Super fast AMD memory11/21/2020 1:29:37 PM

Pros: Gigabyte mini itx x570 had no problems running XMP profile Looks good? Very fast memory with tight timings

Cons: none

Overall Review: Bought to get ready for 4th Gen Ryzen. Currently had to bring it down 3666 with same timings on my R5 3600 due to my fckl not being able to hit 1900. Important to keep that 1:1 ratio. My 5800x is on it's way though so we'll see how well it does with that. Overall very happy with this

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Great little ITX case with great cooling potential10/17/2020 5:52:29 PM

Pros: Easy for me to build in, albeit very tight. Room for up to 280mm AIO cooler Plenty of spots for fans Full size GPU horizonal or vertical Mostly tool-less design

Cons: cable management is non existent causing airflow issues, at least in my use case. Will get custom cables and update if this helps

Overall Review: Ryzen 5 3600 with Corsair H100i pro RGB 240mm AIO. Stress tests get to 67c, under 40c at idle have 6 fans, 2 included for top exhaust are regular size fans, would work better with LPF fans total system stays cool at all times 2070 super with low profile intake fans in the bottom hits 72c during stress tests Would definitely recommend custom PSU cable for ultimate flexibility and "cable management" Using a tower CPU cooler may be ultimately better to create a little more room for circulation in the case. Overall I like this a lot. Changed from a Evolv Shift Air case as this one gives more flexibility to upgrade to higher performing parts in the future. Plan on upgrading GPU and CPU in the near future.

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Easy to build in and beautiful ITX7/26/2020 7:35:33 PM

Pros: Easy to build in with preset cable management Looks great on my tv stand can fit 2 aio no issues

Cons: GPU is set to face inwards which not only looks bad but is terrible for temps. I did have just barley enough space to spin it so the fans would face out.

Overall Review: Overall i would highly recommend this to anyone looking to make a "console killer" as I have. Temps for my 3600 never go higher than 58c and my 2070 super never goes above 65c

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Works perfectly for SFF system6/23/2020 3:20:48 PM

Pros: Keeps ryzen 3600 cool. Highest gaming Temps I've seen are 55°. RGB works well with gigabyte x570 motherboard. AM4 installation is extremely easy

Cons: None

Overall Review: Got this cooling a 3600 in a Phanteks Evolv Shift air in push pull

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Works great, one issue6/16/2020 9:01:21 AM

Pros: easy to install components no coil whine on chipset wireless and BT work great OCs no problem

Cons: Seems to be an issue with the USB and interference. I have a wireless keyboard and mouse that worked just fine in the same position and with this board connection will cut in and out and is very annoying at times. This is the only issue I have experienced so far.

Overall Review: Overall I would recommend this board. It's solidly built and works as promised aside from the USB issue I seem to be having.

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Best decision ever6/10/2020 9:02:34 PM

Pros: Cleans great, has a schedule, wifi, Google home support

Cons: Not really a con but you need to clean the roller regularly especially with dogs

Overall Review: We have 3 dogs and 4 kids. It just so happened that our normal vacuum broke down the day before we received the robo vac. We haven't had to use our regular vacuum since. This thing runs for about an hour while cleaning our living room, dining room, kitchen, and our hallway. Once I fixed up the other vacuum I decided to see how good it really does. I didn't even fill a quarter of the vacuum where I'd usually have to empty it at keast once while using it. Bottom line, this thing is amazing and our floors are always clean!

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Amazing!9/27/2019 12:24:49 PM

Pros: Small Lightweight Vertical or horizontal placement Great temps

Cons: None

Overall Review: I5-9400f 16gb DDR4 2600 MSI RTX 2600 Gaming Z. CPU temps stressed with noctura low profile cooler 67c, GPU with OC scan over clock stressed 64c in furmark. Using 2 Noctura 15mm fans under graphics card. Went from a syber C case to this because GPU was hitting thermal limit and crashing games at 88c. Very happy with my purchase!

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great deal and upgrade for ps42/13/2017 8:40:02 AM

Pros: paid 69.99 great deal! used this to upgrade the storage in my PS4. went it and started up with no issues. games load a bit faster, nothing super noticeable like you'd get with a SSD though

Cons: none at this time

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Great sound, wireless sub was a little issue1/24/2017 7:22:34 PM

Pros: this thing sounds way better than I was expecting it to. Quick and easy setup with the included optical cable. sub is better than expected. The Bluetooth connection is clear and has yet to drop out for me. I keep the source close to the unit though. I wouldn't try walking around the house with your phone on you and expect it to work flawlessly. Of course, newegg shipping was lightning fast. Free shipping was 5-7 days and I got it in 2!

Cons: had an issue with it playing sound with some movies. I think this was more of an issue with my TV than it was the sound bar though. after changing a setting on my TV all has been well. I wanted to put the sub next to my TV stand, which is about 5 ft from where the sound bar is, and the sub would cut in and out. only when I placed in in front of the soundbar did it connect correctly. just keep that in mind before making the purchase. Also the sub hits down towards the ground, so keep that in mind also. not really a con, just could be an issue if you're placing it on thick carpeting.

Overall Review: All in all the sound is way bigger and better than I expected and the sub will shake the room when turned up and without any distortion. Glad I went with this while it was on sale!

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Great card!7/28/2016 6:30:37 AM

Pros: Upgrading from a GTX 960 and the performance gains are huge. Only currently playing WOW and hitting as high as 212fps in world. lowest I've seen it dip was 95fps. Overclocks like a champ at 2.1ghz gpu and boosted memory another 250. if you're looking for an upgrade this should definitely be on your short list.

Cons: none as of yet. Only issue I had was I needed to manually add WOW to the nvidia control panel as a program then customize a few settings before seeing big gains. prior to doing so was only getting 40-60 fps in WOW

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3/21/2014 5:02:43 PM

Pros: Fast and cool. Great price point at $150

Cons: Bigger than I'm used to.

Overall Review: I'm upgrading from a Sapphire HD4670 so this card is HUGE in comparison. Only game i really play is WOW at 1400x900 resolution getting 90-100 FPS at Ultra settings. I don't mine so can't help ya there. Paired up with my Phenom ii x4 965 at 3.8GHZ.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
3/13/2014 3:33:24 PM

Pros: I love the series, and this game did not disappoint. Got it on the cheap and shipping was fast as usual.

Cons: none

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3/13/2014 3:31:33 PM

Pros: Lights up red when charging, blue when done. No issues.

Cons: none

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Great7/3/2011 8:18:20 AM

Pros: Comfortable, great sound, great microhone

Cons: None i can think of

Overall Review: I had bought this headset for gaming/listening to music while kids sleep. Very comfortable, great microphone for gaming, and perfect sound. I had to replace my first set due to kids breaking off one of the ear pieces. NewEgg WAY cheaper then best buy on these. Half the price and as always fast shipping!!!!

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Laptop cooling7/3/2011 7:59:43 AM

Pros: Good design/look. Big fan

Cons: Not cool enough. Fan runs slow.

Overall Review: I've used other coolers that cool much better but break down quickly. My laptop gets hot when running games, which was ok when I used other coolers, this one just doesnt pump out enough air to do the job for me.

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6/17/2011 4:33:30 PM

Pros: Has been taking everything I throw at it for over a year now. Always running, never faulting. Great Processor!!

Cons: Runs hot, but AMD does that.

Overall Review: Runs hot but bought the CORSAIR CWCH50-1 High Performance CPU Cooler with it. No issues with overheating at all!

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