Solid PSU9/28/2012 11:12:19 PM

Pros: These are great little units especially when they go on sale. These are spec'd out by Antec and internals are from Seasonic, cannot ask for a better combo for the price. I definitely have mine loaded down with a lot of things attached to it, so much so that every connector is used :) .

Cons: More SATA power connectors?

Overall Review: This is not the first one of these I have purchased and none are giving any fits at all. Not only are they going strong still, but they definitely do NOT fall short on the rated power output - this is more that I can say for a lot of other PSU companies out there. If I incur problems down the road, ANTEC has an excellent RMA service that is in my opinion the best in the business. Half the time they "upgrade" the very few things I have sent back over the years! *For the other reviewer asking about testing, take a paperclip and jump the green wire (there's only 1 for a 24 pin connector) to any black wire (usually right next to the green). Place something as simple as just a fan on a molex connector and power it on. If it's DOA, you'll know right there.

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Not Up to the Task9/28/2012 10:57:26 PM

Pros: This is 1 of 2 sets that I have ordered, the first set working flawlessly.

Cons: The 2nd set was very difficult to diagnose as I have never had a set behave the way this did. Long story short, 1 stick was found to need about 1.55 volts to be completely stable at advertised specs - this should have binned lower in the 1333 pile. The second would cause intermittent issues like BSOD, program crashing, BIOS lockups, random restarts, etc. This one stick would always fail things like Linpack, OCCT, Prime95, IBT, etc. The kicker was that it always passed Memtest86 though with no errors (as many as 24 test loops) - I do not know how this was possible.

Overall Review: Newegg sent me a replacement set in a little over a week after I shipped these back and the new ones work flawlessly like the first set does. Always sucks paying return shipping from something out of your control, but such is the gamble of online purchasing I suppose.

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Solid Card9/28/2012 10:41:39 PM

Pros: Price/performance is excellent with this card. What's more is the ridiculous overclocking headroom on these cards is true. This particular model has been pushed to 1250/1450 clocks with a slight vcore bump and still stays around under 70*C with the fan at 65%. The cooler design is excellent as a plate extends off of the GPU and actively cools the memory chips as well. Combine this with an 80mm fan and an exhaust out the back approach, well done on the cooler design!

Cons: I have to put it out there that this purchase has been my first serious gripe with Newegg. Just like another reviewer down below, I too received what looked like and open box. The top seal had been cut, corners of the box were crushed and dented, one of the cd sleeves had been ripped in places as well as the disc scratched, and the best was the bracket was bent to the point that I had to work on straightening it out to be mounted. Was this "just" an open box, or deceptively sold by Newegg as a new when it most definitely was not. The OC software is still quite glitchy. I have to click on "apply" a couple of times to make sure the settings are indeed applied at times. This, and it plays this strange voltage game where something will crash and iTurbo will show the card as running at 1158mv, NOT what it should be running (1225mv). Oh yeah, this thing is absolutely huge (you'll have to relocate a HDD if one is in front of it on an ATX case). Such is the tradeoff though as it definitely does its job well.

Overall Review: This series of card deserves 5 stars flat out, amazing performance for the cost (yes, Crysis is playable on ultra settings at 1080p to boot). The unfinished mechanics of HIS' utility is an inconvenience, but it's thankfully not the only utility out there. The more important thing though is my most unfavorable personal view Newegg right now from this purchase (condition) - this aspect alone gets a solid reputation knock in my book, even with the dozens of purchases I have made over the years, this is my first very negative encounter however.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Unexpected Surprise8/22/2008 9:57:13 AM

Pros: Very surprised at how nice this is. The enclosure's casing looks very nice with a piano black finish; and it is made of metal!. The protective case is quite nice as well, even has Rosewill embossed in it (instead of being some cheap universal that all cheap enclosure manufacturers use). The biggest selling point for me (besides the sale and free shipping), was the Y-usb cable. I cannot stress how many external enclosures do not operate properly because just the one does not provide enough power to larger drives or older, more inefficient ones - this powers my 120 gig Hitachi nicely. For those that do not have many tools around the house, even has a little philips which is nice for other small electronic's screws as well.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I cannot comment how this works for windows (seeing as a few are complaining about drivers). I can say that plugging it into my linux box for the first time, it was recognized, and was read just like any other flash device. I can get transfer speeds up to 30 mb/sec which is fairly good on an older single-core processor with an outdated-southbridge on the motherboard. Would buy again if I had another 2.5" HDD laying around.

