wow..5/25/2009 7:29:54 PM

Pros: When i bought it, it was quite the deal with 533 ddr2 Good for office, or media use not for modern day games. Duel Channel keeps this ram viable.

Cons: Slow in compairson with most other ram, decent timings, expensive for the lack of speed,

Overall Review: It was good but is now outdated, i bought this stuff in Dec 07, can't believe it's still around.

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Good PS5/25/2009 7:27:17 PM

Pros: Had this thing for well over a year not a problem. Comes with a nice adaptor for extra sata power. Glows blue like everything i own.

Cons: Bulky wires and some bad pairings, my P1 connector is huge and unnecessarily long. The 4pin connector also has a 5pin attached to it yet it wouldn't come close to a video card.

Overall Review: Overall wire setup might work for others but not me. But that's a personal issue, besides that it works great, powers my: AMD 64x2 3.2Ghz processor 8800GT 500GB 320GB 80GB dvd/cd drive TV tuner Wireless NIC Sound card 5 fans

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Not for gaming PC's5/25/2009 7:21:45 PM

Pros: Removable HDD bay, nice for maintenance. The doors both come off, the Mobo side comes down, my favorite part, extremely beneficial for cleaning and adding/removing parts. Nice airflow design but a small problem (other thoughts)

Cons: Not enough spare PC slot covers. When removing the front panel i noticed the magnets for the door were just super glued on, (p.s. super glue doesn't stick to aluminum) Took a while to get them back into place!. Front fan isn't so easily accessible, must remove the entire front panel and HDD bay just to replace or clean it. Front usb/led light wires are individually routed which creates clutter. The front door can be removed with hassle if you don't like it but the LED lights don't appear to be easily replaced. Fans are slow but quiet.

Overall Review: I had to remove the door fan and put it onto the other side where the floppy bays were because my CPU heatsink assemply is to big. Case airflow wasn't designed with modern gaming Video cards intake from bottem front outake to upper back. Modern video cards split the case right in half leaving the bottem and top like two different cases. Added a double PCI slot fan to push air out of the lower back. And another one into the floppy drive bays to use as an intake for the top. Case has room for modifications which is nice, just not designed for modern gaming setups. If you want a gaming case don'y buy this one unless you want to spend another $60+ to mod it a bit. love the look though so i'm keeping it!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
2nd one5/25/2009 7:11:55 PM

Pros: Clear sound. Decent quality for the price. Good mic.

Cons: Mic is a bit muffly. The USB end is easly bent and the plastic will break and become uselless. That is how my first set broke, the metal part bent a bit and the plastic cover shattered and it no longer worked. not noise canceling

Overall Review: I only use it for Ventrilo/Skype Not a good headset if you want to listen to music!!!

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Good5/25/2009 7:09:06 PM

Pros: Quick transfer speed Comes with a convienient adaper

Cons: none

Overall Review: I use it for my LG Dare, fits right in no problem being memorized. I don't see how you can be looking for high quality or low quality SD cards...i mean how much are you putting on and off of it? It works.

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Good for it's price5/25/2009 7:07:19 PM

Pros: Fans blow up to cool the laptop, vents aren't interfering with my laptops vents/fan Light powered by usb Can be placed on your lap unlike many others!

Cons: Feels a bit cheap Wire has a short so i have to keep it twisted a certain way for it to work.

Overall Review: I use it for my Dell 1501 which sticks about an inch off to each side but that's ok. RMA isn't worth it, shipping costs half as much as the product..

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great product5/25/2009 7:04:13 PM

Pros: Side scroll is very nice, i wish my PC's mouse had one. No bright little red led at the bottom to annoy you. USB adapter fits right in the bottom of the mouse When you pull out the usb adapter it turns the mouse switch on. Turns off when you put the usb adaptor back on read other.

Cons: The adapter is huge in comparison with other similar mouses even other logitech ones.

Overall Review: I'm a college student so i carry my laptop with me all day and probably use it for about 4-7hrs a day + sometimes at home. I'm about 5'11 and i have fairly large hands yet the mouse is extremley comfortable in my hand.

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Awesome!5/25/2009 6:59:14 PM

Pros: I've owned it for about a year along with an 5 yr old 80gb seagate, and a 320gb wd cav green. Both of my WD drives have worked amazingly, cool and quiet. I also have a WD passport which i love for school and work to carry my media around with me. This drive is truthfully amazing, i might go out and buy another to setup a simple raid 0 for a bit better performance.

Cons: You can hear it spining up during a big file transfer, but at least the noise isn't constant like other drives.

Overall Review: OEM so remember to grab a sata cable.

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