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Good router spec for a small space use3/10/2021 8:43:14 AM

Pros: This router was used in a small apartment, serving couples of devices. 5GHz signal and speed were very good, but the 2.4GHz was mediocre. The product overall is good for this application.

Cons: The experience could be better has Newegg and its delivery service provide more effort in delivery update. The initial update provides the delivery due (one week from shipped date), but there is no item delivered to my address on due date. Still no product is in my hand two days later. The online update is unchanged from the initial due. I have later learnt that UPS handing off the package to USPS but at the wrong location. Moreover USPS does not provide up-to-date info as to where the package whereabout. I eventually received my item two weeks later (from initial due) without knowing the delivery progress, very frustrating experience.

Overall Review: So so....

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A solid performer in home environment8/24/2016 6:15:54 AM

Pros: - Very stable uptime - Consistence of range and signal. Greater coverage area compares to a typical consumer hybrid router - Easy setup - Free controller software - Real-time online chat built into the controller - Standard PoE compliance - Highest link speed of 868Mbps (measured feets from WAP)

Cons: - Random drop off and reconnect with no apparent reason

Overall Review: I purchase this AC-Pro to replace my Asus RT-AC68 wifi portion of the router. Asus wifi has given me grief in every few months, in which it has to be rebooted to restore the wireless functionality. I have quite many wireless devices (upward of 20) that can make request to WAP at any moment. Although I have never made effort to test the access point inrush ability, by observation the Asus wifi is choked up due to the huge volume of request made by all devices and decided going to "freeze" mode. This is annoyance. Also the range could not cover the entire house (3k-sqf/2 floors). That leaves several dead spots at the fringe of coverage. The UAP-AC-Pro is in service for over a month and so far it held up well. The dead spots existed before with Asus are no longer the problem. The signal in these areas are hovering around -70dbm which still giving the device 144Mbps (5Ghz) and approx. 40Mbps link speed. Both radio bands' signal is (almost) evenly distributed, provided the power level must be experimented to get the desire effect. My setup was medium for 2Ghz and auto for 5Ghz. With this setting the AC device has fair chance of utilize the 5Ghz band more often when in range. Only one (may be small???) problem I often see is the WAP random drop-off and reconnect. It may sound bad but the drop-off and reconnect happened within < second, so I never see much of an impact in performance. I contact online support but get no satisfactorial answer for this problem. If anyone has a good explanation for this, I am all ear. Over all, it is a good investment for home environment if you have high volume of wifi traffic or just want a stable wifi service. My Asus router is doing the routing function and hand off the wifi function to Unifi. The whole setup workout quite well.

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Good performance pair3/11/2015 9:48:18 AM

Pros: Getting the promised spec Almost plug n play Nice aesthetic Low profile that is not interfere with CPU cooler

Cons: Shipment container is in soft but lightly padded bag instead of cardboard box. It is possible for breakage during handling.

Overall Review: I only have and use this pair for few days - no problem so far. The order arrives on 5th business days. This memory is installed in GIGABYTE GA-970A-D3P mobo along with FX6300. To get the advertised spec, one must set the XMP profile in BIOS and reboot. I did just that and the correct frequency is set. First thing before using the computer for any work, I proceed to test the memory using Windows memtest tool (mdsched.exe). The test is ended with positive result. The first impression so far is undeniably excellent. I am taken 1/2 egg off for the reason in the "con" but the interface does not allow fraction, so 4eggs it is.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. Glad to hear you like the appearance of the RAM and it fits well in your build. This is a high performance, high capacity memory kit that should work extremely well in any new system. With 16GB of DDR3-1866, the computer will be capable of anything you put it to. Operating system will remain nice and smooth even during heavy loads and memory intensive tasks. With regards to shipping, a bubble envelope with the blister packaging is generally sufficient, but you are right in that it is possible for one to damage it if desired. Rest assured if there are any problems with shipping or the item, NewEgg will handle it in a swift manner, so you have no worries. For any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum: