Great Product9/11/2012 10:26:42 PM

Pros: Heavy duty construction. two slots in one bin

Cons: Price is a bit higher than i would like but it is high quality.. but not sure if it is worth the price tag. i was informed of a similar product at half the cost of this one with the same quality

Overall Review: it worked for every thing i needed it to and painted very well with high quality paint.

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DOA ...9/11/2012 1:10:46 PM

Pros: Well if it would have worked , it had all the cables one would need.

Cons: it was doa, and im out 11$ to ship it back...

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Urber PwOnAgE1/27/2012 12:39:41 AM

Pros: This case is Great, in fact it is the nicest case i have ever used in a build mainly for its style, gamer appeal, portability, accessibility, hardware management, Packaged all necessary bolts/screws with extras Entire case comes apart(every inner tray) except for the main back bone of the chassis. Compartments are very accessible. It was a extreme pleasure working with this case. Newb Tip: 1.Take apart the entire case every inner hardware management tray [i.e. CD drive bays (on top of CD drive mount is two 2.5" bays: i.e. SSD's), HDD bays, motherboard tray] 2.Mount motherboard and other components in their designated trays 2a. {pretest your gear before you install it for DOA} 3.ReAttach HDDtray 4.ReAttach CDtray 5.Attach component cables 6.Slide in motherboard tray (pre-installed ram & cpu) 7.Attach cpu heat sink or water cooler (corsair H60 design) and component cables to motherboard 8.Install Power supply last 9.Close it up and Rock n Roll *Do

Cons: If the price was 20$ cheaper that would be nice but this is a High Quality item that is very much so on the level of other high end cases. Could be challenging for novice builders Frustration may occur Cons - That Are not really Cons This case like just about every case on the market does not specifically have my personal structure for components of my choice right out of the box... i am eluding to modification My not so Con Mods: 1. Removed top half of HDD tray 2. Removed 3.5" component tray 3. Drilled holes for radiator mount My large hands made it awkward to place some of the bolts For the strength challenged this may be on the heavy side Case fans have old skool 4 pin plug power connectors (the kind you plug into a CD drive) not many cable management points (have to get creative to clean up those cables but it can be done) holes for the cd drive bay were 1/16 of a inch further back than i would have liked diff color fans would be nice (blue is

Overall Review: I have seen many review saying its horrible for space and that you cant get water cooling. Or it is to heavy. This is NOT TRUE. This case is formed out of Steel and very durable great for road trip lan party gamers. it will not bend or be crushed by anything if you toss it in the back seat. The Airflow in this case is ungodly!!! Internal air temp has never been higher than 1-2 deg above ambient room temp under full load Basically this case is built like a TANK; it looks like a TANK, feels like a TANK and is heavy duty like a Tank, so it is a TANK.. Currently this beast contains: Corsair H60 cpu water cooler OCZ ModXstream-PRO 600W PSU 16 gig Gskill ripsawX DDR3 1600 AMD FX-4100 Zambezi 3.6GHz AMD HD 6850 GIGABYTE GA-880GM-USB3 AM3+ WD 620gig HDD Read other ppls reviews: Before i buy any item i spend about 2 weeks to several months reading reviews on the net about any given item Tools you might need: Drimmel set Cordless drill Patience Imaginatio

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Urber Speed8/21/2011 12:56:44 PM

Pros: Light, Fast , great install sofware, lots of info on the company website. 7.6 WEI score. Installed in my X505 Toshiba Qosmio. Talking to toshiba tech support they said SSD's were not compatiable with this model but thats what kind of answers you get when talking to ppl in another country reading what they see on the screen. did some research and found a website that tested 5 diffrent SSD's on a X-505, including this SSD. im getting the following speeds. (could be faster but my comp only supports sata2 speeds) seq read- 247.41 mb/s seq write- 213.28 mb/s 4k read- 10.05 mb/s 4k write- 15.19 mb/s 4k-64k read- 152.04 mb/s 4k-64k write- 151.54 mb/s access time read - 0.302 ms access time write - 0.279 ms my boot time went from 72 sec down to 27 seconds after install of this ssd. I am very pleased with this drive and about to purchase another one for my desktop rig im building

Cons: n/a

Overall Review: Price dropped after i purchased it but thats just bad luck still worth the $$ Qosmio Specs and WEI info: intel i7 Q740 @1.73ghz 8 gig Gskill pc3-10666 crucial 256 M4 SSD GeForce GTS 360M GDDR5 1gig (4gig with shared) WEI processor-7.1 ram - 7.4 graphics aero - 6.8 graphics gaming - 6.8 SSD- 7.6

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Decent6/21/2009 9:57:48 PM

Pros: Great price for 13$ cant beat it. easy install and easily identified by the OSes (XP and Vistax64). Installed on XP machine it works great decent connectivity usually 4-5 bars and 36mb/s or greater speed. works great for a great OS (meaning XP)

Cons: My cons come from the Vista install. it seems the driver that comes in the box isnt working for vista. went to realtek to down load the updated driver installed it with the auto install program and got a solid 3 bars out of it with a connectivity of about 24-36 mb/s . dropped/lost siginal about every 15 min or so. went to windows update to find a windows driver and it dont help much eather. so if your running vista be ready for a headache.

Overall Review: my labtop is stitting next to the vista unit and recieved 5 bars at 54mb/s. vista unit recieves 2-3 bars at 24-36 mb/s and the xp unit is 5 feet further and recieves 4-5 bars @ 36-54 mb/s. have a d link router that a neigher at the end of the block recieves siginal from. so distance from the router shouldnt be a issue. its a software issue with vista...... would i buy another? Not for a Vista unit, and maybee for the xp unit

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Great Product12/5/2008 8:09:17 PM

Pros: The polymer coating is nice and soft plus its very durable. The cap allows it to be water resistance incase you spill a drink or get splashed (its ok to go to the party and play beer pong after studying in the library, lol). The upload and down load speeds are average small files 20mb or less DL quick, while larger files some times take a fair amount of time as to be expected. the seek time when looking in the file system is also fairly fast. again if you dont have usb 2.0 or better it will be slower but thats usually not a problem for saving most presantations, reports or data files for school. mine came with a lanyard whitch is very beninifical, helps me keep track of the little thing and great for beating your friends at the next computer terminal while typing reports. over all i give this a 9.4 out of 10 mainly because the lack of color combo's. Highly reccommend for any college student looking for a duriable high capacity drive.

Cons: the price droped since i purchased mine so good for you and bad for me but im about to purchase 2 more for gits this holiday seasion after the rebates you would be crazy if you passed this up. 10$, 8 gigs--> its a steal

Overall Review: there GGGggggrrrrreaaaaT!!!!

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