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Great for the Price. I'd buy this again12/18/2008 9:29:21 PM

Pros: Beautiful Vivid Colors. 20,000:1 Contrast Ratio. Good customizable settings.

Cons: No HDMI connectivity. Short VGA and DVI Cords. Stand is rediculously hard to put on until you figure out what you are doing. Viewing angles are bad but I sit in front of it so it doesn't matter.

Overall Review: Like everyone else here the stand install was very annoying. After 10 minutes of trying to jam it in I gave up and am very glad I read the reviews here. Placing the Vaseline in the solid little plastic piece snapped it right in. The viewing angles are very bad (whites become yellow), however I sit directly in front of the monitor so that didn't matter to me. I wish this product had an HDMI port, but I bought it knowing it didn't. I just feel ALL new monitors today need HDMI connectivity especially if they are HDCP compliant. The two included VGA and DVI cables are very short, not even sure they are a full 6 feet. Now this monitor does display some great colors. After a little tuning it is darn nice :) On par with the HPw series monitors which I consider to be the best TN Panel monitors available. Overall, I would buy this product again. I bought it during the PayPal promotion and with live cashback I am paying a whopping $217 AR for this beast. That's a steal! Thanks Newegg!

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Good price but it wont OC10/8/2008 8:06:19 AM

Pros: Cheap, tons of ports.

Cons: Wont OC for anything

Overall Review: Used this for my new build. Visiontek 4870 Seagate 640 GB Intel C2D E8400 2x2 GB Fatal1ty Ram Everything installed fine but I cannot get the CPU to OC. Maybe my CPU is a bad overclocker but I have tried everything including updating the BIOS and nothing.

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Rosewill has the best customer service!10/8/2008 8:02:49 AM

Pros: Huge inside. Quiet fans. Love the LED's.

Cons: Hinges on the door are weak.

Overall Review: I bought this for my new gaming rig and it fit everything perfectly with room to spare. My card was a 4870 and I had tons of extra room. I do wish this case had better holes for wire management but I was still able to hide my wires fairly easily. Upon doing my build both hinges on the door snapped. This was my fault because I laid the case on the floor and pushed against the door fairly hard. I didn't expect them to break but both did. I contacted Rosewill and spoke with an Abby. She was very quick to reply and suggested an RMA or to replace the broken part. Abby kept in contact with me from the moment the broken part was ordered till the time Rosewill received it to the time they shipped it to me. I received no less than 10 emails from her and I greatly appreciated it. Rosewill has fantastic customer service and even though it was my fault that the hinges broke Rosewill replaced them at no charge

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mushkin is garbage10/8/2008 7:58:38 AM

Pros: Its supposed to be fast, it isn't

Cons: Tons of BSOD and RSOD. Lots of memory errors.

Overall Review: I purchased this for $105 AR in my new build. This ram is not worth the money. I constantly got Blue and red screens of death. I adjusted timings as well as voltage from 1.8-2.2 and nothing helped. I even underclocked the ram from 1066 to 800, as well as 1000 mhz and still nothing. I couldn't get this ram to work whatsoever.

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Best 7200 RPM drive ever!10/8/2008 7:56:03 AM

Pros: Fast, 32Mb Cache, 7200 RPM!

Cons: NONE!

Overall Review: Used this in my new build and I don't have any regrets. First off this hard drive is fast! Scores a 5.9 on WEI in Vista. Also in every online game I play, anytime a new map loads I am the very first person to join the map due to the speed of this hard drive. Seagate also backs this badboy up with a 5 year warranty that's unmatched. I love this hard drive and highly recommend it.

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Samsung 22x10/8/2008 7:54:17 AM

Pros: Fast, low priced, Samsung

Cons: None

Overall Review: Great DVD burner for the price. Think I paid about $24-25. It writes and reads very fast, no issues with it.

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WD MyBook 1 TB10/8/2008 7:53:18 AM

Pros: Fairly fast for USB. Good pricing - Paid $140 Shipped.

Cons: no eSata or firewire but hey it was $140

Overall Review: I purchased this item and have used it for about 3 months now. It's fairly fast and I was able to transfer from my HD to this external at the rate of a little over 1 gb per minute. I wish it had an on/off switch. It has a good enclosure, feels fairly solid but scratches easily.

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