Great machine.12/22/2014 3:39:52 PM

Pros: -This laptop came quickly and proved to be great from the start. -New gen GTX was a selling point from previous models. -Fans were silent when off the cooler booster, when on cooler booster they got louder or course, but quickly lowered the temperature a substantial amount. -Loaded a couple games including Skyrim which ran on high settings perfectly fine. -The keyboard is highly customizable with different modes of flashing/fading backlights. -The system turns on from being completely off in only a few seconds.

Cons: -Battery life will last 2 1/2 hours on a power saver mode, or a little over an hour while playing a game. -Weight is a little much to have it actually sit on your lap for awhile. -The keyboard, touchpad portion, and the rest of the surrounding areas get fingerprints and smudges all over them easily.

Overall Review: When I received this laptop it seemed great, but when I loaded the first game on it, I noticed an issue. There was a light blue vertical pixel line that spanned from the top of the monitor to the bottom on certain grays and brown backgrounds in and out of the game. (Hooked it up to an external display and it was not there among other things. So I determined it was something with the monitor.) So it looks like I'm going to have to get this mended somehow. I'm really glad that the fans work as well as they do since I had a previous MSI laptop that overheated right after my 2 year warranty ran out. So hopefully I don't get a repeat of this. The cons aren't really too bad because they are to be expected in a laptop with the powerful hardware this one is running and I do not plan to use it unplugged from a power source for too long. Portability was more so my concern. Overall: The looks and power of this laptop are spectacular and all the little added features make it really feel high end.

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GT683DXR-427US Review9/29/2011 1:54:47 PM

Pros: First off this notebook is fast. It can run all the games I play on it such as rift on full settings with ease. (This is without even having to engage the turbo mode). Downloads are also extremely fast. The touch pad is smooth and works great also. The quality of the picture on this notebook is also nothing less than amazing! The notebook's touch buttons at the top of the keyboard will not be triggered by a cleaning cloth or accidental touch easily which is really nice, and finally it comes with a facial recognition for log in that actually works.

Cons: Only cons are that the shift key to the right of the space bar is smaller than on a normal computer keyboard so it takes some getting used to. And that on the specific notebook I received a few of the keys don't run as smoothly as the rest and make a click and a sort of rattling sound throughout the affected keys (keys F2, 1, 2, 3, 4, q, w, tab) rather than the smooth feel and soundless presses of all the other keys. And for games most of those are used more often than others.

Overall Review: The manufacturer should really include a couple extra "Original UPC Label with Serial Number and bar code (S/N)" with-in the box or something since I now have to send both the English one and the Spanish one on the sides of the box to MSi. One for the rebate, and one for the warranty.

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