Orange and Green LED caused by faulty ASUS Mobo.9/6/2020 8:05:00 PM

Pros: The product feels and looks solid and does not come with bloatware.

Cons: Product failed quickly.

Overall Review: I have bought ASUS products countless times in the past, but this might be the end. Purchased this a month ago and now consistently cannot boot my PC. I figured that the ASUS board would be the strongest unit based on my past experience, but trying a new CPU, RAM and power supply (AMD, Corsair and Patriot) have led me to deduce that it is the motherboard that is in fact bad. Unfortunately this is way too late and has cost me a lot of unnecessary money. I also checked the PSU and it is within the current and voltage range, and the fan operates normally. The CPU pins are perfectly intact and I verified that by purchasing a new CPU again. The RAM is dual channel and was working before; tried using just one stick in the proper slot as indicated by the manual, and alternating it with the other stick. These DDR4 sticks worked prior and worked in another PC. Changing the power supply with a known working one still did not change anything; the red LED comes on. I tried unplugging and reconnecting the 8 and 24 pins, just like indicated in the manual as well. I would recommend staying away from this until a revision comes out unless their customer service really is top notch (we'll find out soon enough). This was a disappointment as I've always had good experience with ASUS QC in the past. I checked the capacitors and none appear to be bulged. Maybe the higher grade mobo is worth it, although that adds to the expense.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear BJ, I'm sorry to hear that your motherboard is having boot issues. ASUS provides warranty coverage in order to fix or repair any product that may stop working prematurely under normal usage. If you have swapped out and troubleshot multiple components and the system still refuses to boot, we would be happy to repair the board in warranty for you. Please reach out to me at and include case #N200926951 in your email for reference. I can get the RMA started. Thank you for choosing ASUS! Best regards, Lane ASUS Customer Loyalty – US Support