Install your muthaboard specific drivers3/10/2013 5:06:39 PM

Pros: Nice value for the money (bought on sale). I've had a 2TB bouncing around for a couple months that hasn't had any issues. Bought this same model 3TB a couple weeks ago that's been reliable and now have bought a handful more while they're on sale again. Relatively quiet and the blue LED isn't too offensive.... I have run these 3TB's on: -Win7x64 systems through 3.0 ports and 2.0 ports -Win7x86 systems through 3.0 ports and 2.0 ports -And even, even, on a couple old P4 systems with XP Pro through 2.0 ports with no issues (even sees the correct drive size). Between the above systems, it's a combination of Intel, Asus, and Gigabyte problems. No issues when the drive is asleep with it waking up and being available within a couple seconds...such a short time that I haven't even bothered to time it. I blink two or three times and it's ready. Had no issues with the drive going to sleep while transferring loads of date (about an hour for one dump). Overall I like these.

Cons: Wall wart isn't a side saddle, so if you have a traditional "strip" surge protector it'll probably cover the plug(s) around it. However...not pulling an egg for that since many many manf do that. Would prefer some additional holes along the sides to ensure good cooling during warmer weather, but I haven't seen any high temps so far with any of these. Keep them on a completely flat surface so the bottom holes aren't blocked and they should be fine. And remember to dust not only the shelf, but compressed air into the drive once in awhile... Ignorant reviewers...see "Other Thoughts" below.

Overall Review: First...the cable that comes with it is standard (it's a micro). Decent standard length. Go downtown and buy one at an electronics store and it'll be the same..ok? Check the cable section here on egg and it'll be the same..ok? Second... Install your motherboard specific drivers Install your motherboard specific drivers Install your motherboard specific drivers What is it with a number of you, that you don't get this? I took that XP Pro system mentioned above (it's basically media storage), that is working just fine through 2.0 USB, and imaged it back to an earlier build (only XP drivers-no MB manf drivers). Sure enough it choked on installing this drive when I plugged it into a USB port. I then installed the USB drivers from the MB manf (Intel) website and the drive works fine (with dreary 2.0 speeds, but it works). An ancient operating system, on an ancient hardware platform and everything works fine once the correct drivers (which btw are ancient too) are installed. Stop automatically blaming Seagate and MS...if you installed a new graphics card, NIC, or printer you'd go to the companys website and download the latest drivers rather than use that 6 month old disc of drivers (at least I hope you would). So why are you using generic drivers that are a couple years old? The first thing we do in my IT support section when pulling a new system out of the box is go to the MB manf website to get the latest bios/drivers. Anyone familiar with the infamous Dell laptop bouncing trackpad issue? Yeah, that happens when using the MS generic gets fixed when the Dell specific drivers are installed. It'll take you all of 10 minutes to go to a website/install drivers/and reboot for you to see if it fixes things with your USB port...even if you installed them back when you got your system, check for updates. Out of curiosity I looked through these reviews, and don't think I saw a single person comment that they went to their MB manf website to get the latest USB drivers to troubleshoot (sorry if I missed someone who actually did). That's just lazy and anyone who is listing themselves as a 4-5 knowledge and didn't do this, should downgrade themselves by 2.

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Nice Try But Has Problems1/19/2013 3:59:27 PM

Pros: I tried to like this...but even at the sale price ($30) I just can't justify the purchase. The pros would be the build quality\appearance (other than the speaker cover-see below). It doesn't feel "plasic-sy" at least and has a decent weight to it. I also like the way the buttons are on the bottom and you press the top down to click them. Sound quality isn't bad...little more rounded sound than my cells built in and would probably be nice for low background music in a quiet room.

