Clean n cool10/28/2013 3:08:29 PM

Pros: Filtered air intake Easy installation Quiet 120 mm fan Great airflow

Cons: NON-removable filter that must be cleaned in place. Weak filter door that must be opened to install drives then closed.

Overall Review: Seven months of 24/7 operation in my UnRaid server and still working great! Be sure to take care when installing or replacing drives as the filter/door feels very weak and prone to breakage. While this door is a non-mandatory part for function, it houses the filter that is mandatory and one of my prime reasons for purchasing this item. Overall a good item for any set and forget server but if you need to frequently replace drives, possibly consider something else.

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PC DVR12/3/2012 8:35:00 PM

Pros: Easy to install. Works well. Black Friday DEALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cons: Lights are too bright for my application but only a con for me. Only 1 in 1000 customers use a cable card so cable

Overall Review: Stopped at my local Charter cable office and picked up a cable card and a tuning adapter. Followed instructions for install using newest driver and firmware from manufacturer web site. Inserted cable card with label up/ s/n down like instructions describe. Connected the MTR700 tuning adapter as it's manual shows. Called Charter to activate and nothing worked. Reviewed setup and checked connections and called charter again. Nothing. Uninstalled everything and checked all connections and followed install instructions again exactly as before. Called Charter again and nothing worked. Scheduled a tech visit for the next day (very lucky). Next day tech arrived and checked my setup and found tuning adapter connected wrong. I showed him the manual that came with it and he agreed I installed it correctly per the manual but that it was still wrong. He corrected the install but it still didn't work. He then called his supervisor. Soon the supervisor shows up with a new cable card. Nothing. They say the tuning adapter is bad. Both leave and tech comes back with a new tuning adapter and presto, hundreds of SD and HD channels available. Four phone calls to Charter (2 1/2 hours) and 3.5 hours of tech repair because two brand new parts THEY supplied did not function. hauppauge = +1 charter = -2 Newegg = +25 Newegg wins and so will you.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Nothing wild, just perfect.8/12/2012 2:03:07 PM

Pros: Roomy and large mid-tower case capable of E-ATX motherboards, large graphic cards, and tall CPU air coolers. Large cutout for easier CPU cooler installs. Easily water cool-able with room for double 120 radiator. Tool-less 5.25 bays, 2.5 bays, and semi tool less 3.5's. Clean exterior and interior with smudge and fingerprint resistant paint. Easily accessible and cleanable external air filters. Double hinged door that opens clear to the side of the case and out of the way. Well placed USB ports accessible regardless of door position. Nice and small power and drive activity lights. Strong frame without being to heavy. With the tiniest of forethought in component choice, a VERY quiet case.

Cons: ahhhhhh..... plastic thumb screws?

Overall Review: After owning and living with this case for 5 months now, I still find it remarkable how well made this case is. Upkeep is minimal and upgrades easily accomplished. Never have I been this satisfied with a case. My first case in the late 80's was a tall 60 lb behemoth on wheels made by Antec. Its fitting then that my last case shall also be an Antec. Antec, Newegg, your TOPPS.

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Still flying11/29/2010 11:13:35 PM

Pros: Four months in 24/7 service and no bumps. Fast as ever and no problems of any kind.

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: You owe it to yourself to spend a little for the lot you will get. Without a doubt, the best upgrade I have made to my pc in the last 2 years. Now if they would just start making these in 500GB capacities.

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1 year 3 months and dead10/29/2010 9:15:26 PM

Pros: Quiet and good looking component. Cool guard system. purchased at Newegg on 8/26/2007

Cons: Right after my last review on 8/09/2008, it started acting funny like it lost power and it had to be reset frequently. I thought it was a bad motherboard and packed it away for later use. Two years later I dig it out of storage and try to use it on another build without success. Plug it in and push the power button, fans spin and lights come on and then power protection alarm goes off and it shuts off. Have tried four different motherboards of varying power requirements and no luck. Of course the warranty is now as dead as my $219 power supply.

Overall Review: Get the extended warranty if you decide to get this unit. Your gonna need it. I will not buy another Enermax product. You shouldn't either. I have lost my trust.

