problems with memory support, I selected the 3200MHz XMP profile for my RAM and it booted on the first try. The integrated sound card sounds good, and even drives my high impedance headphones. The gear shaped heatsink over the chipset looks very nice and they haven't gone overboard with RGB LEDs.

Cons: The VRM heatsink is tall and may prevent a top mounted radiator from fitting in a mid tower case. It only cleared the radiator by 1mm in my case. The motherboard only has 5 fan headers, so some fan splitters or a separate fan controller will probably be necessary. A lot of the settings in the UEFI are not well documented even though there is plenty if room to display a good description of what they do. The QR codes displayed by each option only link to a pdf copy of the user manual, not a description of what the option does. There are no Linux drivers for controlling the RGB LEDs yet, so you have to go into the UEFI to control them.

Overall Review: I would like to see more detailed descriptions of the UEFI options in future revisions of the user manual and UEFI. It would be nice if ASRock would release Linux drivers for the RGB LED control, or at least register descriptions so I can write my own. This review for ASRock review rebate program.

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Good, low cost discs.4/26/2016 2:10:59 PM

Pros: I bought these to backup all of my movies. I have burned 5 discs using K3B at 8x speed so far with no problems. They will let me burn faster than the rated 6x speed in my WH14NS40 drive.

Cons: They only hold 23.3GiB of data.

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Good drive, but slower write speed than advertised10/17/2014 4:16:53 PM

Pros: It is very durable with the rubber jacket, it will bounce if you drop it. The read speed is very high, I got 110MB/s while transferring a large file. I had no problems accessing it on any of my Linux computers.

Cons: It blocks the adjacent usb port on some computers. The write speed maxes out at 18MB/s, not the 30MB/s advertised. I got it really cheap on sale though, so I won't complain too much about that.

Overall Review: This is my second drive from patriot, I have had the last one for 5 years and it still works. I hope this one will last that long.

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A Good Network Card11/8/2012 4:12:12 PM

Pros: I am getting about 110MB/s nfs file transfers from my server now. I didn't have to install any drivers or change any settings. It's affordable and it's Intel.

Cons: The mounting bracket wasn't quite straight, so I had to bend it a little. It's only 1 gigabit.

Overall Review: This card replaced the failed realtek card on my motherboard. The new intel card gets me slightly faster nfs transfers than the old integrated one.

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Good Printer12/7/2011 8:19:32 PM

Pros: It is quite fast, both printing and scanning. It has a duplexer. It has Linux drivers. It is much cheaper to use than an inkjet printer. You can scan over the network on multiple computers.

Cons: It is quite noisy when it is printing and the fan runs for a long time after printing.

Overall Review: I find that the generic toner works better (darker) than the brother toner, and it's a lot cheaper. I haven't had the duplexer jam on me yet, although I use 24lb paper as the 20lb tends to curl up a lot more.

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Works Great12/7/2011 8:02:38 PM

Pros: I put this in my dell desktop, and it puts out much less heat than what was in it.

Cons: It was a tight fit in the case, but I think it was just a junky dell case not the power supply.

Overall Review: I have always been very happy with corsair power supplies.

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Nice Monitors12/7/2011 7:57:45 PM

Pros: They have a good clear picture, and they are very bright.

Cons: I have 2 of them and I can't seem get the color set the same on both of them. They take about 8 seconds to turn on, which seems a bit slow. The refresh rate is only 60hz at full resolution, not 75hz as shown in the details page.

Overall Review: I haven't tried using one of those color calibrators yet, maybe that would get the colors the same on both monitors.

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Very Nice Modular Power Supply12/7/2011 7:47:26 PM

Pros: It runs silently, and has been running continuously for 5 days without any problems. It is modular for everything but the motherboard power leads. It is very heavy. it comes with a nice bag to hold the unused cables.

Cons: It had a strong smell that took several days to go away. It has separate cables for 4 and 8 pin motherboard power and both are permanently attached, so one has to be tucked away somewhere.

Overall Review: This power supply is overkill for my little media server, but it was on sale for less than what I was originally looking at, and has more sata power cables.

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Good Affordable RAM12/7/2011 7:42:23 PM

Pros: I am running a pair of these in my media server. It has been running for 5 days with no problems. I am only running it at 1066MHz and it is still very fast.

Cons: None

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A very cheap case but it will work12/7/2011 7:41:13 PM

Pros: It holds my computer. It looks good on the outside. All of the screw holes line up. It holds 5 hard drives.

Cons: It is very cheaply made. It is quite flimsy. There are some sharp edges. All but the first pci slot has to be snapped out with pliers. It only comes with one pci slot cover. It hardly has any weight to it, it weighs less then the power supply and seems a little top heavy.

Overall Review: You used to be able to get a decent case for around this price, I guess you can't anymore.

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Good Board, Low Price12/7/2011 7:36:46 PM

Pros: This is a good board for an htpc or a cheap media server. I am using it to stream media to my ps3 and it has been running continuous for 5 days without any problems. I am running with an intel G530 and 4GB or RAM. Everything works out of the box under Linux, didn't need any drivers.

Cons: It doesn't have firewire.

Overall Review: I will buy another one if I need to build another cheap pc. I got this for a really good price during one of neweggs holiday sales.

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Great CPU12/7/2011 7:34:29 PM

Pros: I am using this with an MSI H67-MS motherboard for my media server. It runs cool, it is idling at 29c with stock cooling. It is very fast. The graphics work out of the box under Ubuntu 11.04.

Cons: The integrated graphics are very choppy when trying to run a game, but I won't mark it down since I didn't buy it for that. However I will say that Intel needs to improve their open source graphics driver.

Overall Review: This is nothing like the old Celeron processors. I almost didn't buy it because of the name, until I saw the reviews.

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Dissapointing12/7/2011 6:28:51 PM

Pros: None

Cons: It ran for 2 days before reporting bad sectors. It is very slow, seems worse than my 10 year old seagate drive. I expected better from western digital.

Overall Review: This was my first recertified drive and it will be my last. It hasn't died yet but it probably won't last long.

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