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Great for the money!

TOSHIBA Laptop Satellite Intel Core i5 1st Gen 460M (2.53GHz) 4GB Memory 500GB HDD ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 15.6" Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit L655-S5114
TOSHIBA Laptop Satellite Intel Core i5 1st Gen 460M (2.53GHz) 4GB Memory 500GB HDD ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 15.6" Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit L655-S5114

Pros: I won't go into the specs much since they're accurate and you can read them in the Details. Not sure if something is good? Research, my friend! Great build for the money! Excellent combo of CPU, memory, dedicated 1gb vid card, and battery life. There were a few similar models from various manufacturers, but I didn't want a 17", a refurb or any corners cut, so it was the best choice at the time. Display responsive enough for twitch FPS gaming. Doesn't run too hot. Excellent build quality while remaining lightweight. Flawless wireless connection with my WNDR3700. Speakers actually sound alright for a laptop. (see cons) Combo USB/SATA port. HDMI Excellent performance per dollar.

Cons: Screen - You have to install the complete ATI Catalyst suite to really get it tuned right, and that only goes so far. It seems rather washed out, but that can be tuned to a point. Adjust contrast/brightness too far and then it seems dim. It also has a rather tight viewing angle, so that if you're not seated just so, you will see a slight halo effect. This isn't a huge deal in most instances, but becomes quite apparent on darker scenes. It sort of irks me, and I would expect more in this price range. Still, well-list scenes are excellent once it's tuned. Speakers sound alright, but are a bit on the quiet side. (typical) Most people use phones. Sound control (mixer, etc...) - Despite being Dolby, HD, etc..., you don't have a lot of control. No mixer, so it has a tinny caste to it. Looking for 3rd party solution currently. No gigabit Lan, like most Tosh's. Most connections are on the side which is kind of annoying, but typical today. Bugs me.

Overall Review: Previous reviewer stated it has 2 usb ports when in fact it has 3. There is a combo SATA/USB port on the left side as stated in the Details. I didn't set out to buy a gaming laptop, but a laptop that can game. This is almost exactly what I was looking for, and my only legitimate complaint is the screen, but in 90% of circumstances it's fine. I hope to tune it a bit better, but still... I was disappointed. Lack of sound control was pretty surprising, but it was something I took for granted. It's par for the course unless the laptop has some Creative hardware, and even then the control is slim. That being said, I won't knock off a star. If you consider the price\performance\quality, it can't be beat.

Most Critical Review

Mounting Issues

XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm Rifle CPU Cooler  I5 775 AMD compatible
XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm Rifle CPU Cooler I5 775 AMD compatible

Pros: Very well made You could probably defend yourself with this beast.

Cons: Unable to mount so far. I have a DFI T2RS and the northbridge HS is too tall by about a cm, so this cooler doesn't clear it. I had to turn it sideways (exhaust pointing at PSU), but then the mounting pins seem to barely hold this thing on. Everytime I tried to get the fan on with those rubber fasteners, some of the cooler's mounting pins would pop out and I'd have to start over. I was losing me mind. To mount I'd probably need a third hand to hold the HS while I attach the fan. I'd also have to remove it from the case. With it in the case, you have to mount the fan AFTER the HS, which pops the mounting pins out.

Overall Review: I still gave it a 3 because the northbridge isn't the Xigmatek's fault. It's also too tall for my case (Tsunami), and I'd have to take the side fan off and mount it outside. Again, not the cooler's fault. I wish I could comment on the actual cooling ability but I can't even get that far.

Works flawlessly

Rosewill RCW-608 USB Type C to SATA Adapter Cable for 2.5" SATA SSD HDD, Support SATA III / II / I and UASP
Rosewill RCW-608 USB Type C to SATA Adapter Cable for 2.5" SATA SSD HDD, Support SATA III / II / I and UASP

Pros: Plug it in, turn it on, drive mounts. That's it! -Built quality -Includes silicone drive sleeves, the same floppy kind of thing you see for cell phones. -Impresses friends and family, and wins points with the in-laws!

Cons: -none worth knocking any eggs off, but I'll put a couple in. -Like anything, you end up with a couple extra cords while in use. -Externally powered, but it's a requirement of the setup.