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Blazin7/29/2010 10:26:50 PM

Pros: Windows 7 64b installed in 19 minutes. Applications open almost before I click on them. Plenty of room for OS, games, and office programs. COD4 simply blinks and is loaded. Very secure packaging. Price per Gig (during sale) Brought my raided platter machine up from a Windows rating of 5.9 to a 7.4, One part is all it took.

Cons: Nothing yet after six hours of play time EXCEPT no adapter or sata cable included.

Overall Review: My first SSD after waiting and researching for over a year. I have read everything that I can find online and offline about SSD's and I chose this one. Gskill has always worked well for me and I see no reason they won't continue to do so. Great company and another great product. Just buy it.

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Still going7/1/2010 9:44:48 PM

Pros: Does what it claims without fuss and overbearing noises.

Cons: None

Overall Review: No coasters and over 200 dvd's burned between two identical drives. Get it.

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Cooler Master wins.7/1/2010 9:42:31 PM

Pros: Excellent and durable finish on the outside. E-sata port on the front. Ability to turn off fan light. Excellent usability and component access. Tool-less hard drive trays and optical bays. Excellent airflow with factory installed fans without being too loud. Large enough for most users and super users without being too large. Accepts nearly all large video cards including the larger newer ATI 5000 series. Fits any size ATX power supply. Perfect wiring pathways for hiding that nasty den of snakes. Nearly the perfect case IMO except for:

Cons: NO support for 2.5 inch ssd hard drives without buying an adapter. Not painted on the inside. No air filters. Only 2 USB ports on the front. No USB 3 support.

Overall Review: This model as it is, is the best case I have ever purchased and I have purchased over 100 in the last 20 years including several that were over 400 dollars with factory cooling systems. However: Cooler Master should make an "Advanced" version of the 922. Throw in a couple of the hard drive trays from the 690 advanced that support 2.5 inch drives. Paint the inside. Add air filters to all fan openings that are reasonably accessible without tools for cleaning. Add two USB 3 ports to the front. Add 50 dollars to the price tag. Then they would have the best case on the market and I would buy three that day! Make no mistake, get one and you won't regret it.

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Another win1/19/2010 6:09:43 PM

Pros: Its AMD!

Cons: None!

Overall Review: Never have I had a AMD processor fail on me. My software has always outgrown its resources. I still have my first AMD K6 II 550mhz in working condition. Its a shame motherboards don't last as long!

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Great AM2+ board!1/19/2010 5:56:54 PM

Pros: Supports newest AM3 processors and fast DDR2 memory. All solid caps for longer life. 2oz copper for better heat dispersion. Good overclocker with tons of settings. Good onboard video for light gaming and general purpose. Dual bios onboard with standalone backup options.

Cons: Some layout issues including front panel audio location, USB headers, and floppy drive connector. Board came out of the box bent slightly as if from having a to tight cpu cooler installed. Attached it down to test bench, installed Phenom II 965 BE c3 revision and factory cooler and fired it up without problems. Sata connector placement is a non issue as this is not a serious crossfire board. Crossfire people will look to other boards with more PCI-E lanes available so no complaints there. Still 5 eggs.

Overall Review: Front panel audio connector and USB headers required careful cable routing. Who uses floppy drives for anything but bios updating anymore? This board flashes bios fine with USB thumb drive. Odd "bump" in board is rare but caused no problems. Very happy with most aspects of this board and just happy with the other aspects. I would be happy to sell this board to my customers.

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Good Stuff!1/19/2010 5:23:35 PM

Pros: Fast and cool. Does what its advertised as.

Cons: Nothing!

Overall Review: Installed this in a GIGABYTE GA-MA785G-UD3H item #: N82E16813128395 and working flawlessly @ 1076mhz with my phenom II 965 Black edition 125 watt processor. G-Skill is a very good company to buy memory from. Word is, if you ever should need it, tech support is tops. After 20 different installs of various models, I have not needed any support. Heat sinks are tall so beware aftermarket tower CPU coolers! Just buy it!

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Silence8/9/2008 1:55:36 AM

Pros: Very very very quiet. Perfect for their intended purpose. May very well last forever!