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Great HTPC Card!5/12/2008 11:37:50 AM

Pros: This card works flawlessly! The best thing about it is that the target market this card is for, HTPC, is perfect with the absence of a noisy little fan. It works well for Windows XP. The Catalyst control center looks a little over-the-top for this type of card though, but it is great that they go the extra mile to make you feel like you didn't buy just some budget junk. The even better part is that it works extremely well under Linux. It handles all of the "eye-candy" that Compiz-Fusion has to offer without a problem using the Catalyst 8.4 release - that was what surprised me the most. Plays HD content without a hiccup....

Cons: Works very well with Linux, but would be even better if there were a Catalyst Control center as well as the rest of the software similar to the Windows version.

Overall Review: I'm glad to see that the notorious reputation of ATI having the worst drivers is becoming a thing of the past. I have always liked ATI except over the past couple of years, they appeared to really be falling off of their game. With Nvidia acting more and more now like Intel was a few years back, I decided to jump back over with ATI after the praise over the HD 3XXX series - glad I did!

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Impressive Budget CPU5/12/2008 9:05:22 AM

Pros: The hype on the internet about the potential for this thing at the price it can be bought for is well-justified. It does what it is supposed to and does every task I have given it so far with ease. Performs great in both Windows and Linux without any problems. I was a little worried at first when I saw 40* C at idle, thinking I would have to reflash the BIOS for an update (which I dread doing). The longer I ran it, the cooler it got. With the stock HSF Intel on there, it now is seeing temps as low as 23* C at idle and running Prime95 for 1 hour, it peaked at 40* C with a modest bump to 2.66ghz - so far.

Cons: I despise the way Intel wants us to install the HSF, I cringe at the force on the motherboard needed to seat the HSF properly.

Overall Review: I am very impressed with this Wolfdale (actually the entire Wolfdale lineup). The best thing is that this hasn't been price-gouged to death like the E8400/8300 were when they first launched (at least not yet). I would definitely buy this again for another build (too bad this wasn't for me personally). With the L2 cache aside (still 3mb), this thing has a ton of room up top to compete with the bigger E8xxx brothers. With a 9.5x multiplier, the price, the temperature it runs at in stock form, what's not to like!

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Logitech hits the mark!12/12/2007 6:17:16 PM

Pros: THX certification is the seal of approval I will be looking for for any future speaker purchases. These are amazing in every way. Highs can be belted out high enough to really put a strain on one's ears. Lows can be thumped out extremely hard and distortion-free at most all volume levels. Keep the volume and the bass gain low and they sound like ordinary speakers. Crank the volume and the bass gain up and you will be amazed! Just about anything can be made to sound incredible with this setup! These speakers replicate sounds the way they were meant to/should be heard!

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I've had these for more than two years and they have been torture-tested plenty. Maybe the day will come or maybe it won't, but these don't seem to have the problem I am reading from other reviewers pertaining to product quality. Overall a great buy and would buy them again!

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CORSAIR memory for sure!10/14/2007 2:15:40 PM

Pros: Installed two of these in a laptop that came with only 1GB and unfortunately Windows Vista. This is what the laptop has been begging for. Using some time testing, the entire startup procedure was cut down to less than half the time, programs load much faster, surfing the net is so more enjoyable, the dual core processor feels like a dual core, and Vista is actually bearable now!

Cons: None!

Overall Review: You can never have enough RAM no matter what! Doubling my previous amount of RAM proved to be a huge helper in performance. If It was possible to shove any more of these sticks of RAM in my laptop, I would!

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Microsoft Windows Vista Premium Edition4/28/2007 11:36:32 AM

Pros: Very clean and pretty interface. The new "aero" interface definitely impresses with the offerings it has. Comes bundled feature-rich with many usable programs. Security appears to be much tighter than previous versions. Most of the features that previous-gen users of windows have come to love are there. DirectX10 has arrived for the gamers out there! It's new...........

Cons: System requirements are so steep it isn't funny. I wouldn't even consider buying the upgrade version of Vista because usually the owner is trying to upgrade a then aging computer. Chances are that if your computer is a year old or older at the time Vista was released, it will not be very pretty trying to run it. Here is some food for thought: Vista on average will consume well over 500 MB of ram at IDLE - imagine the stress endured by the CPU when any task is performed. Have a more than decent graphics card on hand - you MUST have one, period. Don't forget the ram either. They claim 512 MB for the minimum, forget it - change that to at least 1 GB. The allow/cancel screen that pops up is very annoying. It's not the normal pop-up window; it turns the screen black, then you get the pop-up, then it goes black again, then comes back to the screen you were on - why?

Overall Review: I was so disgusted with the next-gen of the windows franchise that I went looking for better alternatives for my then new computer build. I found Linux, have been learning as much as I can about it and never looked back. I installed my older version of XP Pro in a dual-boot fashion with Linux and use it as a backup OS if I need to run something requiring windows. As for Vista - maybe next time Microsoft...........

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