Fantastic Card!7/24/2011 2:40:57 AM

Pros: I have owned this card for going on two years now, and has been in four different machines, four different Operating Systems. XP was clean, no drivers, just first boot was a little sluggish trying to figure out what I just plugged in. Server 2003 Enterprise picked it up instantly without a hitch. Linux Mandrake 2007 didn't even stumble. Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit loves this card. The size is extremely small, which means the airflow is phenomenal. The only thing I can say for the internal port is that it is shared with port 1 (closest to the motherboard) so just be careful what you install in each of those ports. I have never used the internal port, so I can't say all that much about it. The card is black, which matches my black case to a "T". (Rosewill Destroyer... search for it here) All in all, it was worth ten bucks to me to add four extra 2.0 ports on the back of my case.

Cons: Um.. Uh... Well, I'm required to write something in this box, so I guess the only con (to me) is that my case is black, my video card is black, my sound card is black, my dual stack ethernet card is black, and the USB card is polished silver. But hey, I can find it in the middle of the night when i'm trying to plug in stuff!

Overall Review: I have poured through the reviews trying to find these specifications, and never saw them, so I thought I would be the nice guy and post them here. In case you were curious..... . Output Voltage = 5VDC Output Amperage = 2.1 amps If you were looking for a card that has a little bit of "oomph" so you can charge your accessories, this little booger does the trick. I have a battery pack charged by USB and this card has the power to charge it nicely.

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Great Earbuds5/6/2011 3:06:05 PM

Pros: These little buds surprised me. I was expecting a $15 pair of earbuds, and I got more. The sound is great, the cord is plenty long enough for my use, and the three sets of "ear corks" makes it nice to fit for just about anyone. The lifetime warranty is a plus. Even if you thrash them due to "aggressive listening" they will send you a coupon for 50% off your next pair. I was sold then and there.

Cons: If i have to nitpick, I would have to say the L/R indicators. I put just a little dab of Wite-Out on the "L" on the left one, and I don't have a problem now. Issue settled.

Overall Review: Wearing these earbuds correctly is hard to explain. Most people just jam them into their ears, and say they're terrible. Do a little research on how to correctly wear in-canal earbuds, and I guarantee you these little guys will surprise you. These babies sound better than some $100-plus headphones.

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Update to 5/28/1012/4/2010 9:49:37 PM

Pros: I reviewed this case back in May, and I gave it 5 flying eggs. Now that I have had this case for a few months, I felt that I needed to update my review. First off, This case is still going strong on my desk. I beat the tar out of it, carrying it around to people's houses for LAN parties and whatnot, and it's still going strong. I have a 120mm fan in every possible place, which totals 7 fans, all Rosewill. Airflow is fantastic, and this is possibly the most durable case i have ever used. This case was designed to rival the Nine Hundred, and in my humble opinion, the Destroyer excels. Main reason being.. a single 200mm fan is replaced by two 120's, giving more airflow, and plus, should the fans ever go bad, they're easily replaced. One little feature I have came to love about the Destroyer is there are two bosses stamped out on the back for liquid cooling lines. This baby is ready to rock, either air or liquid cooled.

Cons: The only true con i have found to this case is it's a DUST MAGNET!!! I have to clean this puppy about once every two weeks to keep it looking like new, and I mean break it down and clean it... removing everything but the motherboard, pulling all the fans, power supply, everything.

Overall Review: It was a very hard time deciding between the Destroyer and the Nine Hundred. I'm happy I bought this one, because of the flexibility with the fans. I was very leary about the monster fan on the top of the Nine Hundred, And I just wanted something that's reliable. Well worth the money. Rosewill wins again.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
It Works.11/17/2010 9:45:28 PM

Pros: OK, first off, this is a review based on THIS PRODUCT, which is the OEM copy of Win7 Ultimate x64 for System Builders, Not Windows 7 itself! As for my purchase. the DVD arrived unharmed, and affixed firmly in the case, as i expected. No scratches on the disk. It did NOT come in a pretty box, just a clear dvd holder. Nothing special. The COA sticker was affixed to the outside of the dvd case, inside the cardboard sleeve. As for install, It went as expected. Reformatted, copied, entered the key, set the time, and finished loading. Installed my drivers and updates, and voila! Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

Cons: I have no complaints on this item. The purchase went smooth, shipping was fast, and the package arrived unharmed.

