Great router7/13/2012 8:36:45 AM

Pros: Multiple connections through wired and wireless has never gave me any problems. At one point or another I have used just about every setting and all of them has worked just the way they were meant to.

Cons: none

Overall Review: This is a great router, I have been through at least ten different routers and this one is the best I have had yet. For the cheap price and all it has to offer it is hard to pass up this router. I've never had any of the problems that others has mentioned with wireless on multiple laptops, kindle fire, android phones, or wii. I have only upgraded the firmware with the official firmware made for this router, it is rock solid stable with cable internet.

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Great budget headphones3/22/2012 7:15:00 PM

Pros: Great sound and environment. Looks stylish, not big and bulky. Folds and comes with a case to keep dust off and take the headphones on the go. Solid and durable. There is a nice amount of clean sounding bass at default settings. With some sound card adjustments everything sounds perfect.

Cons: If any would be the cord length (right under 5ft)

Overall Review: I generally use these headphones for all type of games. These headphones sound like the Sennheiser HD212 that I used to own. Never hearing of Cresyn before and not having many reviews I was weary about buying these, but I do not regret it. I have owned Tritton AX 51, Everglide S500, and Sennheiser HD212 and also gamed with NIKI-650's I believe these headphones give a much liver environment sound than any of the mentioned. Great headphones if you are on a budget.

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Great budget gaming mouse3/13/2012 12:31:11 PM

Pros: This mouse comes with a max DPI of 2000 which is about mid-range for most gaming mouses. You can switch the DPI higher/lower with two buttons right below the mouse wheel. No drivers are needed to be installed for all features to be used in the majority of games. The precision and aim of the mouse feels very good and smooth. This mouse feels nice and solid even though light, looks like its pretty durable.

Cons: No driver support (could be a bad or a good thing) according if you wanted to remap the buttons.

Overall Review: This mouse is really light. Before I gave up gaming for a little bit I had a Logitech G9 mouse. I feel that this mouse is as accurate if not more accurate than the G9. Also this mouse is specifically for the "claw grip" gamer. Overall after getting back into PC gaming I did not have a lot of money to spend and needed a gaming mouse. I'm completely satisfied with this mouse even after having owned a higher dollar Logitech G9 before hand. I recommend this mouse to anyone who is on a budget, uses claw grip, does not feel like they have to remap any of the buttons.

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Great card for price3/9/2012 12:35:17 PM

Pros: Great fast card for a low price. Performance is the same pace as the 570 which runs 300+

Cons: Heat is a major con on this card for most people but for me its not too bad. I usually max out at 70C under load in a Xion Stacker air cooled case. In Evga Precision I have my fan run 70% at 60-70C. Noise is another problem for a lot of people, but in all honestly its not too bad for me unless I have my fan speed up to 80% but its only been that high when testing it all out. Power consumption, I started out with a 500watt PSU with 18a rails being ignorant thinking it may work. LOL I was wrong, Went out and bought an Antec 650w and it works great. LONG card, make sure you have the space in your case before you get it!

Overall Review: All the cons I listed are nothing that concern me but might to others, so this card will be for some and not others. Keep in mind that certain CPUs will bottleneck this card. I have a Phenom x4 9850 overclocked to 3.1ghz and still get noticeable bottleneck. I'm still able to run with great fps on all the games I have tried in 1680x1050 mostly everything maxed. Games that I have tried: The Witcher 2, LA NOIRE, Metro 2033, Alien vs Predator, Fear3, The Darkness 2, Americas Army 3, Blacklight Retribution

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Works as listed...3/18/2010 3:45:57 AM

Pros: With ASUS M4A79XTD and AMD 955 I had to manually set timings and fsb but this ram runs flawlessly 7-7-7-24, 1600mhz at 1T. If you have a case window and lights, the shiny heatsinks reflect them awesomely!

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: Not sure why there are so many people having problems with not just this ram but a lot of ddr3. Myself and others that seem to know what they are doing has it running flawlessly. Maybe check motherboard compatibility before buying could help.

