Reliable PSU, one of the bests.10/7/2021 12:53:53 PM

Pros: -Quiet -Cool -Efficient -Reliable

Overall Review: I bought this brand/model 9 years ago for my original PC and its still doing just fine to this day. I love it so much, I bought it again for my Unraid box. Seasonic has always been great in my experience with reliability and I feel like that is the best thing to have in a PSU. Would recommend.

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Great airflow, best bang of buck case.10/7/2021 12:50:17 PM

Pros: -Build quality. -The fans that come with it are pretty good for the price. -Above average airflow. -RGB is minimal and tasteful.

Cons: -Cable management in the back is a little tight but nothing to dock an egg off over.

Overall Review: -Was torn between this and the Lian Li Meshify II, don't regret going with this at all, would recommend especially if its on sale.

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Best Wireless Headphones7/15/2019 8:06:55 PM

Pros: -Changeable battery -Easy to set up -Great sound quality for wireless -Easy mute/volume button/knob -Noise canceling -Bluetooth option

Cons: -Surround sound isn't great but expected with wireless headphones

Overall Review: A few of my friends have the older version of these headphones and loved them, decided to give it a try and no regrets. Mic quality is actually similar to my old wired Mod mic which I was surprised to hear. Obviously the price is high but worth checking out if you have

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great AP for small home/office.1/29/2019 7:15:57 PM

Pros: -Small -Easy to set up -Cheap

Cons: -Don't get the full Unifi controller experience unless you have all Unifi equipment.

Overall Review: Bought this with a Unifi 8 port 150W POE switch and a Edgerouter X, everything works with no issues! Set up was super easy. Hope one day Ubiquiti will have all their equipment under on controller.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
One of the best bang for your buck modems.4/29/2018 7:47:51 PM

Pros: -Cheap -High channels -Fast

Cons: -None

Overall Review: Would recommend as its cheaper and faster than most modems you rent from your ISP.

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Rough start but quick firmware update, solved everything.4/5/2018 10:35:31 AM

Pros: -Cheap -Works and is reliable -TP has great customer service.

Cons: -None

Overall Review: When i first bought this, all connections would drop and would require a restart of the router, saw it was a firmware thing and wrote to TP-link and within a week they had an update, either by chance or not but I was glad to see them fix the problem quickly and i haven't had a problem since. Would recommend

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Great Quality3/10/2017 5:25:50 PM

Pros: -Unique color -Floating caps are really nice and show off the RGB -The LED functions on the board are really cool -Feel sturdy

Cons: Floating caps means more space for pet hair and other stuff to get inside not a huge gripe for me cause i plan on getting some different keycaps but still wanna forewarn people.

Overall Review: This is my first mech and I always hear good things about the Ducky Shines, would recommend to everyone who wants a full size keeb.

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Cheap and works!2/23/2017 6:17:24 AM

Pros: -Cheap -Two for the price of one (at least store wise)

Cons: -None

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Good 21:9 monitor for the price.11/7/2016 7:40:32 PM

Pros: -Size -Easy set up -Great monitor resolution for those who don't have high end video cards. -No backlight bleed -Resolution is pretty stunning for 2560x1080 -Built in speakers are not too bad, not super loud but definitely a lot better than most

Cons: -none so far

Overall Review: I came from a 24" basic TN banel to this monitor and thought I buy a cheaper ultrawide monitor and try it out, can say i will never go back to anything smaller.

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Still holds up after buying it back in 201210/31/2016 1:09:12 PM

Pros: Its reliable

Cons: The heat spreaders on it can make it a pain if you have a big cpu air cooler.

Overall Review: Bought two 4GB sticks back in August of 2012 and just bought 2 more sticks. High recommend this RAM if you're still rocking DDR3 just out of the reliability alone

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Amazing fans for a radiator7/22/2016 9:31:04 AM

Pros: -Durable -Quiet

Cons: -None

Overall Review: -Bought these to replace my stock fans on a H110i GTX, would highly recommend these fans, words don't do it justice of how great these fans are!

2 out of 2 people found this review helpful. Did you? 
7/22/2016 8:56:16 AM

Pros: -Inexpensive -Clear quality -Not too hard to set up -Night vision is pretty decent as well

Cons: -The software is a little something to be desired but after messing around with it for 30 minutes you get the hang of it.

Overall Review: First time buying security cameras and was unsure with which ones to buy, glad to have found these ones as they work perfectly for me, would recommend.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Anonymous, Thank you for your review! We always appreciate when our customers take the time to leave feedback about our products. Best Regards, EZVIZ Tech Team
Good bang for the buck!7/21/2016 1:08:36 PM

Pros: -Not a single problem with this monitor, got it back in June of 2013.

