A good product despite difficulties with black screen issue. (black screen caused by display port issue, not monitor itself.)1/18/2019 8:30:03 AM

Pros: Very large, fast response rate, OSD crosshair for FPS players, multiple inputs. I play mostly FPS and war games like Battlefield so the size is optimal for that. I don't use the internal speakers because I don't need them.

Cons: I went through the RMA process for the black screen issue only to learn that this is not an issue with the monitor itself but an issue with display port. Other people have reported the same issue on large format 4k monitors using display port. The black screen problem is not unique to this monitor. Others have had the same problem with the 43 inch 4k LG monitor also. The solution is to switch over to HDMI because the problem is not present with HDMI. It may be a firmware problem with display port that causes the intermittent black screen. Had I known this I never would have returned my monitor for RMA. The replacement they sent at first had a large group of dead pixels. Acer agreed to replace that monitor and covered shipping. I am waiting to receive my final replacement. Acer has done everything possible to address my needs..

Overall Review: Dianne with Acer corporate customer support has been very helpful in making sure my RMA was addressed properly. I have no complaints regarding the customer service and would buy an Acer product again. Dianne would email as well as call to update me on the status of my RMA.

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Good case for the money5/15/2010 11:11:11 AM

Pros: -great airflow, even with front fans removed. -Fits an E-ATX board with minor restrictions, such as hard drive placement. -good cable management if you use zip ties. -Paint job is clean on the outside. -This case is very pro for a minor investment. -improved fans over the old tempest are nice. I own the old tempest also. -ample water-cooling support. -not too heavy when full of components. that's a +. -would buy again with the hope that the next one does not come from the RMA warehouse like this one.

Cons: -mine came from the RMA warehouse... It said so on the box. Had some type of film all over the paint job inside that flakes off easily. I will probably have to clean it myself. -new cases should not come from the RMA warehouse NZXT, DUH. Go the extra mile to re-certify the case at the factory and ship it out new.

Overall Review: It's very easy to disassemble for a build. It can be totally stripped down to bare chassis in like 10 minutes. That's important for anyone doing using a WC loop. -Highly recommend this case for style, versatility, and value.

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Ownership: less than 1 day
Its Awesome2/10/2010 1:59:02 PM

Pros: Very high quality construction, gloss, piano black bezel and base, even has a slot for the remote on the back of the unit. This LCD has such a better HD picture than what I expected. It puts my 24 inch gateway FHD2400 to shame as far as image quality. 1080i HD programs are vibrant and crisper than our 52 inch Phillips LCD also, with no washout whatsoever. The speakers are exceptional with no distortion when turned up 100%, they combine perfectly with my floor speakers for a surround sound effect. No ghosting, the 2 millisecond response time has a noticeable effect on image quality IMO. So far its a win for ASUS quality. I am satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this for someone wanting a hybrid unit - PC monitor / LCD TV. # year warranty is a win, and ASUS has exceptional warranty support.

Cons: None at the moment

Overall Review: I have only owned this 1 day, so I will report back here after a month of steady use.

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Not a Bad Case10/16/2009 8:22:57 AM

Pros: -Very clean appearance. -Steel frame case, making it more durable and dent resistant. -Supports 8 HDD without being a monolith. -Number of in fans and out fans the same, high airflow achieved. -Fans are barely audible with it sitting on the ground next to me. The chipset fan on my motherboard can be heard over all 6 large fans in this case, making the case almost silent. -Large beveled acrylic window. -Dust filters on the front intake fans, none on the the side fan. -about 3 inches of space between the my 8800GTX and my 7 mounted HDD. Will accommodate the largest video cards on the market with ease. -wire management access holes on motherboard. -Utilitarian and attractively priced at 1 bill. -HDD bays can be removed creating more 5.25 bays which can be used for modular hot swap arrays, optical drives. A good bargain in my opinion.

Cons: -The weight fully loaded makes it a hulk. If NZXT had simply created more wire management holes on the MB tray they could have reduced weight further and fixed the next issue. -Needs more wire management holes on the MB tray as well as more room behind tray to run wires. -The tool-less catches on the 5.25 bays are mind-numbingly awkward and difficult causing me to actually break one... NZXT should refer to Coolermaster when including tool-less catches on optical bays. -inside of case not black. This could have easily been a pro had they simply painted it black inside. -ONE of the more important things I noticed is that the top two 140mm fans are great for simple air cooling but could benefit from being higher RPM. IMO, they do not really flow enough air, but are quiet compared to other, similar designs. -Additionally, the top 140mm fans are not suitable fans for use with a WC radiator. These fans do not push enough air to the be used in a water cooling loop.

Overall Review: I debated on on buying this or the CM HAF 932. This Case won me over. Cases I would compare this case to: Antec 1200, CM HAF932, Chieftec Bravo. It is a decent server case or gamer case.

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A good deal11/22/2007 3:34:32 PM

Pros: This is a another good board from asus. Very powerful, dual processor with hyper transport linkage between procs... It competes directly with Intels quads and does it for less money. Asus makes a quality board and this is not my first. Disregard the negative remarks other posters left for this board. Its got kick*ss written all over it. Two bad boards in a row is a absoulte rarity, and it more than likely a user related issue as in you ruined them are could not assemble properly. Programs carshing in Vista ultimate is relted to Vista Ultimate not the MoBo. Vista has problems on every computer basically. this board will support 65 nm process in the future via a bios update I believe. Good price, upgradable, powerful and sexy.

Cons: Perhaps limited selection of compatible processors and the opterons are too expensive. one thing that might be an issue is the 90nm process that is used for the fx line of compatible chips. plenty powerful but they use more watts, and produce more heat. If you have a PSU that can cope, then no worries. Using two 8800 series cards will cover the lowest section of sata ports, the ports not instrumental in raid to be precise. the red sata ports are fully accessable. this is easily remedied by adding a simple non-raid sata expansion card to the accessible PCI slot. this what I have done.

Overall Review: my other asus board is the K8N-DL dual socket 940 supporting two dual core socket 940 opterons. its a very nice board jut like this one. Havn't had serious a issue I could not resolve easily yet.

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