Overall Review: I consider it essential kit for anyone who does any kind of computer work, personal or otherwise. I would extend that to anyone who owns more than one computer. -I don't recall read/write speeds, but I do remember being pleasantly surprised with read speeds. (Yeah, not worth much to you.) -I have not tried mounting two drives at once, though it's listed as a feature. I mainly use it for pulling data off old drives (and mostly for friends and family).

I dig it.

Primo International Celebrity Queen Size Memory Foam Pillow
Primo International Celebrity Queen Size Memory Foam Pillow

Pros: Best pillow I've ever owned, though the first memory foam pillow. I'm a "hot sleeper", and this thing stayed completely neutral. It never got warm enough to even think about it, so call it cool. By the second day I was feeling less stiff. It's not some kind of magic, but I think I can sleep in more level positions. My head sinks in, and isn't ever too high or too low to put stress around my lower back/hips. (That's what I make of it at least.)

Cons: Not really a con, but I want to mention... Initial smell sticks around a while. I think it's common for memory foam, as our mattress topper did as well. I hear letting it air out OUTSIDE for ~24 hours helps quite a bit, but I did like 6 hours. After maybe a week I only noticed it once or twice after my little kid was jumping all over it.

Overall Review: I didn't know what to expect, but have chronic pain due to a back injury, and have frequent restless nights. I figured it was worth a shot. Tech Knowledge on pillows. Years of hours of experience! ;)


Microsoft Windows 7 Family Pack/ Home Premium Upgrade - Retail 3 PCs
Microsoft Windows 7 Family Pack/ Home Premium Upgrade - Retail 3 PCs

Pros: EASY to install, stable, slick, quick, smooth and groovy. Upgraded two pc's (MCE 2005 and Vista HP) and both were the easiest installs of all time. In each case, I only had one single piece of software to install for full functionality. The MC portion of it is the only solution for my HPTC that meets all my needs without inducing suicidal thoughts. If you have an HTPC, this is the first thing I feel gives GBPVR and MediaPortal a whooping. Includes 32 and 64 bit disks.

Cons: My MX518 lags like crazy in games suddenly. Despite increasing the polling rate and just about everything else you can imagine (and can't), it's not usuable for me. I don't blame windows too much, but I had to note it.

Overall Review: Newegg is the best, but I had a gift cert for another retailer and purchased at the store.

NOT for Gaming, Typical Wireless KB Response, Nice Mouse

Logitech  Pro 2800 Cordless Desktop
Logitech Pro 2800 Cordless Desktop

Pros: Registers 6 keys at once! (verified with a utility) That's a dream for gamers if the kb didn't lag (see below) This is actually a pretty normal looking keyboard. Most wireless setups try to get all fancy. The mouse response is tight and seems lag-free. I put it through some old school twitch gaming with Q3, then something a bit different in Insurgency. It performed just fine and dare I say, lag free. I've used other normal wireless mice and it felt like you were using a rubber band to control it. Would I use it in a tournement? No, but I play seriously and it's not an 8ms difference, but maybe 1 or 2. It's as tight as wireless goes in my book. Wouldn't even bother with a G7 now, even with the extra dpi. It's also super comfy and has a good noice of buttons. I also like logi's fancy scroll wheel. Nice arrangement of extra buttons on keyboard. No dropped connections.

Cons: Only slightly improved key lag, which ticks me off and I'll tell you why. Logi is extremely tight-lipped about what tech is in which setup. Notice the 2800 and Wave Pro both claim "Advanced 2.4ghz Technology" when other 2.4ghz setups don't. This doesn't mean it's the sets will operate the same. Wave pro is LAG FREE. This one is like any other wireless but with extra range. It's all about the rate (not speed) the kb and/or mouse send. It's a shame, and even more of a shame I had no response from logi support for (3 days and counting) with questions on this model. The keyboard lag is maybe -better- than usual, but not flawless like the Wave Pro. Maybe right between typical wireless response and perfect, but I have no way to test the polling rate. Other than that, the only other con is that I still havne't gotten that Quick Search button to work ONLY in a browser. It dumps me out of games if I have it on, but I'm sure I can change it.

Overall Review: Claims to not need SetPoint, but I already had it installed and can't comment. You can't knock an item for doing what it claims. It's a nice wireless setup for the typical user, and even a non-FPS gamer. I knocked it one egg because there is no excuse for the type-lag and for logi's sneaky wording and slow support response. Overall, I'd use it for work and be very happy. I really like the mouse and general functionality of the KB. It's just not what I expected as far as performance for MY typical home use.