Cons: The cons are many: First is the odd power plug. If you loose it, you'll never find a match. Plus, even when plugged in, a portion of the metal sheathing remained exposed and I always felt it should go in further. The unit did charge fine so the plug was in the proper just seems that the plug should be stubbier and snugger. The box it comes in seems nice and has a magnetic lid, but is a paper/cardboard product...the entire box! I can tell you from sending people on the road all the time at my employment, that something like this would NEVER last many road trips before it started to look ratty and ripped up. For the same price the company could've provided a tin to store the speaker in that would be much more durable....If I'm able to buy a friggin box of chocolates with a "collectable tin" for pennies on the dollar, the company can make a more durable container for the same price. A lanyard is provided, like this speaker is supposed to be ultra portable, but the top of the speaker isn't solid perforated plastic, but a nylon material...again, I can't see this lasting very long and ripping very easily. Plus, it's a dust/hair magnet. From just having it sitting off and on a couple days it was already gathering "fur." All the speakerphones at my office use perforated plastic to cover the speaker and work fine, why can't this portable one do the same? As mentioned above, for playing music this does ok, and during speakerphone calls I could hear the other party in decent quality, but everyone I spoke to said that my voice was too tinny and distant for comfortable conversation. These comments are from people who are used to teleconferences over speakerphones. This was with me about about a foot and a half away, to 5 feet from the unit. For the price I wouldn't hold out for perfection, but if it's mostly un-usable, then it's not worth the hassle.

Overall Review: I did want to like this item, but even at the sale price there's too many problems that the company needs to address. To me the most important is changing over to a standard plug like micro-USB...there certainly seems to be plenty of room on the side for one to fit in place of the existing. I was mainly looking for portable use from this, but again, can't see that with the way this is built (and who among us that travel frequently haven't left at least one charger cable at a hotel over the course a a dozen or so trips?). If at a minimum the company changed some of these problems, it may be worth buying for a couple dollars cheaper than the sale price. As it is, I'll use the speakerphone in my cell for about the same results. Also, for anyone who has problems fully synching this to their phone. When I first set mine up, I could get the unit to work for music, but not for calls even after removing and re-adding it. I finally went into the bt setting for this and there's separate checkboxes available for music and phone calls. Both were checked, but I un-checked the phone option...saved...then re-checked phone and resaved. The unit started working for phone calls after that.

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Terrible Edge Light Bleed4/7/2012 7:23:25 AM

Pros: Nice picture overall and is better once you do some calibration. Screen is matte so it is non-reflective (I hate "mirroring" monitors) and although the bezels do have a small strip of non-matte area (about a half inch right next to the screen the entire way around), it's not too bad as the rest of the bezel (outer edge) is matte.

Cons: The terrible thing about these monitors is the light bleed the entire way around the monitor at the bezel. Let me emphasize this by putting it into caps so others reading the reviews pick it out easily. THESE HAVE TERRIBLE, VERY NOTICEABLE LIGHT BLEED THE ENTIRE WAY AROUND THE BEZEL. I bought two of these monitors and they are both the same with this problem. Luckily the systems I'm adding these to will only get limited movie watching use (office) so it probably won't be that noticeable. For full screen apps you won't notice something like this, but for wide screen movies it's VERY noticeable on both....and this is in a well lite room, not a dark room. I would be embarrassed to sell these as part of a computer system unless I knew the user was only using them for the office.

Overall Review: I take the price of an item into account when commenting on Pros and for example I don't expect an i3 processor to outrun an're getting something cheaper, so you should expect less bells and whistles. But even taking that into account, in this case I definitely have to mark this item down for the light bleeding problem. I'd recommend before anyone leaves a review here they play a wide screen movie to see if this is a trend and comment here. I think so since I see it on both of these I have in front of me. For the sale price I got them for ($120) it's only a minor issue (again, considering the price), but if I had bought these at the normal $150-$170 cost, I'd be really really jack'd as the quality does not meet that price at all. Even at the sale price I got them for I can only give three eggs. If this was normal price I'd give 2 eggs.

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Nice Budget Case3/31/2012 2:28:33 PM

Pros: This is a really nice case for a budget/first time builder at the price it is. I mention that because, other than the front panel using different mesh, this case is the EXACT same as another case on NE from Apex. Except this one is about $20 cheaper (and less shipping). Apex used to have theirs the same price as this but over the last year they've bumped up the price a lot (boo on them). So, the good is: tooless drive install, expansion board kickplates w screws, larger relatively quiet fans, backboard allows rear CPU access for cooler installation. And, I know there will be some who will eventually complain about cable managmnt, but if you know what you're doing there is "plenty" of room on the backside...cable mangmnt means "tidy and not crossing multi times" ok?

