Zacate is perfect for HTPC4/3/2011 8:58:05 PM

Pros: Small form factor, all solid capacitors, HDMI , protected audio passthrough Bluray. This is a great little board that will tide over well till 28nm hits. Stream video , audio online. Works great with accelerated Flash content, Silverlight is another story, streams low quality not HD content on Netflix, however I feel it is a lack of Microsofts execution of Silverlight as the cpu is only moderately used and does have sufficient headroom. Silverlight is due for gpu acceleration like Flash soon so problem will be solved. Other than that Zacate suits my needs perfectly.

Cons: There really is no con for what this thing can do at the rate is nibbles on power. Sure it doesn't have usb3 but really its meant to be a low power sreamlined PC Sata 6Gbps and usb3 is overkill at the present time for Zacate really. Noise level is high on the fan until you set up a profile in the bios to manage the fan after that you don't hear it until things start heating up by playing HD or using cpu at max for a while but still low compared to how its setup to ship.

Overall Review: Plays back everything perfectly. Divx, Xvid, WMV, MP4 with cpu. HI-res playback requires the use of the integrated 6310gpu. Need to hardware accelerate MKV, .264, MP4 Hi res, Bluray, anything HD will need acceleration on the gpu, not a con as thats why the 6310 is there, download K-lite codec mega pack ,includes Media player classic with option to accelerate .264 and Divx/Xvid Build was good components used are as follows MSI Zacate mobo E350IS-E45, Gskill eco ddr3 1600 at 1333 7-7-7-22 1T 1.35v, WD Caviar green 1.5Tb, LG Bluray player DVD burner combo drive, Rosewill RC-CIX-01 BK case, wifi dongle and its working perfectly for the living room with Lenovo Wireless Keyboard N5901. I replaced an Athlon II 240 880g setup and couldn't be happier.

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SINGLE CORE11/28/2009 7:32:39 PM

Pros: 45w Fastest single core you can get at the lowest price. AM3,AM2+,AM2 compatible , virtualization , Perfect for HTPC when you have a gpu to render the HD content. perfect match for an AMD 785G chipset for HTPC. or even a low end board to use as windows home server / Nas. cheap solution and faster than Atom. Five eggs for the Pros.

Cons: Cant keep up with HD video ( choppy ) unless you have a GPU to use NVIDIA pure video or ATI avivo to render the HD . Not really a con as its a SINGLE CORE. Don't get it if you think you will do even the slightest 3d gaming , I put an 8800gt in the system and it was bottlenecked by the cpu , Gtx 280 was even worse. of coarse you wouldn't buy this for gaming anyways , I'm just saying if you have the possibility in your head to play games , forget it unless they are pop cap. I calibrated my PII 940 to an Athlon II 240 dual 2.7Ghz and ran my benches again , I saw significant increase with the mark 06 score 8800gt from 6000 single core to 11000 with a dual, for just a few bux more get a dual core.

Overall Review: Don't bank on unlocking the disabled core. Couldn't unlock the second core , wouldn't boot to o/s bios recognized as Athlon II 4400+ with acc enabled hybrid auto on Gigabyte 785G , defective core or cache. Then again this is sold as a SINGLE CORE. Thanks again NewEgg for taking it back so I can get a dual core instead, your the best.

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I want working drivers ASUS!!!11/14/2009 8:15:56 AM

Pros: Good sound ( when it works), dolby digital recoding .. I but ASUS for quality and the name , knowing they are first class.

Cons: I had this card since February 09 I am running win 7 x64 ASUS has little support when it comes to drivers,, the win 7 ready is a joke at best , as they may be ready but it isn't working right ,, ASUS has poor driver support for games , with one set of old vista 64 drivers I am able to play some games but not others ( they crash hard) with new "BETA" drivers some games that worked crash and some that crashed work.. I never thought a sound card could give me so many problems .. I thought creative was bad , but ASUS isn't far behind , with no support to customers. You can go on the ASUS site in the forums which they own and they have no "official support or responses" leaving the community to fend for themselves. .. The list in the forums for incompatible games is long and growing every day! ASUS NEEDS TO GET IT TOGETHER.

Overall Review: More cons .... SPDIF is shared with the mic input /line in.. this is a joke and should have been separate!!!!!!!, NO headers on the card for SPDIF to connect to supporting gpu card. I bought the card for my Rca receiver as it is dolby digital I would not buy again...

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
worth what I paid , every penny7/30/2009 7:10:26 PM

Pros: Sound is clear and bass is good , this can definitely crank good and loud, I like how you can improve the sound quality of radio and mp3.. Amplifier is clean , Air Studios helped design this product ,meaning quality parts .. Hi Fidelity ,, studio quality .,

Cons: I put it in the bedroom and my girlfriend doesn't like it when I have it on when I go to bed .. ha ha oh and the remote looks like its from a 1990 vcr remote !!

Overall Review: Great sound really ., glad I got it at four beans with a promo deal ;-) , should serve me for years to come .., This is reference quality ,, what others try and match but can't compare to this ... ELITE !! nuff said

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4.0Ghz4/4/2009 11:35:04 PM

Pros: This will unlock a multi gpu setup for sure .., why get an I7 this is great for gaming and will save you money to spend on bigger and better video cards., the performance difference in gaming against I7 is slim.

Cons: It's making me go watercooling this summer in exchange for the 4Ghz overclock . . . I have to keep it happy ;-]

Overall Review: Cpuz validate ID : 539714 .. Asus M3n72-d , 4Gb Gskill Pi black 1066 , 8800gt sli mark 06=18283 vantage=13722 vista x64

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What I've been waiting for2/14/2009 11:40:04 AM

Pros: Un bottle necked my video cards 8800gt sli went from 12500 max 3d mark 06 to 17700 , all I can say is wow .. made my crysis playable ,, runs cool , and takes a beating at overclocking ,, I can't tell you how smooth my cames are with AA/AS on now ,, I can set AA higher than before and it's smoother .. you need to see it .. This runs as good and sometimes better FPS in high res gaming than I7 ( believe it ) facts are out on it everywhere , look around.

Cons: a lot of hype about being able to hit 4+ ghz when it launched but it seems to have settled around 3.6-3.8 for most people ,, People say these are what Phenom should have been to begin with , I agree but at least they are here now .. I tried a 9850 but didn't like it and sent it back , decided to wait for this 45nm ,, couldn't be happier ;-)

Overall Review: I have this on an Asus m3n72-d and have had no problems I didn't have to update bios to recognize,, got in combo .. I have this at 3.8ghz with 1.47volts {STABLE} and it idles at 38c and full load is 52max .. Zalman 9700 , Antec 1200

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