Yup9/7/2021 5:17:47 PM

Overall Review: Pretty basic card. It graphics lol doesn't like to do much else and does not overclock well. It will support monitors on all 4 ports, just maybe not very well at the same time. Does 2 at 60hz ok I suppose

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No issues thus far9/7/2021 5:14:23 PM

Pros: Originally installed in an older desktop just to show off, took it out after I used the pc for its purpose and it sat and is now installed again and running amazing as it did originally. Had forgotten to leave a review upon purchase so now that it's showed its worth, I'm glad to let you know what I know about it.

Cons: Be careful installing on stock motherboards. Can pinch permanently soldered parts rendering them non functional! Keep in mind this will NOT be the coolers fault! It will be yours! Luckily I noticed the problem before it was tightened all the way.

Overall Review: Works amazing, it was more than what I needed it for originally and absolutely perfect now.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We appreciate the kind feedback that you are having a great experience with our products and services. Our main goal is to provide an excellence experience to our customers. Hope we can keep serving you in the future! If you need any assistance, please contact us at cs@enermaxusa.com. Thanks for choosing Enermax, Enermax Technical Support Team
Cool case, matches price9/7/2021 5:06:27 PM

Pros: Everything fit inside of it perfectly. Had no issues running cables or screwing anything down. Doesn't feel very cheap, it's not flimsy anywhere and uses solid metal instead of what dell or HP throw in theirs anymore.

Cons: Domed Plastic on the top came pretty scuffed up in spots, just seemed the factory was a bit rough putting it on initially. Was a little disappointing but not a deal breaker. The thing that killed me was the large fan in the front that they used, has a molex connector on it... not what I probably would have gone with as I now have to also purchase an adapter, but still not a deal breaker for me. I've been doing this long enough to at least easily identify the older styled plug. No removable dust screens.

Overall Review: I gave it 4 stars because of the molex connector only because I feel most modern pc's don't really have them anymore and the dust screens can be an issue for anyone that has pets and doesn't want to do a 100% disassemble just to vacuum out the pc. But it looks good, and the large fan is quiet enough for me. Couldn't ask for a cooler looking case for the price

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