Cons: The cons mentioned are usually the fan/pwr/drive leds being bright. These are easy to fix. Remove the fan from the tower. You only need to get to the back of it. You'll see wires coming from the center to each each led. Take a pick or something sharp and lift one of those two wires up (I recommend near the center close to the sticker) and snip one of them with scissors/clips. If you're really worried about shorts you can use the nail polish I'm about to mention, for the other leds, to cover the tip of the wires. Now, as to the pwr/drive leds...take the front panel off and as you build your system start putting coats overtop the leds. I usually get about 7-8 coats on by the time I finish building. This will dim them, but still allow you (or a customer) to see them. If you're not messy, once you put the front back on no one can tell..but wait before you put it back on to make sure the polish is completely dry, or it might pop off like a shell the next time the front is removed.

Overall Review: My last thoughts....why would reviewers knock down a product for things that are completely evident in the pictures??? Location of ports/jacks/PSU...all pretty easy to see. Knock yourself and not the manf for stuff like this. If you consider yourself a "meka" builder, or a mobile gamer, then buy a $100 case, but value for cost is very good on this.

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Working Well So Far3/10/2012 12:05:26 PM

Pros: Decent speed/temperature/low noise

Cons: None on this unit

Overall Review: I've honestly become a bit gun shy with Seagate drives in the last 2-3 years as it seems I've had a higher percentage than normal drive failures from either myself or my users. This particular drive I purchased for my own use and so far with it running pretty much 24x7 I haven't had any issues. Seagate: I used to recommend your drives towards the top of my list to others, but not so much now. Get off your backsides and get your quality standards back up (oh, and how about improving your tech support (e-mail/phone) too as that has definitely gone south over the last 2-3 years)

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Love Verbatim...3/10/2012 11:54:48 AM

Pros: No problems at all with these discs. Have bought a number of stacks here and other locations and have only had one burn problem which was cause by an instable system.

Cons: Keep wishing I had waited another week to buy when I see the price has gone down....

Overall Review: Have mostly used Verbatim media for years now. Once in awhile I have to use a different company's discs but it has really seemed that Verbatim discs last longer. We'll have to see what the long term record of thes Blus come out to be.

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Nice Standard Cooler For The Price3/10/2012 11:49:12 AM

Pros: Simple and easy set-up/installation. No, this isn't "ultra quiet" or whatever term they want to use, but for the price do you (the buyer) "really" believe you're getting something silent? Some audio differences between this and a stock though. First, the fan is larger, with a lower pitch and that does make a small difference. With a case buttoned up you probably won't notice the noise as much. Second, depending on age and condition of the original fan, this one may/may not be quieter. I've had numerous identical P4 systems next to each other on my bench at the same time with the original fans that after how many years of running, can be at different volumes. Third, if your bios supports fan speed control you'll probably notice a little less noise when tasking your system. As a quick test I ran Prime95 on two different systems for about a half hour each (to around Test 5) and a stock cooler increased by about 700 rpm to compensate, this larger fan increased by about 100 rpm.

Cons: I do wish this had slightly higher clips that mounted on the rail directly under the fan. It's not a huge con as it's pretty much just as easy to install with these shorter ones. Removal may be a bit more delicate simply because you'll have to get further down into the board components. But otherwise no issues with the few I've installed. I suppose some might con the pre-installed grease and mention about replacing it with "quality brand name" material but I mean, really? These are old P4 systems...if you're seriously overclocking these at this point, save some money up and buy a modern system or pony up the extra cash and by a "brand name" P4 cooler.

