Great At First9/10/2021 10:14:01 AM

Pros: - Affordable - Light weight - Great for kids and teens

Cons: - Drive comes partitioned with a small amount of space for windows - Bios is junk - replacement parts available NO WHERE - not for advanced users (you'll hate it)

Overall Review: I ordered two of these. One was for myself to develop on when I didn't want to be confided to my desktop in my office. The other was for my teenage daughter. I bumped my ram right away, and added a second SSD. It runs great and for the most part, I can work on my various dev projects with no problem. This gets 3 eggs from me for one very BIG reason. You cannot get a replacement charger for it anywhere. The one for my daughters got damaged, after a whole lot of googling and search I've tried 5 different chargers now and none of them fit. You can't order the exact match of the model on the charger because it's not available in the US and only offers European plugs. So, we now have to take turns charging our laptops on the one charger we still have. If I had not ordered two laptops, then the one would be nothing more then a paper weight at this point.

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