11/24/2006 12:20:04 AM

Pros: Its fast, its smooth. Overclocks very nice, stock cooling was able to reach 702mhz on the core, and 2108mhz on the mem, under 74C at full load. Screams through FEAR, HL2 and any of the synthetic benchmarks on the market. Probably the best 256mb card on the market, that has the power to keep up with some 512mb cards no problem. Benches water cooled @ 739/2108 3D-05 at 12700, 3D-06 6700, with a PD 940 @ 4.8ghz and an OCZ GXS 700 PSU

Cons: Nothing other then the stock cooler being loud.

Overall Review: This card is a power hogg like many other x19XX series cards, you will need a strong power supply, with at least 32amps on the 12v rail, and I dont mean a dual rail 16amp PSU as it wont be enough on multi rails at least 2x18amp rails are needed. Dont pair this up with a $35 cheapo, get something that can pack a punch.

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Wait a little bit.11/16/2006 10:36:42 PM

Pros: 2 x6800's in one package, just a little slower clock speed. Most of is have seen results with this chip and many others so their is no need for details.

Cons: The price, plain and simple. For those wanting this wait a little while it will drop almost a third of its current price. Other then that. We all know what it can do.

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Overclocking maddness8/7/2006 11:45:18 PM

Pros: FIrst of all the chip I have is the C1 stepping. Second is this thing is pretty much as good as it get when overclocking is in mind. This chip was able to jump from 200x16(3.2ghz) to 266x16 which is just over 4.2ghz on stock voltage, but the best part is the EIST, and the otion to lock the multi at 12x instead of the stock 16x. This makes it possible to run in upwards of 1.4ghz(1400mhz) on the bus, thus boasting memory bandwidth which is one of Intels weakness's, but with this kinda bus the system simply fly's through just about anything. This was all done on a P5WD2 EP 975x with XMS2 675mhz dual channel ram, and liquid cooling, this chip is capable of running over 365FSB with the right equipment.

Cons: None with the CPU, but when it comes to new purchase's, if you plan to build a new rig, look into the new line of Core 2 Duo's, while the Netburst 9xx dual cores are nice, the new line of CPU's is much faster, much cooler and overall a much better investment.

Overall Review: This item doesnt seem to run much cooler then its prier B1 stepping counter part. SO for those that thought it might drop 10C off of load temps think again.

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Reading helps8/4/2006 2:31:25 PM

Pros: This ram is some of the bet ram to date, the Elpida chips in these are just about as good as the late great D9 FatBody's. They can run some pretty good timings for DDR2 667, but they overclock like no other, theres no dought about it these are some realy nice sticks.

Cons: None on the ram, but for those that are giving this a bad rep.

Overall Review: For those that complain about these not running as stated, maybe you need to change your "technical understanding of this type of product as high" to bellow average, because it clearly states the ram must run from 2.1-2.3Vdimm to accomplish those timings, how can you have a high understanding if you cant read a simple discription of the item in question??

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Great bang for the buck7/9/2006 5:36:34 PM

Pros: I simply went with this card because it was cheap and my 6600gt fried. I didnt expect much from it but Im very suprised how well this card actualy performs, beats the caps right off my modded 6600gt, and not by just a little but by alot. I dont mind the fan at all as I run ATI tool and thats easily fixed. Stock this card overclocked like a small block chevy on nitrous.capable of reaching way over 600 on the core and well into 1300+ on the memory and thats stock. I can imagine what it can do with a volt mod and water cooling. Very pleased.

Cons: It is a bit out of date for todays games, but Im not a gamer so it doesnt affect me one bit. BTW I wouldnt be looking at all the eye candy anyways, Id be focusing on the game play!!

Overall Review: Ive seen alot of talk about how loud the fan is, but it doesnt bother me, as I run 4 120mm fans on a liquid cooled system with 3 120mm case fans so there is always a little whirly noise around my station and thus the card doesnt bother me at all.

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Cooler then most say. Cheap overclockers dream3/18/2006 8:36:41 PM

Pros: The dual core is way faster then the P4 HT line hands down. With the right board(P5WD2 Premium 955x or the E premium 975X) and ram this CPU is capable of 4.0ghzs with water cooling, and is very capable of 3.73ghz with good air(Big Typhoon) Stock this CPU is a great bargin, but overclocked this sucker simply hauls tail.

Cons: It does run a little warm, but nothing like these other (kids) are saying.

Overall Review: For the guys having heat issues, maybe you need to put less then a gallon of paste on this CPU, just a BB sized amount right in the center of the CPU is more then enough, anymore then this and you begin to blanket the CPU which makes it run hotter not cooler. My specs are: PD 820 @ 4.35ghz ASUS 975x E Premium Mushkin EM 4300 @ 308mhz Custom water with DD TDX CPU block. Temps are 25 idle and 34 load @ 4.35ghz with 1.675vcore(do not try this with air)

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
IDE users beware2/25/2006 11:17:35 PM

Pros: This board is very nice. The fact that it has the ability to run 2 PCI-E 16 VGA cards(cross-fire at the moment) The bios is very in depth, very user friendly, and I dont think I have to speak about the overclocking potential(sp) The board is layed out very nicely, it runs realy cool compaired to others I have used under the same conditions. This board looks good and functions even better. Super fast witht he right equipment. Has many fan controlers, can utilize any 775 socket CPU made, and the fact that it use's DDR2 800 as standard is a big plus for overclockers.

Cons: Con's: This board is meant for sata users not pata and such. I originaly ran 2 ATA 133 drives, 2 rom and dvd drives. In order to get the system to detect my optical and my master drive I had to plug them into the same master controller(talk about a pain because my rom drive is at the top of a 7 bay case and the HDD is at the bottom. Once this is done I had no problems however in the event that Id have to do a fresh install, I wouldnt be able to hookup my backup drive just yet. Also this board at the moment only supports certain ram, so unless your ram is supported, the board will either read it by default as PC3200, or will not boot period.

