Works fine at first4/8/2021 8:25:17 PM

Pros: Storage size.

Cons: Reliability not long lasting.

Overall Review: Start malfunctioning today April 8, 2021: Won't allow files to copy to it anymore. And will not format using quick or long formatting feature.

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iView-732TPC - READ MY REVIEW!!! Rating Eggs Don't Tell the Full Story10/21/2015 8:43:12 PM

Pros: %^&(#, after I calmed down. I downloaded and installed an app called "AdAway". And also installed "Xposed Installer", and added one of its support modules called "MinMinGuard". The tablet has to be "rooted" first using "Kingroot", and after doing the modifications on the tablet: WOW!!!!!!!!!! The tablet went from unusable/popup maze to normal functioning where it was very responsive! I am still in amazement with this little GEM; but I only call it a GEM after the annoyance was removed. I love this tablet! Worth the $40. The reason why I give the tablet a low score is because many will have the same first experience I did and just get frustrated...; while some might accept the annoyance and fuss; and others might end up returning the tablet. I am not telling you people how to run your business, but positive feedback just sells more products. The user has to be satisfied.

Cons: I first saw this tablet as a special in one of the Newegg specials. I hesitated to buy, because budget priced tablets are not known to be satisfactory. The specs for the tablet looked fine. I guess components have gotten so inexpensive is what has made this deal a reality? Anyway, I ordered one. Powered on the tablet and a few seconds after I was greeted with a popup ad-window by Cricket. It said something like, the apps you are using require permission to use popups. The "cancel" button was shaded out and only the "OK" button was clickable. If I was to wait for a few seconds/minutes for the cancel button to become clickable that was not evident. I went ahead and click "OK". Launching apps (browser, file manager, etc.) the Cricket adds kept popping up. There are times when I touched the screen several times to motion an action and nothing happens. I said to myself, the tablet has gone bad already. And that feeling just brought back my experience with budget priced tablets as not being very responsive. A little after that an ad popped up again by Cricket. I started to wonder if this was some type of malware. I never patronize popup ads; they remind me of telemarketers calling your house trying to lore you into some deal. I was livid! I did not buy this tablet to patronize Cricket! I did not see a sticker on the box or in Newegg's description about Cricket.

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Works, Great Product!10/5/2006 4:14:09 PM

Pros: I bought the VANTEC LapCool2 Notebook Cooler and o-boy am I happy! The VANTEC USB hub performed as it should! and the fans do cool my 15-inch notebook. If you want a notebook cooler, buy this one. (I originally bought the "KingWin Model UC3". It was JUNK - USB ports drop devices often, and one dropped session deleted some pictures from my digital camera. I replaced it with the VANTEC LapCool2)

Cons: Dimensions in width not big enough. Sized to fit a 14-inch notebook. Works fine with a 15-inch notebook with 2 inches missing in width. Expensive.

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Problem With USB Ports Dropping6/15/2006 5:01:03 PM

Pros: The fans work fine.

Cons: But the USB hub is trash!!! They drop a few times in one day leaving your USB devices un-usable until you plug them all out and in again. My replacement from Kingwin still has the USB dropping problem. As I was trying this review, my USB mouse got stuck several times. Do not buy this product for its USB hub. Look elsewhere.

Overall Review: Wish I knew about the USB port dropping problem.

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