Not the best refurbished computer I have purchased2/20/2017 8:27:30 PM

Pros: Computer came with a E8500 3.16 Ghz processor rather than the E7600 3.06 Ghz (Not a great improvement but faster than advertised) Clean interior and case. Two open memory slots for additional memory if ever desired.

Cons: Windows 10 pre-installed would not initialize. Enter proper code and other setup details, system would reboot back to enter all information again. Microsoft ID code was accepted as correct when entered. I intended to run Linux so this was not a big issue. Loaded Debian 64 bit as Linux CNC would not load. Debian 64 loaded no problem but reported 12 bad sectors on hard drive. Reloaded realtime LinuxCNC (Debian 32 bit) and so far no problems with hard drive. Bad sectors probably locked out by Debian 64 load. When setting up LinuxCNC I discovered Parallel port would not function with my CNC controller. The issue was not with the computer port, but traced to the Linux software not generating a "Charge Pump" signal to the CNC controller. Definitely NOT a computer product issue.

Overall Review: I am satisfied I have a good low cost start for creating a control computer for CNC machine operation using Linux OS. Other purchasers probably would be dissatisfied with my experience with the Windows 10 initialization failure. There have been no further hard drive issues

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Solid Performance8/15/2016 6:01:49 PM

Pros: Very reasonable cost. Worked for me straight out of the box. No configuration at all. I am using it plugged into my residential LAN router/switch/Fifi. Available just like a NAS. I use it as a back up and file server for all the computers in my home. I do not work directly (direct access) with this drive as an active workspace. Fills my needs exactly. I can hear it click on from its sleep mode but it is very quite. Sound in NOT an issue with this drive.

Cons: Only con is the extremely bright blue activity light. I put a bit of masking tape over it. I can now (through the tape) see when it is on but kills the blinding laser beam effect.

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Fits My Specific Need7/17/2016 6:48:30 AM

Pros: Small compact size. I purchased this computer to run a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machine in my workshop. It runs an application called MACH3. This computer is dual core processor, relatively fast processor speed and includes a fresh new Windows 10 Operating System (OS). It is a 64 bit system which is fine with MACH3 as I use an external USB pulse generator. 2GB RAM is more than adequate for this application. The machine is clean inside and out. No evidence of its previous "life". Refurbished computers are the best bargain for application specific applications. The new albeit low cost keyboard and mouse are a welcome extra. They both work well.

Cons: Small flaw with Windows 10. The is an audio driver it doesn't recognise and a warning message pops up on every cold boot. The sound still works from an internal speaker so it is not an issue just annoying. It's been a lingering issue on Win 10 updates since day one. It is a microsoft problem, nothing to do with this hardware. I didn't purchase this machine to be an audio system. The sound still works fine for my needs. I'll find a way to kill the popup message. when I get annoyed enough.

Overall Review: I have purchased three different refurbished small form factor computers through NewEgg, Each for use on a different CNC machine, All HP/Compaq but probably refurbished by different vendors. All have been flawless and fit my needs. At the price of these machines plus a low cost monitor, I have the luxury of a controller for each machine.

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Excellent6/1/2015 8:07:03 AM

Pros: Very quite, fast and low cost. This is a "bare" drive so no un-needed extras for someone like me with lots of extra cables, connectors, hardware bits and power cable adapters in my parts bin.

Cons: None found

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Over 3,000 Reviews!2/3/2015 12:12:04 PM

Pros: Same memory and spec available year after year. I can, and have upgraded years later with exactly same spec memory.

Cons: None

Overall Review: WYBIWYG (wibby-wig) What you buy is what you get. Great memory. no problems. Like this really needs another review :)

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Good Choice1/8/2013 1:50:24 PM

Pros: 10, 100, 1000 wired speed WAN and LAN. Consistently runs 54 Mbps on WiFi because of simultaneous multiple bands and channels and multiple antennas. No problem with range inside my house. Streams to Apple TV 3 rooms away with no problems. USB port available. Highly configurable firmware. Guest access available if desired.

Cons: None for me.

Overall Review: This unit has been running 24/7 since purchased over 6 months ago. Cables in rear where I like them. I tested USB for NAS and works, but I don't use this feature.

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Correction - Bytes not Baud7/9/2012 9:26:44 PM

Pros: Error Corrected

Cons: Same

Overall Review: Sorry, can't edit. I meant to write "(That's Bytes not bits)" in previous "Pros:" rather than Baud

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Good Performance6/13/2012 7:22:39 AM

Pros: Clean look. Cables in back out of the way. Real use does not require lights and here they can be turned off. Usefull for diagnostics when needed. I like the USB port good for low tech HD backup storage rather than dedicated file server. Excellent LAN (wired and Hifi) and WAN speed when configured properly. Built in browser front end setup perfectly adequate. I find it easy to understand if you know what the acronyms mean and do. Help screens adequate and noobie can "google" term for more understanding. Operating temps are as expected, not hot as some say.