Cons: None

Overall Review: Don't buy this fan to cool your processor as it is not made for that. This is a fan for large cases with multiple fan mounts or small cases that must be silent! 28 months of 24/7 operation and still functioning perfectly. I use two of these in my Thermaltake Tai Chi water cooled case for general air movement and the water noise is the loudest noise in this case even while playing Crysis!

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Still perfect8/9/2008 1:46:23 AM

Pros: Quiet and powerful in one package. Built in speed selector. Blue LED.

Cons: Fan speed switch could have a little more length but not really a con.

Overall Review: 17 months of 24/7 operation and still flawless in for and function.

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Hot potato8/9/2008 1:35:34 AM

Pros: Quiet and cheap. Still working after 6 months of use.

Cons: Runs hot without direct cooling. I have a 120mm fan blowing on it all the time and it still runs idle at 45c where comparable 'other' brands run 25c in the same case without a fan blowing on them. It overheats and begins clicking at 51c and the computer locks up. Power off and wait for it to cool like 2 hours and then its fine again till it overheats again.

Overall Review: This seems to be a good drive but it needs active cooling and maybe a heat sink with active cooling. I first had this unit in an external drive case with active cooling and it kept locking up and getting very hot to the touch. I thought that it was a defective case and installed this drive inside another computer. It still got hot and stopped functioning.

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Best wireless PCI8/9/2008 1:22:28 AM

Pros: Easy install. Antenna is movable for better reception. Great throughput in a variable networking environment. Works out of the box with Linux or Windows.

Cons: None

Overall Review: This component defeats the phrase "You get what you pay for" as this card would be a steal at twice the price! I have five of these cards now in different computers running different OSes and they have been working great for over two years.

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Trust8/9/2008 1:06:46 AM

Pros: Reliable and constant voltage output at all supported loads. Feature set is far and above normal expectations. Modular cables are wrapped in an exquisite material that looks very professional and does a great job with maintaining airflow and protecting both wires and components. This power supply is responsible for cooling my CPU heatsink (SilverStone Nitrogon NT06) and it does a great job without getting very warm.

Cons: Unplugging the unit to restore its function after a power loss can be inconvenient for users in an area of frequent power losses.

Overall Review: This unit has been installed in my Black Silverstone SUGO SG03 Ubuntu Linux box for a year now powering; two SATA 350GB drives, DVD+-RW drive, GF 7800GTX pcie video, 4x 1024 DDR 400, AMD FX 60(yes socket 939), Winfast PVR2000 XP Deluxe, Edimax PCI wireless g, and a Foxconn Mobo. Will buy again.

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Hot Heads1/19/2008 3:48:29 PM

Pros: Very fast drive and fairly quiet. Installed in my Ubuntu Box and loaded OS fine. Best price per GB available. Great Hard drive, I will buy again!

Cons: This drive gets HOT! SMART reports a temp of 47c under load (21.6c ambient). Had to move it out of 3.5" drive bay to 5.25" bay and place a fan behind it or file corruption occurs. SMART temp with fan is 27c and no more corruption of files.

Overall Review: Tried new SATA cables and a new power supply without luck. Still overheats. Tried windoze XP and still overheats. Use a active (fan assist) or passive (heat sink) mount for this drive! Motherboards used for testing: ASUS A8n32SLI deluxe and ASUS M2N32SLI Deluxe Wireless. Both onboard SATA controllers were utilized for diagnostics.

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Good stuff!9/3/2007 1:20:00 AM

Pros: Thin and light with great range. Keyboard batteries last and last and last! Mouse recharges quickly too!

Cons: Keyboard is very susceptible to debris infiltration. A single hair is enough to stop a key from lifting back into upper position.

Overall Review: Keys are easy to clean, just lift one edge of the affected key till it "pops" off. watch out for the small white geared cams as one or two of the four installed under each key may pop out with the key. Using tweezers, replace the white cam gear into its supports. Remove the hair from the affected gear and snap the key back into place. Good as new! I have had to do this four times in the last year but its still working great while I type this!

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Live on the AIR!9/3/2007 1:07:51 AM

Pros: Easy install and good software. Better connections that with other name brand wireless components. I tried Belkin, linksys, and netgear wireless cards but this one does a better job with a stronger signal and no drop outs.

