The Amazing Blazing Router8/16/2008 3:32:45 PM

Pros: First plugged in my wired computers. It was thrilling to see "Connection 2 connected 1 Gigbps. Next setup the wireless system with the software. Next day noticed I had 3 visitors log on and off, their machine name and times. So I uninstalled everything with Revo and set it up manually. Much easier. Where it said system visible or invisible I chose visible. I don't mind if people can see my network but unlesss they have a 25+ characters Security Key installed on their machine and then know the password to logon that's all their going to do.

Cons: The DIR-655 will take no prisoners. If something is not right it is not the Router. Call Customer Service and they will set you straight.

Overall Review: Fast, Fast, Fast. Wired or Wireless this Router will let your Gear run at it's optimum. No more excuses. This honey will air your dirty laundry. I do recommend spend- ing the extra for D-Link PCI cards etc. if you need them. I find it's faster and has more distance with compatible D-Link parts. I'm selling off my older parts and replacing them with new D-Link N replacements. Much better. This Wireless N Router is so good it will show you any weak spots in your Network. Such as which machine is the slowest or where you need upgrading. It is absolutely without a doubt the finest Wired - Wireless Router I have ever owned.

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Big Bang for Little Buck!4/24/2008 5:46:23 PM

Pros: It was understood when I bought mine that this was new technology. Not backwards compatible and it needed a SDHC reader to extract information. Popped it into my LGX 9900 and it read 3.92. Love it, Love it, Love it!

Cons: The only Cons are the people who saw a good deal and tried to use it in older phones and Laptops. There might have been some DOA's but I think there were more out to lunches. You can't read this card in any of the old card readers. You can't use it even in some new Laptops. New Phones seem to be OK.

Overall Review: Price dropped even more since I purchased mine. I don't feel the quality has changed. Will hold 6 full CD's, 780 MP3's and a whole lot of data or pictures. If your device takes a SD card buy one. Only use a Micro SD if that is all your device will handle. That is why make both.

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Best Headset On The Market3/26/2008 12:03:41 PM

Pros: Of all the high end headsets I have owned the Cardo S-800 beats them all hands down. The sound on both ends is like talking on a telephone. Of all the $100 plus Headsets that I have tried the much cheaper Cardo Scala 500 from Newegg is the only one that came close. They have a built in noise cancellation process that lets you talk outside in the wind. Plus with the S-800 you can turn the LED flasher off. I wear mine in my ear without any loop. It has never come loose. I have used it with my RAZR and my LGX 9900 enV. Automatic answering is great if your going to be on the road for a long time. Bought mine from Newegg for a song. It is a European make and America's best kept secret.

Cons: What doesn't this Headset do. Three way calling, toggling between two calls, three most called in memory, call back last number dialed. Switch controls from right ear to left ear. Unless you want to spend weeks learning some unfrequently used features, keep it simple and you won't be waking anybody up at 12:00 at night.

Overall Review: Gee I love this Headset. It is great to be able to turn off the LCD blinker. Everybody can see it but me. It will do as much or as little as you want it to do. I don't even know it is in my ear. Talk about Bang for your Buck! And sound quality, on both ends is impeccable. Outside or inside or in a car with the windows down. A week on Standby and more like 10 hours Talk Time. When I was talking to Customer Support about a year ago they were working on the S-700 which had almost all the features of S-800 and they said the projected retail would be around $120. They were almost $40 high for the S-800. This beauty will run with anything out there. Except in price. When you know, you Newegg!

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