Rediculous Value!3/7/2013 8:17:01 PM

Pros: Install went easily enough, stable 13.1 drivers not so stable for me, but 13.2 beta runs flawless. Not bad performance at stock speeds, but the fun really starts when you OC this monster. I have core at 1250mhz, memory at 1250(5000) and 1.18volts. Full load never gets over 67C even in my garbage case. Stock cooler is also very quiet. Then again my 550 Ti sounds like a jet engine... Runs the new Tomb Raider at 1920x1080 ultra (no tressFX hair) over 60 frames consistantly. I use vsync so solid 60 here. TressFX hair brings this card to its knee's if anyone was curious. Thanks AMD for this awesome game for free, plus bioshock :) To sum up, you cant buy this kind of performance for 180 bucks anywhere else.

Cons: None that come to mind, other than stable 13.1 drivers I had issues with. Maybe my nvidia 550 Ti was jealous and left some nasties on my harddrive :)

Overall Review: Awesome deal, plus 2 incredible games free. Bioshock to be released soon, but the first 2 were awesome.

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Quality card, GREAT Price4/12/2012 6:46:07 AM

Pros: *OC's to 1000mhz core/2200mhz Mem, with no issues, stock cooling. *11% over reference clk) *Stays cool in my SFF case, idle 34c, load 67c *Fan can get loud, just set speed curve, cools down quickly. *Running beta 301.24 drivers, runs fast and stable. *MSI afterburner software works, also has nice monitoring tools. *with rush and 3 day ups, I recieved entire order 2 days later. No damage, no DOA. Newegg = 5 eggs

Cons: *Ugly cover? *mini HDMI port, so now my case hangs over my entertain shelf a couple inches for the 3 inch long adapter to hook up to my receiver. BOO

Overall Review: *Great card for the money, think I paid like 110$ with promo code and instant savings.

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Decent4/12/2012 6:34:06 AM

Pros: *Aluminum is a bit thicker than most budget cases I've owned. *Power supply plenty sufficient for i5-2500k OC and midrange card, and higher equipment and there is not enough room for proper airflow anyway. *Temp sensor gauge works as advertised, nice blue glow. *Cover easily removed without tools. (Nice thumb screws) *with rush and 3 day ups, I recieved entire order 2 days later. No damage, no DOA. Newegg = 5 eggs

Cons: *One SATA power plug, ONE?!?!?! *Handle feels cheap, too scared to test, not that I need it (HTPC setup) *Thats is, if it had 2 SATA power, I wouldnt have had to goto store, and this would have 5 eggs.

Overall Review: *Overall, a SOLID buy. Looks good with my reciever and xbox360 S. I do wish it was about 3 inches shorter (dump second 5 1/4 bay) though. :)

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