Overall Review: Ive heard alot of guff over the cost between this and the older version board, alot of people cant justify the extra cost over the 955X board, but the fact that this board will support the up coming conroe line of CPUs and can run 2 VGA's in cross-fire is plenty for me to argue the cost. Besides in the not so distant future SLI will be on the menu, as people are using it already without drivers. These 2 things alone are more then worth the extra bank, not to mention the fanless cooling system works awsome!!!

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Looks Good, made cheap.2/6/2006 8:58:40 PM

Pros: It looks realy nice, very stylish, the side window adds some charecter(not just another square window) I also liek the fact that it has 5 large bay's, great for internal water cooling. Lots of room for what ever you need.

Cons: I dont like the fact that you cannot secure the HDD's with the easy clips, the cables in the backside get all bunched up and it push's the side panel out(if you are using round cables forget about it fitting snugg, it just wont happen. The internal structure is extremely weak, very flimsy. This makes the side panel very hard to line up with the front panel. Also the panel that holds the mother board down is very weak as well and pops back and forth with little effort even when the board is installed. Last but not least the front blue led's lasted about 2 days. Also if you are running more then 1 hard drive in this Tower you will need to put a third case fan up front to keep the hard drives from getting to hot. I was satisfied with a second 120mm fan.

Overall Review: If your in need of a sturdy case this is not the case for you.

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Review of the review bellow this!!!1/26/2006 10:04:44 AM

Pros: I have no problems with this board. -Ram Heat spreaders fit fine(if your wires are cleaned up. Dont know what the other guys problem was??) -Video was on my disc, but I had already downloaded the drivers before getting the board(should be normal practice for everyone just incase the disc is DOA) -The board is cheap, but is well worth the $$ if you know what you are doing. -This is fine for DVD's and some games as long as youve got the CPU and ram to run them(not the boards fault if your video/games arent that high of a res, it is onboard video what is there to say!!) -as for 1 gig of ram reading at 940, well just think about it, you are useing the onboard video(which is shared at something like 64mb) which comes right of the ram to run, plus what ever else is running on the shared line, its not the board its the video. If you want your ram buy a nice video card, and a better cpu for games and what not.

Cons: The lowsy newbs that keep giving good equipment a bad rap because they dont know how the system realy works!!!

Overall Review: This board is very nice for the price, match with a nice P4 and you have a very cheap but capable system.

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Value & Performance1/10/2006 3:53:43 PM

Pros: For value ram this stuff is well worth the money. Runs nice and cool, is able to overclock quite well to for some good performance gains, I was able to OC to 234mhz, 4-5 with the FSB and 206 4-3 with a clock of 3.495ghz

Cons: This ram prefers to run at PC2700 rather then PC3200 in an overclocked system, timings are good to but this ram doesnt like many changes when it comes to timing adjustments.

Overall Review: All in all this ram is well worth the $$ but if your plan to do any overclocking, up for some better sticks.

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Maybe take a look at your other hardware??Hmm1/7/2006 1:16:28 PM

Pros: none

Cons: None

Overall Review: To the post below, maybe youi need to find the cause of the issue, sounds like something else in your system is causeing the problem, not the board!! Leave the building for the pro's they know what they are doing!!!!!!!

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Massive overclocker............12/26/2005 5:14:52 AM

Pros: All good for this little guy, I bought this simply to overclock it with one goal in mind.......3.5 Needless to say with stock heatsink/fan and some good venting in the case this little guy will run easy in the 3.5ghz range with lots more room to run. It push's through 12 hours of Prime95's torture test at 100% speed running at 55.C with no errors or shut downs. I used this with a biostar P4M80-M4. This CPU could easly hit 3.8+ with a strong power supply and adaquit cooling.

Cons: None very impressed.

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Awsome overclocker12/26/2005 5:04:08 AM

Pros: Custom adjustability via bios, ram timings, CPU and RAM FSB adjustments, voltage's just about everything a budget gamer could want plus more, onboard video is very nice for standard use, easy to setup and clear cmos, match with 2.8 celey D 335 am able to overclock this CPU to 3.52ghz with a FSB of just over 166x21 with a ram speed of 410(205x2) 12hrs of Prime95 torture test over and over with no problems, powersupply is the only week point.

Cons: The board is a little weak around the CPU mounting area(plastic braces under CPU) The board is missing some info on itself when identifying hardware with CPU-z(wont read the ram speed or timings correctly) No big deal I know what its running at because of the very nice overclock utility included on the drivers disc(warpspeed)

Overall Review: Besides the slight issue above this board is deffinately well worth the money. With all the feature it has your not gonna find a better deal. I would recomend using PC3200 ram or above if overclocking.

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Pretty nice!!!11/15/2005 12:14:37 AM

Comments: Item is very nice, very pleased with this purchase. Awsome bang for the buck, cant beat the price, mouse is smooth, and the keyboard is very easy on the hands, just takes a little getting use to the curve!!

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It works yeah!!!!!11/14/2005 9:49:14 AM

Comments: Well I had purchased a low grade used PC was only running 128 megs of 2700(366) and I was having to wait 10 minutes to load everything then get on the net or perform some sort of task, needless to say this was slower then my old 98 computer. I tossed a set of these in hopeing they would not just work but speed up my PC by 10 times. Boy am I a happy camper, put these in system read right away, and it only took 1 minute from power on time to serfering the net. WOW best bang for the buck by far. And newegg delivered in record time just awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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