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Good for a budget10/19/2018 6:57:18 AM

Pros: I used this switch often at one time and it seems that the older ones are more reliable.

Cons: I thought this would be a good affordable option with decent performance/longevity. But the longevity seems to be the shortfall here.

Overall Review: I had several of these switches in a row end up with dead ports and intermittent ports. I had to move on...

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Dropping like flies!3/20/2018 3:44:24 PM

Pros: Price and good performance (short-term)

Cons: Seem to be lasting for 3-5 months.

Overall Review: I've used around 15 of these over the past 6 months, getting ready to RMA my 4th one.

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Not overly impressed8/4/2016 7:24:30 AM

Pros: The lighted keyboard is nice. I like to be able to see the keys even when the room is not brightly lit. The brightness is good, not too intense.

Cons: Keyboard: In order to turn on the keyboard backlight, you have to press the Scroll Lock button. Usually this isn't a huge issue, but if you work in Excel or other programs where the arrow keys are useful, you are out of luck. Mouse: The overall feel of the mouse was fair, but I personally thought that it was bulky. The right click button is a hair trigger. If you let your index finger just rest on it, you are going to click it. I have average sized hands. I found this very problematic and discontinued using the mouse because of it.

Overall Review: It would make a world of difference to add a separate switch for the keyboard lighting. Or simply make the lights come on with keyboard activity then turn off after a period of time.

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Good Value3/8/2016 6:16:26 PM

Pros: I have setup approx 15 of these and have not had any problems yet. Have not measured the read/write, but have been impressed with the results in an upgrade scenario.

Cons: None yet. Going strong after 3 months.

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Good Value3/8/2016 6:14:15 PM

Pros: Keeps up with the typical computer user at a good price.

Cons: None yet

Overall Review: Would recommend if you aren't looking for a high output computer. Good for the mid-line.

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Paperweight3/8/2016 6:12:03 PM

Pros: None yet

Cons: Was able to access the web setup interface briefly. Came back a day later and could not access. Tried resetting multiple times, but still could not access settings or gain a connection through the router. Getting ready to ship back for RMA replacement. Hopefully #2 will work as advertised.

Overall Review: Had higher expectations from a Cisco product. Maybe next time I should buy a TrendNet or Rosewill...

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Expensive cheap battery1/22/2016 6:58:53 AM

Pros: If you are looking for a cheap battery that will last for a short amount of time, this is for you. Seller will gladly RMA after failure.

Cons: Battery lasted 5 months. Seller was happy to RMA item (with a shipping fee), but the cheap battery is getting expensive. $45.98 (new battery+shipping) +$10.00 (required by seller to ship replacement battery) +$7.00 (shipping old battery to seller) = Find yourself a higher quality battery and avoid wasting money on shipping!

Overall Review: Better off finding a higher quality battery for $65. The seller was quick to offer a replacement without any argument whatsoever. However, having to pay for a return shipping did leave a bitter taste.

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Good printer, support questionable12/9/2015 11:43:38 AM

Pros: Good features and the LCD controls are large and easy to use.

Cons: I purchased this printer in May 2015. Immediately after setting it up I found that the upper paper feed door interferes with the lower paper tray. I contacted support and they quickly sent another. The second one had the same issue but not as bad. Now I have a broken tray door due to the binding that it has caused and support tells me that nothing is wrong, even after sending them pictures of a broken door! This is after exchanging 5 or so emails and answering irrelevant questions. Infuriating!

Overall Review: I gave two eggs because it is a decent printer. But for the price, I expect much more reliability from the printer AND support!

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Works for Dell XPS 138/23/2015 6:50:19 AM

Pros: Works as designed. No problems. Ordered this to add a monitor to a Dell XPS 13 and it worked fine.

Cons: None

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Not for the long haul2/6/2015 5:34:48 PM

Pros: This device worked well for a short period of time. Considering the price when I first purchased it (over a year ago), I was satisfied with the data transfer rates. No hassle for an RMA

Cons: The drive lasted about 3 months. The replacement drive lasted about the same amount of time.

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Good value6/23/2014 1:11:04 PM

Pros: Seems to work consistently with the specs.

Cons: None yet. Time will tell...

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Maybe not was I was looking for3/19/2014 12:52:36 PM

Pros: You get a business class Dell laptop for a very low price. The laptop turned on and worked properly.

Cons: The first thing I notice is a note inserted in the package basically stating that internal components come first, cosmetics come last. Cracked bezel, loose hinges.