Overall Review: Last thoughts. Wha??...Who would rate themselves as "5 tech level" and complain about lack of instructions? Or the force to put this on? This clip design has been around for over a decade. If you need instructions then you need to downgrade your tech rating. And readers, please note that although some of the "experts" here fret about pressure cracking a board, no one has posted about actually doing so. If your board has been installed correctly (all offsets in place) it's doubtful you're going to crack anything as long as you don't do something wrong. As for the novices...YT has plenty of vids if you search. I wouldn't expect removal instructions to be included since they don't know what kind you had, and if you figure out how to remove the old, congratulations, you've pretty much figured out how to install the new sink. This is pretty much a remove/replace unit unless you have height/width restrictions...but you "did" measure prior right?

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Excellent 7:11:52 AM

Pros: Great cpu. Unlocked easily and no stability problems whatsoever.

Cons: It's been deactivated on Egg

Overall Review: Hope you got one while it was available. Great deal for the price at the time.

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Very Nice Budget Case2/27/2012 7:07:45 AM

Pros: Pity this has been deactivated as it's a really nice case for a budget builder or first timer. It could even be used for some modified rigs if not too over the top. The mesh front and extra fan mounting options on the side cover allows for plenty of cooling if needed. Easy room on the backside for cable management (and the backplate allows access to the back of the cpu without removal)

Cons: Almost the same as it's bigger apex brother case and from the panels back is exactly the same. The front panel setup/options is what makes the difference between them. This doesn't seem as nice as the other, but you're paying a slightly lower cost for this one

Overall Review: Hopefully NE or Apex bring this one back on line

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Nice For The Price2/27/2012 6:59:57 AM

Pros: Was easy to install although I didn't really care for the bracket that goes on the backside of the board. Unit has been very quiet since purchase. Have this on a MD Phenom II X2 560 Black Edition with the extra cores unlocked and it does just fine under load.

Cons: None

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Noisy2/27/2012 6:37:00 AM

Pros: Believe it was malfunctioning from the arrival so other than it being able to read discs, none

Cons: Attempted burning on two different systems (64 bit 7) using both built in 7 burner and Nero and could not get successful burns. It would read anything I put in it though. The drive was also louder than I expected when accessing discs

Overall Review: Lost a bit of $$ on this from the return to NE, especially when a bundled item cannot be returned as well.

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Nice Cooler2/26/2012 4:12:34 PM

Pros: Have used these on a number of i5's and they seem to hold up nicely. Haven't had any yet that are anything but quiet except a couple of seriously overclocked systems and even then nothing major when compared to the other cooling parts in the tower. They really are a decently quiet cooler.

Cons: As usual, have a clue of your MB layout prior to purchasing. This does take up some real estate.

Overall Review: If you end up doubling fans on your unit, try to go with matched pairs of the same item/model. Otherwise you may end up creating turbulence and ruining the airflow from one fan running at one rpm and the other at a different rpm. This can actually decrease your cooling ability. This can also create more fan noise too.

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Nice Transision Board2/26/2012 4:01:45 PM

Pros: This is a nice board for those with any of the "legacy" devices hanging around (i.e., IDE optical/hard drives etc). Haven't had any problems w those that I've installed and is decently roomy

Cons: Is discontinued on the Egg as I type.

Overall Review: Just thought I'd put up a review of this even if it is discontinued. As noted, this does have a lot of connection options and I've had some customers that don't want to go full force into all new parts. This gives a good option and w the extra features will probably allow many of them to continue using this board for a number of years as they upgrade.

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Great Memory2/26/2012 3:51:14 PM

Pros: No issues and installed fine in a couple of ASUS P8P67 LE MB's

Cons: None I can think of

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Nickname This THE TIMEX2/26/2012 3:43:15 PM

Pros: Intel has got it right on this one. Can stress the bujessus out of it if you want and it keeps ticking. Everything from stock to heavily overdriven from what I've seen and it purrs along.

Cons: Well, the stock cooler really isn't that great but for stock set-ups it'll do, but I will say in my opinion that the stock cooler appears to have issues in environments that get warm (such as warehouses w no AC). Oh, it'll keep the chip cool but it really needs to ramp up to do so. Not sure how that'll effect the long term life.