Cons: I found no real cons. Because of the many options setup may not seem simple for the non tech or newbie. Included CD software is intended to make it easier for them. Not a con for me, as I am very familiar with Linksys built in set up. It just works

Overall Review: Most solid state electronics are either DOA or run forever when operated as intended. (No pile of papers on top of the router, etc.) Many late failures are user and envionment induced. I have lost many components through the years from power spike issues and one direct lightning strike. I just now lost the USB port on my E3200 as well as the USB in the attached external HD and the hard wired LAN on my computer mother board. This was not the fault of the E3200. It was discovered after a storm. The E3200 forgot its password and had to be totally reset. It is working perfectly except for USB. It took a licking and still keeps (mostly) ticking. I am considering replacement because of the lost USB. All other functions are working. This one issue in a year of use... can't blame the router. Yes, I have three UPC high quality surge protectors in my systems but **it still happens.

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Refurbished is Good1/8/2011 6:57:09 AM

Pros: Wonderful value for the price.

Cons: Great deals don't last forever. Don't delay on refurbished.

Overall Review: I would have written a longer positive review.

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Just Buy It11/19/2010 7:16:54 AM

Pros: Excellent Price Great battery life Small size (it's a netbook!) Refurbished (for me) means unused with updated OS and perhaps something done with the battery pac. It was the only component that showed it might of had any prior handling.

Cons: No instructions whatsoever. Turn it on and figure it out. Tiny power plug may be an issue. No problem at all so far (1 week)

Overall Review: I'd buy a dozen of these if I had the need. I don't think it is exactly suited to a first time computer owner without having an experienced person to set it up. This is not a cheap laptop replacement. Set it up for social networking . Win7 starter OS is more than needed. No need for update. I tested Unbuntu. Looks like it would be fine but again, not required. (I would probably run it, but this netbook is for the spouse.) BTW simply rapidly tapping F2 will get you into setup. I killed the trial Office 2007 and loaded Java and Again, IMHO all that is needed on a netbook. Windows live has a great free email program. Use F11 to full size (on/off) IE8 for better web browsing. Set bottom bar on home screen to hide. Lots of tricks to make best use of 1040 x 600 screen. The reason I suggest experienced user help to set up the many variables. BTW the LED screen is great. Beautiful color and runs stone cold. (low power.) For a great netbook at lowest price just buy

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Great Performance11/15/2010 6:04:08 AM

Pros: Simple USB plug in. Immediately recognised by XP pro in Dell Laptop and Win7 Ultimate in home machine. Excellent resolution as a web cam. Microphone has great sound pick up. Always high quality reports sound and video.

Cons: None really. Base/clip is a little awkward/unsteady when trying to use it as a free standing camera on desk top. That's not it's (the clip) primary purpose. It can be made to work but upward angle of view is not flattering in web chats :)

Overall Review: IMHO just about the best buy in a quality web chat cam. I have two and bought this second one for all the reasons above.

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Multiple Feature Printer Server7/3/2009 4:20:01 PM

Pros: Two USB ports ,single parallel. Great for my older HP Laser-jet 4M and newer USB style printers. Indicator (activity) lights on front are a nice feature. Can be set up for just about any printing system desired.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I just bought a second one of these as a replacement for my first. The first was killed by a direct lighting strike on my home. All electronics including my main computer were zapped. Like this one so much I am making an exact replacement. No problems. However it may be too complex for the inexperienced to properly set up.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Universaly Good3/29/2009 1:25:10 PM

Pros: Modem is not dependent on Hardware based drivers. My old PCI modem card has no hardware drivers for 64 bit Vista. Modem can be used with almost any OS. Has software drivers for Linux as well as MAC Modem is portable since it is USB, so can be quickly moved to other computers when required.

Cons: None. Phone modems are not rocket science anymore. It does the job.

Overall Review: Why use an internal slot? Apple has abandoned internal modems. I use this modem only for occasional FAX connections.

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Good Investment10/29/2008 8:56:24 AM

Pros: I have owned and used this quality case for over two years. Power supply at bottom good idea for weight. Stock fans more than adequate for general use. (AMD Athalon X2 4400+ & high end video, three HDs.) Rubber vibration isolation on drives. Seldom go inside. Power button inside door avoids accidental contact when door closed. (Requires deliberate action) Door can be folded against side of case if preferred. Great looking case when door closed. No cooling problem when closed.

Cons: A bit pricey but expected with complex case design.

Overall Review: Dust filters need attention (Duh?) about once a month. Don't skimp on case dollars for quality build.

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