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Great headset2/7/2010 12:07:12 PM

Pros: Great sound positioning, customizable to comfort, They have fell off my desk many times and still work fine, sides of them light up so if someone leaves them on the floor I can see them instead of stepping on them at night! Mic pics up very well at high quality, long cord. They are comfortable to me, I can wear them for hours and forget they're there.

Cons: Big and makes you look like an astronaut when you wear them. From my experience you can not turn them off without unplugging the splitter. (Holding mute and front speaker does not turn them off for me)

Overall Review: People always say these have no bass and I thought the same until I figured out in a X-FI sound console make the crossover 60. These things rumble great now to anything. I've seen bad reviews because you have to hook 4 jacks into the back of the PC, people get real this is a 5.1 headset you have plugs for each channel. I've seen mixed reviews on the comfort of this headset also. I've let many different people try these out and none has had any problems. Now if your heads bigger than my 6'3" friend that has no problem in these than you might have an issue.

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Nforce3 WILL WORK8/31/2008 4:17:08 PM

Pros: *Powerful enough to run new games great. *Great card to give longer life to your AGP system. *Clocks reading at 669mhz core and 829mhz memory.

Cons: *Very long, will not fix in a microATX case. *Drivers may be a problem for some people. *Needs good airflow.

Overall Review: One of the other reviews said this card will not work with the Nforce 3 motherboard. After researching it seems there may still be problems with the nforce 3 chipset when using DUAL CORE cpus. I'm using a socket 754 sempron 3100 with Vista ultimate x64, nforce 3 motherboard... Fully works fine with the AGP hotfix 8.4 drivers I think it was... This is the first time in a while for me using an ATI card but I would stick with Omega Drivers if you are not using a 64-bit OS.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Read my other thoughts...7/1/2008 12:28:32 PM

Pros: Mic picks up great, good quality, long enough cord for my needs. I'm able to have a conversation online and game with this mic. As my con says it has no noise canceling but it does not drown out your voice with background sound.

Cons: Does not cancel noise out, but for this price thats fine!

Overall Review: Half the people that rate and review do so without even knowing what they're saying. To fully take control of any speaker/mic you need a decent sound card. I've got a Creative Soundblaster X-FI and I have no problem at all with the mic picking up any sound. I can be across the room talking normal and still be heard.

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Decent card, Price, But wrong specs...6/29/2006 7:34:29 PM

Pros: Runs BF2 at 1280 x 1024 with AA on 4 AF on 8, most settings high with 40+ fps... Can overclock well (500/1350)...

Cons: Nv41 core, so no unlockables that I know of. Also, I've got it confirmed from XFX this card is 128 bit not the 256 bit as newegg shows. Box says minimum Psu is 500 watt also... Mines 450 Watts and runs it good.

Overall Review: I'm probably returning it to get a better card... Having only 128 bit memory cuts the memory bandwidth from 32 gb/s to 16 gb/s and that hurts it ALOT. Spend the extra for the 256mb version and your'll have the extra vram and bandwidth.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Its made me happy.6/25/2006 11:28:45 PM

Pros: Does what I needed it to. Got a superboot bios option for a faster boot, its cool if you want to use it. Comes with its own overclock utility like most now. No problems with compatibility out of any of my hardware.

Cons: Bios isnt for overclockers... Not sure if its the board not reading right, or is causing my cpu to run hot but... My sempron 3000+ is running at high 50's idle... Before old motherboard went out, it ran high 30's - low 40's idle.

Overall Review: Boards running: Sempron 3000+ 2 x 512 mb of samsung pc3200.

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Decent fan...6/22/2006 6:26:33 AM

Pros: Moves air like its supposed to do. Nice bright blue leds.

Cons: The fan runs like it is supposed to, like it is said to, no less. No cons.

Overall Review: People say the fan is loud... Loud compared to something that makes no ****ing noise at all maybe... You can barely hear my pc, with or without this fan.. Honestly I think the LED would get more aggervating then the noise for when sleeping.

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Great price4/21/2006 6:49:06 PM

Pros: Great price for 2 GB. Worked right off in a socket 754 GA-K8NS motherboard.

Cons: None in my book.

Overall Review: Sweet looking heatsinks.

