I like it2/4/2012 10:24:12 AM

Pros: It boots up fast and the battery lasts forever if you are used to a laptop. If you just need a way to surf the web on the couch or in the backyard it is amazing for that. Easier to travel with than a laptop since no need for constant charging. The hdmi output is nice.

Cons: Getting the hardware to work is tricky, the camera only works well with google chat, i have not been able to pair any bluetooth device, you cant run spotify on it. It does not play .avi which is really annoying because I would store movies or shows on it for when there is no wi-fi. Only some of my external storage device are recognized by it. The speakers are pretty weak too but hopefully I can get my bluetooth headphones paired soon.

Overall Review: This is perfect if you know what to expect, I take it when I stay in a hotel or around the house when I am not at my desktop, I read the news on it and watch you tube videos, take care of bills and banking but if you think this will replace a laptop it wont, if you dont need a laptop like I dont, it is perfect.

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