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What? I can't hear you.11/23/2010 1:03:57 AM

Pros: Psst. This thing is quiet. Seriously. Awesome.

Cons: 4 pin female instead of a 3 pin female for the CPU fan socket on my mobo, but no biggie.. just will have one lone pin.

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Decreased CPU core temps significantly. Just what I wanted.11/23/2010 1:02:16 AM

Pros: I just installed this and ran a Prime 95 test. I've got an Intel i5 750 LGA 1156. Previously, my temps were getting up to about 95C on the stock heatsink. On a Prime95 test, they wouldn't go past 50C. Amazing. Seriously. This thing is awesome. Even though it looks like a rice rocket air filter.

Cons: Installation is time-consuming. It's a little heavy, but the mounts seem to take care of it. Doesn't come with a fan (see below).

Overall Review: Go with a quiet 120mm fan like

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This board is plagued DO NOT BUY10/29/2010 6:22:23 PM

Pros: Nothing at all this board is terrible. At least the one I got, since I haven't been able to use it. It's broken.

Cons: Nothing about this board is good. I ended up RMA'ing every single component of my build (graphics card, RAM (3 times), PSU, this board) except for the CPU. This board has been the culprit of two months of agony. I sent this board into Gigabyte and they didn't replace it despite that it is definitely the reason for my random reboots. I did everything including updating the BIOS to the latest revision. I've paid over $70 on shipping alone since I've had to RMA items back directly to the manufacturers since the 30 day Newegg guarantee expired. Luckily, I called Newegg today and will be sending this back to them. I'm not sure what I'm going to do if they just refurbish or "test" this board like Gigabyte did the first time. I don't want this board tested. It's dead. 100%. It gives me random reboots like crazy and I feel like I've wasted at least 10 hours a week on irc.freenode #hardware asking for help. Plus the numerous message board communities.

Overall Review: I even now have to pay to have it shipped back to Newegg despite them being generous and allowing an RMA. I shouldn't have to go through this process in the first place since I've spent thousands of dollars with Newegg throughout the years. To be honest, I'd like to go with another brand like ASUS, but it seems I'm stuck with this thing. Oh and the first time I sent this board to Gigabyte they took over a week before I even heard anything from them. Terrible tech support. I definitely won't be buying Gigabyte again and I will tell as many people as possible not to either.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, Thank you for your comments. We apologize for your difficulty with your Gigabyte product. Please contact us at with the case number 63116 in the subject line. We will provide personalized service and analysis to help solve your issue ASAP. If the matter is urgent, please send us your contact number, and we will contact you. Gigabyte VIP Support Team
Spaghetti Wires9/11/2010 1:10:51 PM

Pros: It's a "trusted" name. The "unit" fit well into the bottom of my case.

Cons: Be prepared for a mess of wires inside your case. The SATA cables are properly aligned making it terribly excruciating to plug them in correctly to all your drives. I guess Corsair didn't expect people to use > 1 hdd and only 1 optical drive. I have an SSD, 2 1TB hard drives, along with a CD ROM drive all using this power supply (not to mention everything else that requires it on the mobo), and it's literally a mess of wires.

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Terrible experience9/11/2010 1:06:42 PM

Pros: Cheap price

Cons: Would not work with the drivers that came with the CD or downloaded from the website. Even did a bios update in hopes that would make this function properly. Nope. Every time I powered up (with said drivers enabled), it'd reboot. Finally disabled the drivers and it worked, so I RMA'd it as soon as I could. I've ventured into ATI territory crossing the NVIDIA boundary, and am happily using an NVIDIA card that WORKS now.

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Awkward keys9/7/2010 7:51:38 PM

Pros: Cheap combo price which comes with a mouse

Cons: Awkward positioning. Keys didn't feel right when typing. I prefered the flat illuminated keyboard over this.

Overall Review: If you want to spend less money and also need a mouse, this is a pretty good deal. If you are more particular about your peripherals, then I'd recommend not getting this.

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