Logitech G700s rocks5/1/2015 9:29:20 PM

Pros: The mouse feels solid in the hand, glides smoothly, is evenly weighed, and all of the buttons are re-assignable. It tracks great on all of the surfaces I have tried it on, and range and interference is not an issue in wireless mode, and I have a wireless AP right by my desk. Nary an issue.

Cons: The side buttons take some getting used to, and they tend to feel a little more on the mushy side, as opposed to a nice solid clicky feelings on all of the top buttons.

Overall Review: Solid, dependable, all around awesome gaming mouse. Cannot be beat. The included Eneloop battery is awesome as well.

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Works as intended7/9/2013 8:54:24 AM

Pros: It's a laptop hard drive that is quiet and does what it's supposed to do. Nothing else to say really.

Cons: As said above, it works perfectly with no hassles, so no cons.

Overall Review: Purchased this hard drive to replace a HDD that died in my Vaio, and wanted a mechanical drive for storage reasons. Fit fine, booted up and formatted no problem, and installed windows and ran with no issues at all. All in all a perfect little HDD for the use and if you're looking at a mechanical drive replacement for a laptop, or need storage in the 2.5 inch form factor for whatever reason (HTPC maybe), this is a great drive.

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Simply Awesome!2/16/2011 6:08:47 PM

Pros: Simply awesome! I have this mounted on my PhenomII x3 720 unlocked to quad core at 3.2 Ghz (PhenomII x4 955 specs), and with the stock cooler, it had a tendency to shut down. With this puppy on it, it doesn't get very hot as all...awesome awesome product

Cons: Maybe the perception of build quality (See below)?

Overall Review: When I first unpacked it, I thought I had made a mistake. This thing is light, doesn't seem to have many fins, and not a lot of copper. However, don't let that fool you, this thing WORKS. It works awesomely well. Combined it with a NZXT Phantom, and have the fan pointing up into the huge exhaust fan...you cannot go wrong.

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This thing is AWESOME2/16/2011 12:24:10 PM

Pros: Huge-Roomy-Sturdy. Cable management for this thing is a breeze, keeps ALL my temps in check, and gives me lots of room to play with. Comes with an abundance of screws, so you'll have extra no doubt. The tool-less locking design for the 3.5 inch bays is nice and tight, so no wiggling for me. The hard drive trays took some getting used to, overall very awesome. Provides a filter for the bottom mounted PSU, so no dust gets in. Has a large amount of rubber on the bottom, so this thing doesn't move. Also a fair amount of space under the PSU for airflow.

Cons: The Black is a bit hard to work of inside when you're in a dimly lit room... None overall

Overall Review: Awesome Awesome Awesome case. Seriously. My first fulltower since my Thermaltake Xaser V back in like 2003, and never again will I go to a Mid-Tower... Also my first NZXT purchase, but I know it won't be the last.

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Does this fit...2/9/2011 1:20:45 AM

Pros: Size?

Cons: Size? See below

Overall Review: Does this case fit a Radeon 6950? That is my biggest concern at the moment. Want to see it it does before I order it!

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Awesome2/8/2010 6:48:05 PM

Pros: Awesomely fast card. Runs cool, supports DX11, runs Crysis on high for me, 60 FPS. Has second revision cooler, shorter then the Phoenix (First version of the cooler) shroud.

Cons: Ordered two. One is still working perfect. One just up and died on me, I have NO clue why. Would have taken off one Egg, but Neweggs service (CS Rep Mia was so helpful) made replacing the card fast and easy.

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Awesome!2/4/2010 8:50:08 PM

Pros: Awesome motherboard. Running it with a 4 gig kit of PQI RAM. I have not had one problem with it so far. A nifty feature of it is if you OC to high and it wont post, after about 30 seconds, it'll reset itself and post for you. Running with a Rana 435, 4 gigs of RAM, XFX 5770. Great stable system. Already ordered one for my brother since his mobo doesnt like the 5770 I got him. All in all, I recommend this to anyone.

Cons: Weird placement of SATA ports.

Overall Review: All in all...AWESOME mobo.

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Awesome Card!1/22/2010 1:24:26 PM

Pros: Awesomely fast card, but compared to my previous card (HD 3450 AGP), I think my cell phone does better. Still...Wicked card.

Cons: None that I can think of.

Overall Review: With people crashing and the driver that stops responding for these cards, if you can, install the 9.7 drivers, they are nice and stable for me. ATI drivers are hit and miss, and have been for years, and hopefully when the 10.1s comes out, itll fix this problem, but for me, a fresh install of the 9.7s worked like a charm.

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Awesome3/30/2009 9:15:07 AM

Pros: Very clear and concise installation instructions and manual. Easy to install and very hassle free.

Cons: None that I have found.

Overall Review: Shoehorned this into an old Compaw case, one of those tiny ones sold back in 2001ish. For perfectly, works with that cases PSU. Really nothing I found wrong with this purchase.

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Awesome Drive12/30/2005 2:21:52 AM

Pros: Awe rugged little thing. I've dropped it several times and it works like a charm still. Fast and compact.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Great drive, small, awesome little swing cover. Website is nice and found drivers for my girlfriends 98 machine with no problem. If I buy more drives I'm getting this one.

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2/13/2005 3:06:27 PM

Comments: This case is awesome. Lots of room to store all those extra wires. Huge and easy to work with......And this thing is solid...Im pretty sure this is the only case you can <font>d</font>rop out of a window have it still work....It's that solid. 5 Stars easy

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