Fans are good, Controller is not10/28/2021 4:39:04 PM

Pros: Fan performance and RTGB are good Installation is very easy

Cons: Fan controller will not control fan RPM. It says it will but does not. Have turned on PWM in BIOS, ensured fan headers were all active, plugged fan header for controller into a fan port from NZXT controller and still zero fan control. Ended up unplugging fans from Lian LI controller and plugging into NZXT controller. Fans are now able to be controlled. Left RGB plugged into lian li controller.

Overall Review: Do not expect the controller to control fan speed, it is a known issue and has not been addressed apparently. Aside from that the fans are very good.

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Great Monitor1/28/2021 1:59:38 PM

Pros: 144hz Adaptive Sync/Free Sync GSync if you swing that way Very good Picture Quality Looks good at higher than 1080 resolution as well when using VSR

Cons: None yet. Both monitors came with zero dead pixels. I have 2 more on the way

Overall Review: So good I bought 4. When compared to my slightly older LG 22" IPS monitors these look much better.

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Worked as expected4/11/2020 1:45:28 PM

Pros: Move TPM functionality off the CPU for AMD platforms.

Overall Review: Does want it's supposed to.

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Broke within 2 weeks4/7/2020 6:10:41 AM

Pros: Nice looking and somewhat comfortable

Cons: Narrow seat, not much cushion. With Lumbar attached it is hard to stay leaned back. Arm rests are non adjustable. UPDATE: After 2 weeks of regular use the hydraulic stopped working. It will not go up on its own and offers no cushion.

Overall Review: For a chair that supports so much weight I would think the seat cushion would be much wider. I am 6'3" 250lbs which is not wide by any measure and it is somewhat uncomfortable at times. I would have shipped it back but cost would not have been worth it. UPDATE The fact that this chair lasted all of 2 weeks with not very much use tells me that it is not worth purchasing. Add to that the apparent requirement to return it in the original packaging makes it even worse of a purchase. I would stay away, you get what you pay for.

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Outstanding Performance and Price4/3/2020 8:45:45 AM

Pros: Fast Included Wraith RGB Cooler is very good

Overall Review: This is a very good Processor and really cant be beat for the money. Excellent Multi-Core and Single core performance. Great for Video editing and running VMs.

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Very nice Extensions3/26/2020 12:26:35 PM

Pros: Very good quality and come with almost everything you need

Cons: Does not come with 2 CPU cables which if you want all your cables to match would be required. They also do not sell one separate from what I can see so I went 3rd party for that one. Luckily it matched.

Overall Review: Very nice and quality cables. Make the inside look much better.

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Amazing drive, Very fast3/26/2020 12:24:09 PM

Pros: Not expensive Very fast

Overall Review: I purchased the 1TB version without heat-sink for my ASUS ROG STRIX X570 board. I mounted it in the 1st slot and am using the MB heatsink for NVme drives without issue. Read speed 5007 MB/s and 4271MBbs write. via Crystal Disk mark. It installed Windows so fast I thought something was wrong. Updating from 1809 to 1909 I also thought something was wrong because it happened so fast. From the time I started installing from USB to full update to 1909 was under 10 minutes including reboots. Very happy.

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Nice Desk, Very large NIce surface3/24/2020 1:21:30 PM

Pros: Very sturdy with large surface area. Mouse pad surface is nice and looks like it would hold up well

Cons: For that kind of money it should have at least a net for cable management underneath. Top comes in 3 Pieces so if you decide to not use the mouse pad surface you will see where the 3 different pieces meet. Instructions were easy however they do not differentiate between the smaller and larger desk. If you are not paying attention you will have to undo some of your work to make it for the large version.

Overall Review: Overall I like the Desk and should get a lot of use out of it.

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Great Laptop for the money12/10/2019 7:08:04 AM

Pros: Fast, good amount of memory, fairly quick SSD, DVD-R for those that need/want that feature built in. 2nd Gen Ryzen with Vega 8 graphics

Cons: Power brick should really be USB-C or the square connector Lenovo uses in other laptops. Instead it is the old fashioned pin style.

Overall Review: By default the screen is set to 125% scaling. Changing this to 100% fixes the reported screen issues. Text is clear, colors are good as are black levels.

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Great Backup Battery10/21/2015 12:15:25 PM

Pros: 2.4A output on 1 port 1A on second. Charges within a few hours when using fast charger for Nexus 6. Charged my Nexus 6 twice from 5%, My wife's Note4 3 times and still had 1 bar before I recharged it. More than enough power to charge two devices at the same time.

Cons: Doesn't come with a charger

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Great Unit10/13/2015 1:02:46 PM

Pros: 2U not very deep, will fit in most racks. Good power output and manageable with added card.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Have installed close to 100 of these with no issues. All units have worked out of the box and continue to work today with zero failures. Make sure you plug directly into wall, not power strip or power conditioner. Also make sure to set current voltage grade, if you have bad power such as at a plant with high current draw from motors etc then set power sensitivity to low. If you set it to high you will be switching to the Battery a few dozen times a day and wear it out quick.

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Great case and company2/18/2013 5:24:45 PM

Pros: Very spacious, tons of airflow. Easy to hide wires and remove all HDDs. Customer service from Antec. I had the window come cracked, I emailed Antec in the hope that I could avoid taking my system apart to send back the case, or order another one only to take the door out and return. They had me take a picture, provide proof of purchase and a few days later I had my replacement door.

Cons: Large. Not exactly a con but could be if you are pressed for space.

Overall Review: Case is well built and thought out. HDD bays are attached to cage with 120mm fans for a total of three, I have three HDDs in one and one ssd in another right now. with one full bay open. So 5 more spaces for HDDs not including the dvd bays. Their are three of those and another HDD spot at the bottom of the case.

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