Cons: Does not install itself!

Overall Review: Will buy again soon. NEWEGG rules!

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Cool Air9/3/2007 1:02:37 AM

Pros: Three speed switch and it's location next to the fan is great. It is quiet on low and medium setting with high just a little bothersome. I like the blue LEDs. Moves lots of air.

Cons: switch should be detachable for routing purposes.

Overall Review: Installed two of these in a black Silverstone SG03 SFF in the front intake locations. Great lighting and eggcellent cooling. NEWEGG RULES!

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Silverstone gets my vote9/3/2007 12:53:39 AM

Pros: Perfect for use in conjunction with SG03-b SFF case. Excellent cooling abilities. Easy install with motherboard out of case. Should fit anything you might want to install it on.

Cons: Motherboard must be out of case to install this cooler. (What high performance cooler doesn't though nowadays?)

Overall Review: If your thinking of getting the Silverstone SG03 case, get this too and you will thank me later! NEWEGG rules!

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Good stuff!9/3/2007 12:47:40 AM

Pros: Sheaving on cables is great looking. Finish on exterior is above and beyond excellent. 13cm fan is quiet. Prolonged system fan run time (up to 2 minutes after shutdown)is a great feature and assurance of product longevity. All voltage rails stable under any loads and right where they are supposed to be. Protection circuitry with light and buzzer a nice feature. Those cables look GRRREAT!

Cons: Cables may be short for some applications. Reseting the power protection circuitry can be confusing and should be clearer.

Overall Review: One day after install lightning struck power lines near my house. Surge and then brown out. Caused protection circuitry to kick to red and shut off. Read and re-read manual but had difficult time getting it reset. Instructions could be clearer. Would buy again at even a higher price. Don't skimp on your power supply people! NEWEGG rocks!

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Nice little performer9/3/2007 12:34:42 AM

Pros: Ton of features for a m-atx form factor. Layout of connectors is excellent and well designed. Foxconn speed boot feature in bios shaves 10 seconds off of boot times. Fastest XP boot ever. Decent OC features and great for a new build (even now with 939 dying out) or an upgrade for older system.

Cons: I worried about previous reviews. Arrived with small chip out of BIOS corner of motherboard and its factory box crushed on one corner but was well packages inside shipping container. Outer shipping box was without a single mark or crinkle. Damage to motherboard happened before shipping. NEWEGG needs to inspect their personell and review merchandise handling procedures. (Motherboard still worked flawlessly despite damage. NOT A CON!)

Overall Review: I don't know what the previous reviewers where doing but this little board works excellent right out of the box. Setup is FX-60, 2x 512mb generic ram, 2x 80gb HD in raid 0, EN7800GTX video, Samsung DVD burner, Enermax Infiniti 720 PSU, Silverstone SG03-B and Silverstone NT06-Lite CPU cooler.

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Silverstone gets my vote9/3/2007 12:16:30 AM

Pros: Eggcellent fit and finish, Eggcellent air flow with the 12cm intake and optional second 12cm intake located in the front. Extra card slot at the top rear of case is perfect for a slot blower fan. Best SFF case I have ever used!

Cons: Sharp edges inside so watch your fingers. SFF case so cable routing is a must but not really unexpected. Planning must be used to install internals and also not unexpected of a SFF. Front intake panel is difficult to remove and replace and filter screen for front intake also hard to clean. Hard drives that make noises will be heard outside of this case! Use quiet ones.

Overall Review: Use the SILVERSTONE NT06-LITE CPU Cooler for this case as there is very little room for anything else and it works very good in conjunction with a PSU using a 12cm or 13cm fan. I am using the ENERMAX INFINITI EIN720AWT with great results. FX-60 OC 2.9ghz idles at 27c with this setup. Ambient of 24c. Love this case and will buy again. NEWWEGG ROCKS!

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Best Drive Ever!11/11/2006 6:23:10 PM

Pros: After almost two years, never burns coaster. Over 900 SL DVD burns and over 120 DL DVD burns to date and still fast and error free.

Cons: There are too many idiots in the world who whine about great products from stellar companies such as Newegg and NEC.

Overall Review: NEC is second only to Newegg for a great computing experience.

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