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Really Nice Budget Case2/26/2012 3:31:23 PM

Pros: For all you regular occasional builders out there don't let the speed freaks comments here spoil your thoughts on this case. It's actually a nice system for both the first timer and experienced. All the basics (toolless/cable mgmt/front ports/open backplate) are here. And "don't" let comments from those who messed up (didn't measure beforehand/broke pieces due to too much force) put you off either. It's easy to get into this tower to work and lots of venting capability if you beef up a bit later on. Oh, and for those who can't figure out how to do proper cable management on this case (plenty of room btw) I would suggest you find the electrical box in your house and see how the wires leave the the movie quote goes, "Don't cross the streams!" If you just ball everything together of course you won't have room. As for cons, read below....

Cons: First, the leds in the front fan. That's easy! Take off the front panel. Remove the four screws holding the fan. You'll see two wires going to each fan from the center. Take a pair of scissors (or snips) and cut one of wires to each. If you're really worried about contact you can just cut a length out. No more bright leds. As for the power/drive leds? Again, easy (little more time though). Find someone to borrow bottles of red and blue nail polish (the darker shade the better). Pull the front panel off and start putting coats on each led. I start the first coat when I begin installing the components (PSU/MB/etc) in the case and by the time I'm done usually have at least 7 coats over the leds. Having a small fan around to dry faster helps too. The leds are still perfectly usable and the end user never even knows the difference..if you're not sloppy it's even hard for them to tell if they take the front panel off themselves.

Overall Review: This isn't as much of a bargain as it used to be since they've been uping the price, but it's still a nicely made tower. Of course if you're planning on hauling your system around on a weekly basis, or swapping out internal parts on a monthly basis there's other fancier rigs out there. But for regular users or first times this is an easy builder. I can even say that Apex customer service has worked well with me the few times I've had issues such as damage to the front panel during much so that I've contacted them first rather than the shipper just because they've acted very quickly to send replacement parts (sometimes parts I didn't even ask for came also)

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Field Strip It2/26/2012 3:03:17 PM

Pros: Obviously the bigger the better.... Once you crack these out of the case the drive seems to work fine in a tower.

Cons: There's either a defect inherent in this model of drive of either heat build-up or the USB board because many of the ones that I've seen start having problems within the first year (much times less).

Overall Review: If it starts crashing you can try pulling the drive out and installing it internally to a tower then use seatools to low level format. This has fixed up a couple for me that even had armature slapping while in the enclosure. If you buy one of these I'd recommend just installing it as an internal'll void your warranty, but seagate doesn't seem to be too hip on helping their customers out even if in warranty it seems.

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No Complaints2/26/2012 10:35:03 AM

Pros: For the's doing well. Needed it for an older P4 sys and haven't had any problems. It's been pretty much constantly on now for over six months running 2 hard drives and one DVD drive.

Cons: Not something I'd recommend to others, but I had a blown Thermaltake PSU laying around that I pulled the fans from and replaced them in this unit. This PSU wasn't overly loud to begin with (normal fan noise) but it is a little quieter now.

Overall Review: Warning: ...opening a PSU will void your warranty, plus there are dangerous electrical "thingies" inside, so don't do it unless you know what you're doing.

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No Problems Here1/22/2012 11:09:46 AM

Pros: Works pretty well-no major complaints

Cons: Lack of Power User profile is a bit of a pain that requires "creative" workarounds...but I suppose MS had to do this to protect the average system user from their lack of smarts

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Works Well1/22/2012 11:07:36 AM

Pros: No major complaints-works well

Cons: Lack of Power User profile is a bit of a pain that requires "creative" workarounds...but I suppose MS had to do this to protect the average system user from their lack of smarts

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Not Impressed1/22/2012 10:56:43 AM

Pros: Not able to make any positive comments..coasters for the three I tried and haven't had time to try the last two.

Cons: Have attempted burns on both LG and Sony drives (two different systems) with fails every time using Nero and the most up to date firmware. No problems with Verbatim discs

Overall Review: For those of you with successful burns, congratulations and I suppose these would be ok for non-critical data if they work. But I wouldn't trust them for anything yet.

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