Awesome Product5/15/2008 8:41:39 AM

Pros: It has the new IIS 7.0 which I am used to since I was hosting websites in vista. The interface is so much better than previous versions. It came with 32bit and 64bit on the disc, which is nice for more memory compatibility.

Cons: The install was not the smoothest because most dell servers are shipping with openManage CD's with no windows 2008 compatiability. So I had to download a 3.5 gig iso that took forever because it kept timing out. Not really a con, but IIS does have a little bit of a learning vurve if you are used to IIS 6.0.

Overall Review: Great product if you are wanting to host your own websites or an FTP site. If your wanting to setup a domain or run your own mail server this product will not work for that.

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