Well, I can't say I'm surprised3/8/2014 2:01:51 AM

Pros: Can't give any, being my unit was dead on arrival.

Cons: As someone who spent a year working for dell removing and replacing computer parts, I'll say this much - replacing my motherboard with this new one had me spending 2 paranoid hours that I hadn't connected or configured something properly. Nope. It's just another dud board, one of the many I'd read about others getting. I gambled, since the board was cheap and suited my needs - unfortunately, the board I received was -quite- dead on arrival. No beeps, boops, or any other signs of life after trying to get it to run for hours.

Overall Review: The PCIe port on my previous motherboard was getting worn from my video card not sitting quite properly in it - welp, now it's quite busted. My fault, being I know it doesn't sit well with my case. At least the video card itself is fine but.. For now, I can't get any video output (after re-assembling my rig). Welp.

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Good - When they work1/17/2010 10:36:34 PM

Pros: Clear, crisp sound. Pretty awesome bass. Lovely surround sound at a great price!

Cons: Only weeks after purchase, aaaagh, I have terrible trouble with my speaker cables. I have to fuss with my cables and move them around every once in a while because my left front speaker will start sounding static-y. Literally, I just have to move the cables around until it stops. Also, my right front speaker only works if the cable from it into the subwoofer is positioned just-so. I have to bend it and hold it up in a certain position or it will not work. What the hell, only weeks after I got it I have this problem. I have to fuss with these speakers constantly.

Overall Review: They're still pretty good, but I wish I didn't have to fuss with them constantly to keep them working. I'm definitely not buying Logitech speakers again.

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Good - When they work1/17/2010 10:24:32 PM

Pros: These fans look pretty awesome. The blue LEDs look pretty slick. They're... Fans! They... Move air!.. Which is pretty awesome, when they actually work.

Cons: I've had four of these fans for a few months now. I installed all of them in a new computer case I bought. So, after the first or second month, one of the fans stopped functioning. Literally, the blades would not move. There was no obstruction. Then, in the third month, a second fan went. The fan blades moved, but only very, very slowly, and the fan made a weird noise. Then, a third fan went out. It accelerates and then hits something and stops. There's no obstruction that I can see, so I'm guessing the obstruction is some internal defect... SO, four months (or perhaps later than that) after I've had these four fans, only one of them is still functioning.

Overall Review: These things are lovely when they work, but they DIE quickly. I wanted fans that actually *functioned* longer than a few months.

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Power Up!1/14/2009 9:58:35 PM

Pros: Unlocked FSB is nice for overclocking. AMD provides a tool for overclocking from within an operating system, which it calls "AMD OverDrive". It's a quad core, which is nice, too.

Cons: A quad core is nice, but it's no good if you can't make use of more than just one of the cores. I've monitored my CPU load for each core in task manager, and it doesn't seem like Windows XP Professional divides the load very well. If you're into CPU intensive applications that require a lot of speed, and which are not optimized for multi-core processors, then this might not be your ticket. 2.3ghz x 4 cores =/= 9.2ghz. :P

Overall Review: Got it overclocked to about 2.55ghz stable. I made it up to 2.82ghz, but I couldn't keep the system running for any definable amount of time. Temp is around 48 degrees C under load. It helps to overclock using the multiplier rather than the frequency multiplier for some reason. I have 201mhz x 13 FSB and 1.425 volts vcore. If you're going to get this for overclocking, try to make sure that your motherboard supports overclocking the NorthBridge and the memory controller. Northbridge is only set to run at 1.8ghz on this chip, which can limit bandwidth! I was able to get it to 2.2ghz stable with +0.200 volts over the normal setting. A lot is possible with this chip; just make sure you know what you're doing, and that you have proper cooling!

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Decent Graphics1/14/2009 9:49:41 PM

Pros: Plays Crysis at 1440x900 resolution at "High" settings in Direct X 9 at an average of 30 fps or higher. Can play "Very High" settings in smaller environments (indoors, for example) easily.

Cons: I was expecting more out of a 200 dollar gfx card. I can't run 1440x900 at very high without expecting lag; occasionally, it will lag for a moment or two (every five minutes or so), and in combat situations, it uses grinds down to 20 fps or so. It's not much of an upgrade from an ATI 3870.

Overall Review: If I could do this again, I'd have gone for a 4870 x2, or maybe a powerful NVIDIA card. Bah, I can't believe I paid 200 dollars for a card that can't beat the hell out of Crysis. I think my benchmarks on this card are below average, but I can't be sure. I'm running on a quad CPU 2.55ghz and 2GB 1066 DDR2 RAM, so it's not a bottleneck issue. OC'd stock voltage from 750 core to 785, memory from 900 to 1090.

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Incredible Sound.1/7/2009 9:44:38 PM

Pros: The sound quality is fabulous! I'm amazed that such a set of wonderful speakers sells for so little! You can jack these things up incredibly high; if I set them to 75% volume, I can hear them one whole floor level away, and they still sound crisp, clear, and beautiful. The bass is powerful! When I play Crysis, I max the bass and turn the volume to 50%, and when a nuclear explosion occurs, it sounds devastating (in a good way)!

Cons: The cables are decent in terms of length, but not quite where I'd have liked them to be. In my rather small room, the wires from the rear speakers hang somewhat in mid air. I would have preferred to wire them along the ground. Of course, this kind of set up gets the cats excited... They love to destroy wires and such things that are suspended a short distance above their faces. Front wires are very short. I have them wall mounted, and they only reach about 6 ft. or so (I think).

Overall Review: Bah, unless you REALLY care about the wiring problem (that is, if you have cats and what not), I'd buy these right away. I use built-in Realtek HD audio, and it seems to work just fine. I upgraded from a small pair of sony portable speakers, and I DO NOT regret it. xDD

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