Great Router!5/4/2010 11:14:16 AM

Pros: Fast. Wireless N. No disconnects or drops. I didn't update the firmware from the ASUS standard and it had all of the options and more than my D-Link and Netgear routers. Works as well as those brands also!

Cons: None so far.. Very happy with purchase..

Overall Review: If you have an older router definitely consider upgrading. I was getting 8-10mb/s with an old netgear wireless G router that I was using. That router started to have problems so I hooked all of my computers up to an old D-Link DI-604 wired router. I was slightly surprised but happy to see my speed go from 8-10mb/s to 12.5mb/s. A could of weeks ago I bought a PS3 so I needed a wireless router again. I took a chance on this one because it was cheap and included wireless N technology (a little future proof). Also, I have boughten ASUS motherboards in the past and they were always top notch.. Now I am not going to say that this will happen to everyone or that this is normal but switching the DI-604 with this router increased my DL speed %200. I now download burst (speed booster) at 25mb/s. To check if your router is getting in the way, you should hook up the computer directly to the modem to and see if your speeds increase..

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GREAT MEMORY11/30/2006 3:04:28 PM

Pros: I am running this at 12-4-4-4/800mhz, If these people who were complaining knew what they were doing(update the bios, all p965 bioses were buggy when released/make sure the voltage is correct, and that the system didn't default to turbo/fast timings) they would be happy also. I have always bought OCZ and it is great memory. I can run this 950+ at 15-5-5-5. Go to tomshardware and look at his memory reviews of all of the different memory and you will see that this is the memory that he was able to overclock the most. It is sad that this company gets a bad rap because people don't know what they are doing.

Cons: Nothing...

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Works Well For Me10/12/2006 6:22:58 PM

Pros: I don't usually write reviews but when trying to research this water cooler before I bought it, I could not find too many "helpful" reviews. So I will just let you know what has happened with me. I bought an Abit ab9 motherboard and a pentium d 840 chip. It came from Tiger direct with an Ultra cpu fan and some grainy thermal paste. I turned off thermal throttling so I could get the full performance 100% of the time and my temps were so high that I decided not to run my machine until I got a different cooling solution. They were over 70c when running prime 95 and unreal tournament together(the max for this cpu is supposed to be 69c). It would idle somewhere around 60c. I have to say that the thermal paste that they used did contribute to some of that but how much I am not sure. Now for this cooler. The installation sucks, but after it is done this is my results(after letting the thermal paste cure for a day) right now the idle temp fluctuates between 39c and 43c and under load 61c

Cons: tops(after 2 hours of prime 95), I now have it overclocked to 225x16 which is 3.6g and it seems to be doing great. All of these temps are on the lowest fan speed. The highest fan speed does cool it more but it is too loud to be called water cooling.

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2/26/2004 1:28:06 PM

Comments: best disks avail. for under $1 a disk. NEW EGG ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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n/a1/5/2004 10:30:41 PM

Comments: Awsome drive!! have had nothing but good luck with lg.

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