Great Fans!3/7/2015 12:49:13 PM

Pros: Moves a good amount of air very quietly. Looks great. Mounting holes are made out of rubber to reduce any possible vibration noise. *Works on a horizontal mounting position*! Does not start rattling and heating up like most of the new liquid bearing type fans that are very popular now.

Cons: Nothing comes to mind.

Overall Review: I'm using these fans in a push/pull on a radiator mounted horizontally. This was not possible with the 8 Cougar fans I bought or the 6 Corsair fans. These fans really work great in this application. Only thing I will mention is these are not high performance fans. If you are looking for "extreme" performance on air and don't mind a lot of noise, look some where else.

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Alright2/14/2015 4:26:59 PM

Pros: Cheap-ish, colors are decent. They are quite slim and I don't see any backlight bleeding. Does good with motion in games.

Cons: Stands point monitor almost at a downward angle. You'll need to shove stuff under the front feet stands. This goes bad in tandem with it's somewhat poor viewing angle. If you're not picking about that kind of thing it shouldn't bother you. But having friends watch stuff with you isn't enjoyable.

Overall Review: Get it pointed straight at you and mess with the contrast some and it's a good monitor for it's price range. If you want an actual nice display, this isn't a good purchase. Girlfriend is running a dual monitor setup with these, she likes it. She's kinda stupid though.

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Do not mount horizontally11/28/2014 12:49:11 PM

Pros: Silent, high air flow in vertical position. Great for vertical mounted radiators or high air flow cases. Interchangeable rings adapt to what ever style your case is. Rings look very nice under UV light.

Cons: Makes rattling/buzzing/shaking noises when mounted horizontal (blowing air up or down). No fan speed adjustment fixes this. Noise was subtly annoying at first. Each month it gets worse. It has been 8 months now and the noise is terrible, along with it being abnormally hot where the fan motor is. I am buying replacements now due to fear of one burning up, and have a hard time working in my office due to the noise.

Overall Review: It has some thing to do with what bearing type this fan uses. I have bought other brands with the same bearing type and also learned you can NOT mount these horizontal without excessive rattling noise. I've been building computers for over 12 years. Avoid these fans if you want to mount horizontally. Great for vertical application.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear customer, We're sorry to hear that you're hearing rattling/buzzing from the fans. From what it sounds like, you might've received a bad unit when you first purchased it. If you would like a replacement, feel free to submit a ticket at or call us at 888-222-4346 and we'll set you up with a new set of fans. Thank you, Corsair Customer Support Corsair Support Email: Corsair Support Phone Number: 888-222-4346
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Submit a ticket
Silent Powerhouse10/31/2012 4:48:26 PM

Pros: -Very reliable company. Great RMA service, and they stand by their products. I've been a customer for years. -There's a switch for variable rate fan speed or constant. On constant, I can not hear it, even if you shove your head up to it. -No electrical noise from the PSU itself. I personally have an issue with GPU noise at 100% load. This PSU greatly reduced that noise from my previous one. -Fits. Cables reach any thing in my extra tall case. -Awesome Whitish paint.

Cons: It's a bit pricey for a power supply. I think it's worth every dollar but commonly people overlook this expense when building a computer, so others will view this as a con. Don't go cheap on a power supply.

Overall Review: *My Setup* To put into perspective if you need this or not. 100% load on CPU and 2xGPU 24/7 from F@H ~950 watts from the wall i7 970 @ 4.0Ghz 2x GTX 570's @ 900/2000 1 HDD and 1 SSD 19x 120mm fans (lol) D5 Water Pump

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Rattling Noise6/19/2012 7:53:40 PM

Pros: -Pushes a lot of air -Concentrated air flow -Rubber pads on the mounting location -Very quiet when not defective

Cons: -4 out of 8 fans make a consistent rattling, no matter the mounting location or orientation of the fan. -Expensive The rattling isn't horrid, but it's by far the loudest thing around me, and I'm next to the air system in my house that I always have on.

