3/23/2011 5:43:50 PM

Pros: Cheap and it works.

Cons: None

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Very cool product3/23/2011 1:05:18 PM

Pros: The software works great. It was easy to set up. Looks good. Lots of options. Reasonably inexpensive.

Cons: It is a little slow, especially when moving large number of files. The initial backup (moving about 3.5TB of data to it) went very slowly, even over USB, and took a few days. But once the data's there (and it is now), I don't need to do that any longer since I'm using it primarily as a backup device. The USB drives I used to transfer the data were NTFS formatted which slows it down a lot. Using a native format would probably be faster, but I didn't try it. The plastic housing feels a little cheap, but given that it's just going to sit on a shelf I think it's fine.

Overall Review: I wasn't sure what to expect with this. I knew I wanted a NAS with FTP capability so I could load a back up of my data on it and then move it off-site (to my in-laws house) where I can push incremental backups to it over the net. It does that, and more. I've now got online access to my media collection from just about anywhere on the planet. It's got far more features than I'll ever need to touch. I almost gave it 5 stars, but went with 4 because I do have a couple of cons listed. I think it's a good, solid product with great features at a good price, it's just a little slow (which is probably never going to be an issue for most people).

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Bad quality3/19/2011 7:30:50 PM

Pros: Cheap, but you get what you pay for.

Cons: I've now had three of these, and two were dead within a year. 8/13/10: Bought two of these from Newegg. One went into a USB housing that doesn't get turned on very often (for backup) and the other went into my very well ventilated PC. 8/21/10: A few days after having one in my PC, it died. Clicking and couldn't been seen by the OS. Spinrite couldn't save it. 9/1/10: Western Digital sent me a replacement ("Recertified", not new). 3/19/11: The replacement started slowing down and getting read/write errors. It started clicking and the OS no longer sees it. Again, even Spinrite can't fix it. This is not a good drive. I know 2.0TB is tough to do, but they've got some real quality problems on these. I'm going to get yet another replacement from WD, but I certainly won't be putting anything important on it.

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Died after about 6 months8/27/2010 9:55:09 PM

Pros: Was pretty fast and a good value for a 7200rpm, 1.5GB drive.

Cons: Died in less than a year. Click of death just kept getting worse and worse...

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Very nice little camera8/26/2010 6:11:25 PM

Pros: Shoots in RAW, small, decent image quality. A very good value for good quality. This is a "point and shoot", but it's quite advanced.

Cons: Don't expect miracles. It's a small sensor. High ISO (800 or higher) is quite noisy, but I've found the noise to be very controllable in post-processing (I use Nik Dfine 2.0).

Overall Review: I shoot with a Canon 7D normally. I'm not a pro, but a very experienced amateur. It's great to have a small camera that has controls I understand that I can just slip in my pocket anywhere I go. I've been very pleased with it so far.

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First SSD... very happy8/21/2010 4:57:58 AM

Pros: Very fast, low power, and easy to use. A good value. The speed makes it feel like I've gotten a brand new system. Boots quick. Apps load quick.

Cons: None that I can think of right now.

Overall Review: This is my first SSD boot drive. I loaded a fresh install of Windows 7 on it along with all of my apps (including MS Office, Lightroom, Photoshop, etc.). I'm really impressed with the speed. I understand that there are faster SSD's out there, but for the money this one is a real bargain. So far I'm very impressed and I won't ever be building a system again that doesn't have an SSD boot drive.

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Bought 2, 1 was DOA8/21/2010 4:45:20 AM

Pros: One out of two ain't bad.

Cons: I bought two of these. One works fine. The other is dead and refuses to format. It boggles my mind that that quality control at the Western Digital plant is such that a brand new drive can escape when it doesn't even work right out of the box.

Overall Review: I've had reasonably good luck with Western Digital in the past. I hope this is just a fluke.

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Drive is great, Nero software is not1/26/2008 8:00:08 AM

Pros: The drive burns fast, is quiet, works flawlessly.

Cons: The "Nero 7 Essentials" software that comes with it is very intrusive. It took a lot of effort to get it to stop changing file associations to itself. Plus the software is crippled such that expected features are only available if you purchase the "full" version (for example, there's no way to burn a playable video DVD from a VIDEO_TS directory).

Overall Review: I recommend purchasing a drive that has fully functional software that doesn't try to change file associations in stealth.

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A week in and it seems OK11/11/2007 7:09:34 AM

Pros: No fan, so it's silent. My ASUS Sonata III case has a large exhaust fan that blows out and thus draws air in from the PCI bulkhead and over the heatsink. The card runs cool in this arrangement.

Cons: The ASUS software caused a lot of system instability and used too much system resources. Once I uninstalled that and just installed the latest drivers directly from NVIDIA, all of the instabilities went away. The Fonts in XP at my monitors resolution (1680x1050, which is it's native resolution) looked bad with the ASUS software/drivers installed. They looked much better with the NVIDIA drivers. I don't know why though.

Overall Review: It's only been about a week so far since I built the system, but so far so good...

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