Fantstic performance but odd temps11/15/2016 1:07:48 PM

Pros: -Runs Doom 4 with nearly maxed settings in 1080p, never below 60fps -Quietest fans I've ever had on a GPU even at full speed, no turbulence noise ever -Custom LED lighting settings are a nice little bonus

Cons: -Temperature readings. They're suspiciously low, by about 25% compared to everyone else's here. Hottest reading I've gotten was about 58C WITH OCing in Doom 4, while other people here have been able to get it up to 80C. It's not too much of a problem because I've adjusted the fan settings accordingly, but from a premium product I expected a little better. And yes, I've been using the latest drivers. -No option to turn off OCing side of GPU scaling. It's something that at least all Nvidia GPUs seem to lack and something that should've been a feature years ago because some people prefer to not OC unless they actually need it for high settings with a decent frame rate in particular games. -The price, obviously. More particularly because going with a 980 instead is a relatively small performance hit for a huge price difference

Overall Review: The reported energy efficiency is hugely better compared to the 980 as well, but most people don't care much about that unless they've already been putting their PSU near it's limit.

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