Cons: -Speakers are weak but for the price I got it for i can't complain, a good entry level monitor.

Overall Review: I've have had ACER monitors for the longest time and I have never had a problem with them, I really recommend almost any monitor they make.

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7/20/2016 9:33:06 AM

Pros: -Stays cool on idle -Handles anything I throw at it -NVIDIA driver updates are quick and painless to install

Cons: -Very minor coil whine, nothing to dock an egg off of.

Overall Review: -Had a 6850 before this card and I was wondering if i would having buyer's remorse given the price on the card and the fact i've stuck with AMD for the longest time but no regrets, its a really fantastic card.

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Went from Air cooling to this, no regrets5/17/2016 9:03:13 AM

Pros: -Quiet pump -Braided tubes give an at ease feeling when having to move them around during set up -Easy to install the mounting bracket as well as the fans on the radiator

Cons: -When people said that the stock fans are really loud, i thought they were just overreacting, I wish i listened to them, just ordered two high pressure fans to make up for it.

Overall Review: -Went from a old cooler master v8 at stock clock on my 3570K to this and my temps dropped 15-20 degrees even OCing it to 4ghz, I hope to use this cooler for many years to come.

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I love this Case5/13/2016 10:33:23 AM

Pros: -Tons of space -Cable management is the best I have seen in a case -Dust filter on front and bottom of case are helpful -Moduvents on the top are new design that i like -Can mount a radiator on the top and front!

Cons: -If you choose to mount fans/radiator on the top part of the case you'll be left with a little gap right over the motherboard that doesn't have a filter which can lead to more dust getting in. Not enough for me to take off an egg but it is my only complaint of this otherwise amazing case.

Overall Review: Fractal Design did a really fantastic job with this case, they have another loyal customer. The two fans that come with this case are high quality too, im planning on getting Fractal's high pressure Venturi fans for my radiator once they are on sale again, would recommend it if you mount your radiator to the front

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Still going strong after almost 5 years!5/2/2016 9:34:29 AM

Pros: Coming from a non modular PSU this was a godsend, it works extremely well to this day!

Cons: None

Overall Review: This is a really reliable power supply and I think you won't be disappointed with anything SeaSonic makes

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Bought this back in 6/20115/2/2016 9:28:54 AM

Pros: -Runs almost every game that is out today, Fallout 4 was its biggest problem, I am honestly really impressed with this card after almost 5 years, switched from 9800 GT to this and this card is what will keep me a loyal AMD/XFX fan.

Cons: -Runs a little loud under load but nothing crazy

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the great review! We are happy you are pleased. If you have any questions for us here at XFX, please visit or email us at Thanks Mark at XFX
Bought as a replacement fan for my old cooler master v8 fan5/2/2016 9:24:46 AM

Pros: Its quiet, works as advertised

Cons: None so far, owned for almost three months now

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Love it11/19/2012 9:16:51 AM

Pros: Keeps my CPU nice and cold and looks gorgeous!

Cons: Its is pretty big so make sure you have room to fit it in your case.

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Love this case11/19/2012 9:13:51 AM

Pros: Its got a nice design Removable motherboard tray Lots of Fans! Two hot swaps Cable management is really nice.

Cons: Top fans when on are a little loud not enough to knock an egg off though. My power supply cable for the CPU barely fit but thats because i have the PSU in the front but might want to measure stuff out before you build.

Overall Review: This case is a beast and it is pretty heavy but I have never been happier with a purchase and so far I haven't had a problem with it.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Very nice fan11/19/2012 9:06:58 AM

Pros: Its a beautiful design, i love the LEDs and its pretty quiet for being so large.

Cons: Where you screw the screws in aren't threaded which is really odd so I had to force them, not fun but it works!

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Lovin it so far!11/19/2012 9:02:46 AM

Pros: I love this PSU, its fully modular and the fan isn't always on only when it needs too and when it does its really quiet so you don't have to worry about the noise.

Cons: None so far

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Verified Owner
Ownership: less than 1 day
Awesome!7/23/2011 3:12:58 AM

Pros: Looks stunning, looks really amazing at night. No problems thus far, it handles well...has a good grip. uhhh it pulses! :P

Cons: The foward and back button aren't in the best positions but seeing how the mouse is made, Its probably the best they could put it but it can get annoying at times.

Overall Review: One thing you will need to do is practice practice practice, it is hard adjusting to this mouse, im slowly getting better but it will take a while before you can master it completely.

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7/14/2011 9:12:38 AM

Pros: Runs everything I throw at it, its a pretty amazing card. Easy install

Cons: The fan can get a little loud Didn't come with any DVI-D adapter

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