Overall Review: Only 1 rattled at first, which was fine. Now 4 do, obviously after the return date. I've purchased 12 fans of another brand with the same bearing type, never had a problem with a single one, just a little less air flow. I'm not buying a Cougar product again, 50% failure rate is unacceptable.

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Great Fans1/15/2009 11:46:10 PM

Pros: High Air flow with ZERO noise coming out of the actual workings of the fan itself.

Cons: Can be noisy when placed directly against some thing. I don't fully recommend these for intake fans, as most likely they will have a restricted intake or will be blowing directly onto your HDD cage, causing a howling sound.

Overall Review: I replaced 6 Lian Li 120mm fans with these, along with the 2 on my CPU cooler. Dropped CPU and GPU temps by 5C each. Again I wouldn't recommend these for intake fans or any thing with a lot of stuff in the way, they tend to make noise then.

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Works for the most part8/27/2006 8:06:57 PM

Pros: As of right now I can fully read and burn CD's and DVD's. That's what you are buying it for, right?

Cons: **CANNOT INSTALL WINDOWS WITH THIS!!** I wrote that big so maybe people would use that in trouble shooting why they can't install windows. It's not a big deal, it is just a hassle figuring that out. I'd re-format the hard drive with my windows cd and after restarting, it would go to boot from the harddrive and would restart, going into a cycle. Everything worked fine when using another cd-drive. For some odd reason I can use Sony CD-R's to burn data.. how ironic. I now only use Phillips DVD's and CD's to burn my media, and it's working great now. Not 1 coaster with any Phillips media, and no they didn't pay me.

Overall Review: Auto Loading cd's takes around 30 seconds, so if you put in a cd for a game and try and start up the game, it will lock up and then crash because auto run tried to start up.

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CCB1E 06097/29/2006 9:02:11 PM

Pros: OC'ed to 2.8Ghz with stock cooler. Even if you get the worst steppings out, you can still hit around 2.4Ghz, so don't be afraid to buy this thing.

Cons: The heatsink is great, better than any aftermarket heatsinks. But the fan on it isn't too good. Highly recommend buying a new fan for it.

Overall Review: Although they say it's a "server" processor, that does not mean that the other single cores and X2's play games better than this thing. Oh yea and this thing is awesome for Folding@Home!

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Fast but hot7/26/2006 7:05:47 PM

Pros: With an opteron 165 @ 2.6 and 2GB of ram, I'm running aqua marks at 100,000. BF2 runs at about 70-90fps at 1280x1024 on all high (minus aa). Haven't found a game yet that this thing can't run clean.

Cons: It runs really hot, around 60C for me, unless my temp sensor is wrong. Certain games crash more than others. They especially crash if my room is hot. The crashing isn't too constant, maybe once every other day.

Overall Review: Heating problem could be much worse with SLI, but I haven't tried that yet.

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Great fans if you get them4/28/2006 7:44:32 PM

Pros: Very bright crisp green that will illuminate your entire case. Great air flow and it's not too loud.

Cons: I've ordered about 5 of these and 3 were not the same brand, but came in the same exact packaging. They were some what dimmer and produced less airflow. Looked ugly paired right next to the normal one.

Overall Review: I'd still buy them. Best fans I've ever seen if you get the right ones.

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Wow8/1/2005 7:15:08 PM

Comments: I'm really into gaming so I didn't want any thing short of the best, so I decided to go with the fastest monitor I could find. The colors are vibrant and sharp, and I have never never seen any ghosting while playing CS:S. The cables you hook up into the back are hidden by two plates, so there is no ugly wires hanging off. The only gripe I have about this monitor is how it's on the stand. It wobbles quite easily. If your keyboard is right next to the monitor and the table is slightly shakey, it will be pretty annoying. Other than that if you want crystal clear picture with no loss in gaming performance this is the monitor.

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It works4/28/2005 4:35:27 PM

Comments: Came with no scratches or bangs. Power supply seems to be short a whole line (I'm used to 3 lines with the 4 pin connectors). The window light isn't pink, it's teal and red, and doesn't light up the case or even the fan. Very week. Oh yea don't look at the pictures and think you can put a fan in the front of the case, because you can't. Lightweight cheap and decent design. xxx.

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