Overall Review: I knew exactly what i was buying, so therefore I knew that this operating system comes with NO SUPPORT. That's why there's Google. I wished people would quit complaining about errors or blue screens or it's slow or whatever. it's your computer, not this disk. Buy this ONLY if you know what you're doing. The key works once and ONLY once, and you get no support. BUT, if you need Win7Ult x64 and know what you're doing, this is the ticket.

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Another Fine Razer Product!7/14/2010 4:03:31 PM

Pros: This is BY FAR the best mouse I have ever owned. You can go to Youtube and see all the videos of the unboxing and reviews you want, but the one thing that Nobody has ever stated was the DPI settings. I've read people stating that they only have three settings for sensitivity, which is weird, because I must have gotten a defective mouse. For some odd reason, I have FIVE. One reviewer stated that his three settings are too slow, still too slow, and way too fast. My mouse must REALLY be defective. Once I downloaded the drivers, updated the firmware, and got it all adjusted to my liking, i was able to pick what five sensitivity settings i wanted, which range between 100 DPI (precise sniper rifle movements for that pristine headshot) to 5600 DPI (crazy fast bouncing and bunny-running). The adjustable buttons on the side are a very nice touch, especially for my fat hands and short fingers. Slid all the way back, my thumb just rests between the buttons. The blue glow on the wheel is KILLE

Cons: The only thing I find unnerving about the mouse is the logo on the back of it. You can turn it off in the settings, but if it's on, it "breathes"... pulsating slowly. Sure it's a wicked touch, beckoning you to place your hand on it and stomp some tail. I just wished there was a button in the configuration to turn it on permanently, so it would match my Lycosa (which is just as awesome).

Overall Review: All in all, this mouse is the bee's knees. The same grippy rubber surface as my Lycosa, adjustable buttons on the side, on-the-fly DPI settings, killer blue glow, and last but not least, the cord is braided. This is just one sexy mouse. Even the skates on the bottom are slicker than snot on a doorknob. Can you justify spending eighty bucks on a mouse? I did.

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One Word: WOOT!6/3/2010 11:24:16 PM

Pros: Boy, do I have a lot to say about this case. First and foremost, how often do you find a case that has the ability to mount TWO 120mm fans on the side panel? How about TWO on the top? Even better, how about one on the bottom, sucking cool air in from the floor? Sure, every case has an exhaust fan on the back, but is it 120mm? NOPE! Okay, enough about the fans. The front of this case is all mesh, with a sponge-like filter on the back of every faceplate. The USB ports are very sturdy and solid, and the E-SATA port is a nice touch. The power and reset buttons are firm, and takes a good push to make them click, so therefore there won't be any accidental resets. The bottom mounted power supply is also a great thing, and my PSU cables reach everything as they should. The inside of the case is all black, and even comes with a big bag of black screws. The best thing about this case are the bosses stamped out on the back for water cooling, but with 7 120mm fans, who needs water cooling?

Cons: Other reviewers have mentioned the hard drive cage being a pain in the posterior to get out. I didn't have one single problem with it because i read every review before making my purchase. Others have said to remove the cage from the front and i have not had one single problem! Seriously, as for cons, the only thing i have found that even remotely would consider a con (and i'm not dropping an egg for it) is the PCI card bracket on the back. The manual shows that you shouldn't need screws to hold down your cards, but after i mounted my pair of PCI add-on USB 2.0 cards (and ironically they're Rosewill as well) I realized that they wobble a little bit, so i went ahead and put a black screw in each card, then replaced the bracket. No Big Deal.

Overall Review: I personally would like to know if I could find another 3.5 inch adapter plate and brackets. I have installed a memory card reader, and my case came with an IR receiver, but only had a bracket to mount one, so i chose the reader. I'm considering an email to rosewill to see if i can purchase another face plate and brackets. Final Thought: If you're looking to max out the fans in this case, I STRONGLY recommend the Rosewill 120mm blue fans (N82E16835200049). six bucks each, and they are the matching fan on the hard drive cage. I moved the black fan on the top to the bottom of the case (which mounts to the filter, and then snaps in place..weird) and placed two fans exhausting out the top. I also placed two of these fans on the side panel, sucking air in. The fans fit perfectly, and if you mount the top fan in the top line of vents, and the bottom fan on the bottom line of vents, you will have three rows of vent holes between the fans, perfect for wire management. Rosewill+Newegg=WIN!

