Corsair XMS series 1GB DDR 4009/14/2006 9:01:32 AM

Pros: I like how Corsair used this "PT" series as an following to continue the orignal CMX***-3200C2 series. Plus, the added bonus of having the heat/cooler sheild in silver color to stand it out from the orignal black cover(s) is a real nice touch.

Cons: I thought I could add this 1GB to my existing CMX512-3200C2 and CMX256-3200C2 which gave me 768MB of memory, but there was some sort of conflict. I got an error from my Asus K8V Deluxe motherboard. Something about speed differeces eventhough all 3 DDRs are 400/PC3200. I ordered this item again, to compare and see if it partially DOA. But it seems to run fine all on it's own. It may be a mobo conflict. I will need to did out the manual and cross-reference...

Overall Review: outside to the conflict prob, which I hope I can work out, it's one of the only memory out there that I would use for my gaming LAN machine. the older DDRs of the same brand have been running great for almost 4 years now, so I know they are rock solid.

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