Overall Review: If you are looking for something that works and aren't concerned with the way it looks, then this may be the best thing for you. I particularly don't mind scuffs and the like, but I felt like this unit had been ridden hard and put up wet.

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Good Repeater2/10/2014 1:19:09 PM

Pros: I have always set these up using the web interface and have found it to be very easy. Have not used the CD included. This device seamlessly allows for roaming between the repeater and your main wireless router. It appears as a single wireless network and not two separate networks as I have seen with some other repeaters.

Cons: None as of yet.

Overall Review: I have set up 4 of these so far... no problems yet. Will re-post if they fail early.

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Solid Pwr Sup for the money.12/17/2013 9:45:24 AM

Pros: This power supply has been rock solid for me for the past several years. From what I can tell, it is the best choice for the money and price range.

Cons: Recently purchased 5, one failed. I plugged it in and it looked like a bolt of lightning coming out of the rear cooling hole. Still gave 4 of 5 considering the large number that I have used in the past.

Overall Review: Failed parts are like a double whammy... You're out on time AND you're out extra money for shipping. I've never been satisfied with this arrangement... It seems as though the purchaser is assuming all of the risk.

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Good Fan7/30/2012 7:31:08 PM

Pros: Good CFMs for the money! I was impressed at how much air this fan moves. Definitely will keep my tower server cool!

Cons: None so far....

Overall Review: If you are looking for something quiet, keep looking. This thing sounds like the auxiliary cooling fan on the front of a car. But I was looking for cheap cool, not necessarily quiet.

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FYI2/22/2012 3:32:56 PM

Pros: Works fair to decent for the first few months.

Cons: I have used this model for about a year and a half. At the time of writing, this item is no longer available from newegg. I am posting just in case someone out there is looking to buy one elsewhere. After a little over 1 year I had to swap out with a warranty replacement. The second one has lasted a few months, showing the same symptoms as the first when it began having issues. Data transfers cycle up and down, never reaching beyond 10 meg.

Overall Review: I replaced this switch with a Cisco SF 200 series and oh what a difference! Bottom line... you get what you pay for.

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Good Printer7/5/2011 10:34:04 AM

Pros: I have had this printer for about two months now and am completely satisfied. There are faster printers out there, but for the money I still feel it is a good value. Cartridges aren't too expensive compared to some that I've seen.

Cons: No cons with printer. The only thing that I could add here is that I was able to find this at another site during a special for $175, but that has since expired.

Overall Review: I have this printer setup on my Windows domain, server 2008 hosted wirelessly - no problems as of yet. I also configured HP's ePrint feature to allow printing from my iPhone. I typically don't print from my iPhone, but I have verified that it works. Hope this helps someone with their decision.

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6/9/2010 8:30:55 PM

Pros: Inexpensive way to get airflow in the PCI area. I used it to pull air past a fanless PCIe video card which was running on the hot side.

Cons: Purchased two. First one ran for about a week and then started growling. Waiting to see how the 2nd one does..

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50% for me3/12/2010 6:31:15 PM

Pros: Good value! Great price for the size.

Cons: Purchased 2 of these. One was DOA. The other worked fine. The dead drive had a couple of dents in the cover. May have been banged around in warehouse.

Overall Review: Could happen to any brand or drive. Can't discount product. I give 3 eggs simply because I don't feel that DOA items should cost the consumer return shipping fees. I'm not even going to gripe over the fact that I paid for a drive that I won't have for 2 weeks.

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Not a good experience11/2/2008 6:49:54 PM

Pros: Could be a good value if it works

Cons: Would not connect at 1000Mb/s on any capable machine.

Overall Review: Worked fine at 100Mb/s.

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Great Deal11/2/2008 6:48:06 PM

Pros: This security soft offers a good compromise between security and resource use. There are other antivirus programs out there that WILL offer more protection, but that usually comes with a price.

Cons: #1. You WILL have install issues if you have Windows Xp SP3 loaded. There is a patch for it but you'll likely wrestle with it before everything is running smoothly. #2. The firewall settings can be an issue for a novice user.

Overall Review: The software will install fine if you load prior to loading SP3. Just fully update it and then run SP3 if you haven't

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Great Deal - Assembled in U.S.A.4/20/2008 6:45:46 PM

Pros: This memory is a great medium between price and quality. I have installed many of these and have not had a single problem. From what I can tell, this memory is assembled in America. You gotta love that!

Cons: None yet!

Overall Review: New Egg could shave some of the shipping costs by reducing the package sizes. What a waste!

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