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Great deal for price4/16/2006 3:59:00 PM

Pros: Runs great, overclocked to 2.2 ghz being stable. Probably could have went higher but didnt. I dont need the extra speed so I put it back on stock and its running BF2 fine with a 9600xt and 2gb of pc3200 ram at 1024 x 768 most high settings. The stock fan/heatsink are great... My a/c is currently broke, and its literally 90F degrees in here. This cpu is running at 35 C/ 95 F. Case is Xion 2 fan based cooling.

Cons: Outdated socket and old technology.

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Budget Headphones2/20/2006 9:18:27 PM

Pros: Going with what Hellion said. Great crisp sound, great volume, and yeah... These babies are comfortable. About the bass, to me I think the bass is about as good as it needs to be for headphones... If the bass was anymore, thats all you'd hear (according to how you set your bass of course...) The bass has a great boost and sounds great in games. The ear cuffs does do a good job just theirselves of blocking some sound out.

Cons: Like Hellion said, they dont block too much. These being my first set of NC headphones I installed my batteries, cut the NC on (while tv was on and volume was on a bit..) and put the headphones on... I could still hear the tv... Clearly.. But after turning some noise on, couldnt hear much.

Overall Review: Got these at Walmart for same price... So, might would be easier incase you had techincal difficulties like you sometime will get with computer hardware. I'm happy with these headphones.

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Great Card, Great Price...12/28/2005 5:51:01 PM

Pros: Just got this card the other night at comp USA for a few more bucks... Great card, I upgraded from onboard sound and everything is so much better. I was a bit confused on rather or not I should get this when I seen alot of people were having trouble with this card in BF2... Works great with my lower end system with EAX enabled and sound quality on 'Ultra High' in BF2. Havent noticed any fps drop, its a gain if anything in fps.

Cons: Not really a con, but um... So many options and settings in the software I dont know where to really start!

Overall Review: BF2 works great on a lower-end system with this card and all sound on high as possible. {Socket A} AMD Sempron 3000+ ~2.2ghz 1024 MB PC3200 Ram Sapphire ATI 9600 XT 80 & 60 GB 7200 RPM HDD's

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Good for daily use...11/26/2005 9:57:18 PM

Comments: This mouse has a nice shape... Got 11 buttons as it says. Most of them are media keys wich can not be remapped for instance the two volume keys and next/previous keys, media player launcher, and play/pause button. The middle mouse button and two thumb buttons can be remapped and works great. Range is great. I seen a couple reviews about the left button sticks some, I have not had the left button stick any at all for me. Cons: When playing games mainly sometimes it'll just automatically stop. I do not know why, and it is only in the games. I can not see any lag but every now and then I'll be doing my thing and then it just will not do anything. It p*sses me off sometimes but I love the mouse too much to let it go. It doesnt seem like a tracking problem there, but I have yet to find the problem. I've replaced with new fully charged batteries and it still happens sometimes. Anyways, I love this mouse... The media keys work great for me for when I am working in photoshop I dont have to stop to change songs and so forth.

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WoW10/6/2005 6:59:03 AM

Comments: Just got case yesturday. Installation went smooth, this was my first time installing everything in a case and I couldnt ask for it to have been easier. I just want to confirm on the top lights real quick for when someone said they were photoshopped... They're not, they light up just like the rest of the case. Theres two 120mm fans, one front and one back, and one 80mm side fan to keep things cool. The psu is up and running fine right now, hope it continues. Havent had no problems once so ever. There wasnt too few psu connecters in my case. I installed a cdrom, two hard drives, the 3 fans for the case, and a extra blower I installed, of course having to hook up some fans through some and so on. Onto looks, I thought the case looked good on these pictures, it looks eithen better in person! The case from out of the box was real sturdy and made me happy, including the door. I was hesistent to which case I was getting, but I'm glad I chose this case.

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Nice CPU6/23/2005 11:26:26 PM

Comments: Didnt buy this from newegg but have one in my machine, its ran great with no problem at all. I can run anygame I want. Never have slow downs while surfing nore playing around with the computer. Great cpu for the budget.

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Great Card6/5/2005 10:44:00 AM

Comments: This card is great... Not only for how it runs but for the money... This is the best deal I found after looking forever for a new card. I can nearly max I'm running Far Cry maxed out, very smoothly.

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