Feels great8/1/2020 2:08:07 PM

Pros: Very nice feel, quality.

Cons: The k63 that this is meant for has connection issues and not really suitable for gaming. It's not really suitable for anything to be honest. Once it starts disconnecting it will be messing up for about 30 minutes. All my attempts to fix don't work. I just leave it alone and come back to it about 30 minutes later and it's working again. Just for that reason I would not recommend buying this product. If it worked with another key board that didn't have issues then the lapboard itself is very nice and I have zero complaints for it. Except maybe make it a little bit shorter and less heavy.

Overall Review: Good product but the k63 Is not.

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Feels great...but has connection issues8/1/2020 2:04:05 PM

Pros: Feels excellent and I got it with thelaoboard combo. I already had the k65 so it was very similar but felt even better and cleaner despite not being rbg.

Cons: Disconnects fairly often and when it starts once it will keep going for a while. Even with a full battery and the dongle being no more than a foot and a half away. It will disconnect and you can't type. Or you will type like one letter here and there and it will spam what letter you pressed once. Honestly kinda makes me want to return it cause I am trying to use it for gaming but the signal is not reliable enough. It happens atleast once a day and usually lasts a out 30 minutes. Still trying to find a fix. Restarting and using the software doesn't seem to help. I also use different USB ports ECT. Might go back to using my k65 unfortunately and not even use this keyboard.

Overall Review: Probably would not have purchased this and I kind of want a refund. Unless I can figure out how to fix the connecting issues. Otherwise it feels great and when it works it's very responsive. Very quick from when I press button till action I can barely at all notice a difference between the wired and wireless. It is there but most people might not be able to notice. Very minimal.

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