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Perfect MB for the 4th of July.10/10/2011 6:30:17 PM

Pros: Pretty lights and colours when it decided to commit suicide.

Cons: Horrible smell accompanying pretty lights and colours. Seemed like board was always off on temps, was a bit slow, but just thought it was a few bugs in the BIOS, nothing big... It worked, it was cheap... For five days. On the sixth day.... System booted mostly fine, slow as usual, and then it started making the most horrendous squealing noise. Was able to make it to the computer in time to see (through the side window) a line of green/orange/red fire go from the CPU MOSFETs to the CPU, then from the NB to the memory, and then all sorts of transistors and the like started popping on the board. It ended with the spectacular ejection of the southbridge HS into the side of the case. Memory - DEAD CPU - DEAD HD - Protected by self-created fuses/current limiters PS - Blown Fuse After PS fuse replaced, PS worked. Sys was on a batt backup and a line conditioner before that, so nothing with the power. Just amazed, never seen this before, and never will again. Going

Overall Review: Just glad that everything this MB destroyed was free and donated. Otherwise, I'd be more upset. Oh, and foxconn would NOT help me out with ANY of the issues; no refund, no apology, NOTHING. They kept blaming the power supply/memory/cpu (And the KEYBOARD!!!) and the lines in the house for the meltdown. And when I called them on their Bull explanations (When you have 25 years experience working with electronics and you know what does what) they stammer, curse at you in a foreign language, then hang up on you.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We apologize for the experience you had with your Foxconn product.Please contact FOXCONN Americas Technical Support center: Tel: 1.909.978.6556 (8:30am - 5:30pm PST; excludes national holidays) We will be glad to assist you with your Foxconn product in any possible way. Thank you. Foxconn Support Team
Keyboard Issue6/21/2011 7:33:03 PM

Pros: Nice system, a little temperamental about its usb port when BBQ sauce is in them.

Cons: Couldn't clean or paint my house. Thing is lazy. It even FORCES me to push a button to turn it on...

Overall Review: If you state your tech level as more than three and you have a problem with the keyboard flexing, you have a problem. It's quite easily fixed and also fun to see what's inside the laptop. Stop complaining and be a tech. Wish I could have had this system in my shop for longer...

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Only 1 year warranty on backlight and related.6/15/2011 6:11:15 PM

Pros: Big screen, fast response time, cheap.

Cons: Backlight, and all related issues are only covered by a 1 year warranty. What does this mean? If the power board goes out (which has the inverter on it), one year warranty. If the backlight bulbs overheat/die and go out, one year warranty. Apparently the only issues covered under the "three year" warranty are if the plastic enclosure/stand explodes, or the IP board dies (Since the panel, CCFL, Power/inverter board are only one year)

Overall Review: Well, really, what could I expect with something this cheap that uses capXon/lelon capacitors in it?

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Reflow oven, not easy bake...5/6/2011 4:28:33 PM

Pros: It was boxed decently.

Cons: Wow. Was looking to upgrade from two GTX460s. Just one of these, in a case with proper airflow and high quality cooling caused the same problems everyone else here is having, and not even at extremely high temps.

Overall Review: The problem? Insufficient solder connections on the main chip. AXI testing shows that the GPU was not reflowed at high enough temperature to allow proper seating of the chip. Looks like XFX'x supplier shoved these things through the oven without a proper profile setup. These issues should be resolved in a short time though, they must be losing tons of cash. Couldn't return product as I had it severely tampered with, but all for good science.

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Big point.4/13/2011 7:25:17 PM

Pros: Great Overclocker. AMAZING cooling system.

Cons: BIG... One of the only THREE SLOT cards I've come across.

Overall Review: All the reviews saying it squeals, you need to replace your power supply (95% of the time). All the reviews saying it's HUGE, that's what the PICTURES are for. Update your browser if you can't see them. I recommend Windows XP, it's much better than DOS. ASUS is a wonderful manufacturer, and will continue to be. Look at their warranty and advanced replacement program. Would they offer these if they sold sub-standard equipment? 99% of the problems I've heard with ASUS components has been system failures in other parts of the system, inadequate airflow in case, and just plain overstressing the part. Just because JohnQ-X2020 got his card up to 4GHZ doesn't mean you'll be able to do the same. Review based on listed specs, not something you WISH it would do.

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Good mouse, for the most part.1/16/2011 12:25:27 PM

Pros: Good placement of most button*1 Good scrolling action*2 Smooth cursor movement. Easy to connect. Decent range.

Cons: Eh, a few problems here. *1 - The up fast scroll button is placed too far up to be usable, unless you have the index finger of an orangutan or something. *2 - Scroll wheel is great, but more likely than not, will quit working after a year. You can return it to logitech (They say they have a five year warranty on their boards, three year warranty on this page, and when I bought it, it was one year) or you can simply take ten minutes and fix it better than what they would do. See below for how. The rubberized film stuff starts to wear off after about a year, making your mouse looks like it has leprosy. Wireless receiver is quite large, and the cord isn't affixed inside with a knot, be careful or you WILL completely pull it out. Last, rubber feet fall off pretty quick.

Overall Review: Okay, to fix the wheel problem is quite simple. Remove all the screws, take apart. Find the board inside that is for the wheel. If you look at the soldering on that board, you will see most of it is very dull and cracked. Simply resolder all the through-hole connections with some leaded solder, and the wheel will come back to life. Bought this mouse when it first came out, believe I spent about $80 on it. Actually considering getting another one and see if they have improved the design any.

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Very Good Power Supply12/17/2010 6:22:11 PM

Pros: Stable V, great A ratings, lots of connectors, GREAT PRICE!

Cons: Mid/low quality capacitors. If you run this thing at 75% or more most of the time, you're gonna want to open it up and replace the eight filter caps between the transformer and lines. Fan reservoir could be filled with more lubricant (Jack Oil or something similar) and sealed better (Electrical tape works wonders). I did this myself because I naturally love to tweak my electronics.

Overall Review: This power supply, coupled with the cap upgrades and fill/seal of the fan ensure that this power supply will last for 5+ years. Cost of upgrades? Less than $20. Sure, you can buy another, Bigger Brand name PS for $100 and think you're getting a great deal, but trust me on this, the fan will die, and the caps will pop, just like the rest of them. Voltages have always stayed stable, and supply rock-steady power to my system. System: MSI NF980-G65 MB 1055T CPU EVGA GTX460 1GB 4x2 2GB Avant 1333 Memory 4 HDs - 120-200GB, 1 sata, 3 pata. Three 80MM fans, one 120MM fan Generic, POC case I found on the side of the road (Makes it less desirable if anyone breaks in!) Win 7 Pro 64bit

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Missing pin is not missing.11/14/2010 11:35:24 AM

Pros: -

Cons: -

Overall Review: To all the reviews on all the power supplies I've read that say the 20 pin on the MB connector is missing, it is NOT missing. The 20th pin provided -5VDC and was removed from the ATX spec since version 1.3. It's not a defect, it just isn't included anymore.

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