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Exactly what I Needed!6/3/2010 10:46:02 PM

Pros: This is one great little reader! I love the fact that there is no power LED on the front, only a status light that flashes when there is data transferring. I have tried almost all of the ports, but the ones that I will be using the most are the SD and MicroSD. I can attest that the reader does IN FACT take SDHC and MicroSDHC. My 8 gig MicroSD was recognized instantly, as well as in an adapter in the full size SD card slot. The USB port also functioned as expected, accepting my large capacity flash drives. The black face matched my new case perfectly. Didn't even attempt the other faceplate, as the black one was already attached.

Cons: Have not found one to date yet. So far, so good.

Overall Review: The face matches my Rosewill Destroyer case (N82E16811147144) perfectly. Wires were long enough, no hassles anywhere. I've never heard of Koutech until i purchased this reader, and I bought it solely on the other reviews. Well, I'm sold. Another Satisfied Customer.

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VERY NICE FAN!6/3/2010 10:34:32 PM

Pros: First off, i have to say that i paid six bucks for each of these fans. for six bucks, you can't beat them. They're really bright, spin smoothly, and move a LOT of air. Each fan came with EIGHT.. yes, EIGHT... fan screws and a 3-pin to Molex adapter. Needless to say, i have a truckload of fan screws now. But, back to the review of the fan. They fit perfectly inside my case, no hassles. The noise level is expected, and with five of these fans inside of my case, it basically sounds like a microwave running all the time. I really don't mind it. The wires are nice and long, and the connectors are in good shape, no bent pins or anything.

Cons: The only little complaint/tiff i have with this entire order is shipping. Paid for rush ordering and UPS decided that it would take a week to get my boxes to me from New Jersey to West Virginia.. Who knows... This con has nothing to do with the fan... As for a con with the fans, i really can't think of any. One reviewer mentioned his fans did not have arrows on it showing spin direction or airflow, well, mine did. If you're not sure of which way the airflow is on a fan, just remember that air always blows out the back, where the motor is mounted.

Overall Review: I purchased four of these fans to compliment the included blue LED fan in the Rosewill Destroyer case (N82E16811147144) which i ordered at the same time. My Destroyer now has five of these fans, and the system stays ice cold. Two on the side door suck air in, one on the front sucks air in, the fan on the back is an exhaust (it's black and came with the case) and two exhaust air straight out the top. I have no problems with these fans whatsoever! Rosewill + Newegg = WIN!

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Highly Impressed!!4/20/2010 8:03:45 PM

Pros: Okay, for starters, this is one BANGIN' motherboard. Four RAM slots, a train load of SATA ports, two PCI x16 slots, Socket AM3, and probably the coolest thing, it's DDR2. I stuffed four 2GB sticks of Patriot DDR2 800 in this puppy, and she came to life. A middle-of-the-road Phenom II 925 lives happily on this board, and I have decided to stay with onboard audio, video, and LAN. I cannot express how smooth this system is, no hiccups or glitches anywhere. Running the stock Phenom II HSF, temps stay way cool, and she runs like a clock. The onboard audio is killer smooth, sounds just great. The onboard Video is perfect, and I've used all three ports, VGA, DVI, and HDMI. I'm not a hardcore gamer, but what games i have played, the onboard graphics are superb.

Cons: There's one and only one complaint i have about this board. The funny thing is, I really can't even drop an egg because of it... my fault actually... please note that this is a FULL ATX BOARD! My full intentions were to mount this board and my Phenom in a Thermaltake LANbox, and it wouldn't fit. The LANbox only takes a Micro ATX board, so i was stuck using my old case, until i pick out a new one.

Overall Review: There you have it. My thoughts and feelings on this board.. it has everything you need at a price you can afford. This board comes HIGHLY recommended from more than just me.

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She's a Monster!3/6/2010 9:12:26 AM

Pros: This is my data drive in a two drive setup, with a WD 500 as my OS drive, and i couldn't be happier.

Cons: Why is this box even here?

Overall Review: I've been a loyal Western Digital user for over 15 years, and that will never change.

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Western Digital = My Hero!3/6/2010 9:09:17 AM

Pros: Exceptional hard drive. I use this as my OS drive and a WD 1.5TB as my data drive. No hiccups, runs cool, very smooth.

Cons: the bag the drive comes in tastes like plastic.

Overall Review: No problems whatsoever with this drive. I've only owned Western Digital drives for the past 15 years, and my loyalty to the company will never change. Keep up the good work!

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Well...3/6/2010 9:03:44 AM

Pros: I ordered four of these to put in my new system. Shipping was great, ordered on friday, here on monday. All in all, these babies are great!

Cons: as i installed them, one at a time, as everyone knows.. install, boot, shut down, install, etc... well, luck would have it, on the fourth stick, it wouldn't boot. turns out the fourth stick was bad, and i RMA'ed it back to newegg for a replacement. I refuse to take an egg off for getting only one bad stick when i ordered four. Newegg jumped right on the ball when they found out i had an RMA, so i'm not complaining.

Overall Review: I made a little goof up and clicked "4" when i set the RMA up, and i called the 800 number for support, and in less than 30 seconds, i was talking to Trisha. Trisha fixed everything for me, and emailed me a return label for UPS, so i wouldn't have to pay for shipping. What a great lady. I'm currently limping along on my quad core with only 6 gigs of ram, but it seems to be fine for the time being... *sigh*

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AMD does it again!3/6/2010 8:53:25 AM

Pros: This is one MEAN little chip. I've tried and tried over the past few days to bog this little guy down, but he just keeps screaming for more. I put this little Deneb on an ASRock board, with 8GB of DDR2, and this thing will eat up anything you throw at it.

Cons: The pretty little "AMD" sticker in the middle of the CPU fan is way off center, so when you're watching it spin, it looks like it's wobbly... not really a con, just makes me giggle.

Overall Review: The heatsink and fan are even really nice. all except for the sticker being offset, i love it.. and i really miss the holographic AMD sticker.. what happened to it?

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Fantastic Board3/6/2010 8:48:32 AM

Pros: This is a really great board for the money. I was looking for a Socket AM3 with four ram slots and this baby is the ticket. I'm currently running onboard video via D-Sub to a 19 inch LCD so i can't say much about the high end graphics on it. The included software is pretty interesting, such as the "Instant Boot" and other little things. I've never touched the overclocker, and i don't intend to.

Cons: No on board speaker? my new case doesn't have a speaker installed, so hearing the POST beeps isn't going to happen. No big deal.

Overall Review: I really like this board. if youre looking for a "killer bang for your buck" system, this needs to be the heart, paired up with a Phenom II 925. I slapped on the 925, popped in four 2GB sticks (yes, 8GB) of Patriot DDR2, and a decently fast hard drive, and this thing is an animal. Win7 Ultimate screams on this build.

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It's a SATA cable.3/6/2010 8:40:47 AM

Pros: It's a stick and click SATA cable. It's clear. What more can i say?

Cons: Packaging is kinda goofy, but who buys something for the packaging anyway?

Overall Review: i bought about a dozen of these to keep in my tool box. future use and whatnot.

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It's an adapter3/6/2010 8:38:37 AM

Pros: This is an adapter that allows you to connect a SATA hard drive to a molex connection. Nothing more, nothing less.

Cons: It doesn't wash my dishes?

Overall Review: Bought four of these. They all work as they should.

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One Wicked Mouse!11/6/2006 8:13:58 PM

Pros: This mouse is off-the-charts awesome! the smaller buttons on the side are programmable to do about anything you want, and the Precision Booster is top notch, just a single click from the right button and the speed of the mouse cuts in half for true precision (comes in very handy in FPS games). The laser on the bottom emits absolutely no light, so no more eerie red glow from your mouse.

Cons: it's made by Microsoft.

Overall Review: the speed of the mouse takes a little time to get used to for the first ten minutes you use it, but it grows with you, a definite buy if you have the extra cash to spend on a mouse.

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