Workes great.5/31/2021 10:42:14 AM

Pros: None

Cons: None

Overall Review: Had one before and same as the other one, know complains.

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The Beast4/30/2021 8:20:34 AM

Pros: I never seen anything this fast! I am addicted to building these now. I was a certfied Master Tech I could fix anything on a car or pick-up truck. But my specialty was electronic controls for cars and trucks. So I am 70yrs. old and I still have s passion for this stuff. I built my frist computer in 2004 it is a lot simpler now than then. But this stuff has gotten so fast it is crazy. THAT is it. It is a hobby to me now and enjoy this stuff good luck all!!

Cons: None

Overall Review: I give this cpu a 10 I wonder what gen. 12 is going to be like?

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Not as advertized.4/16/2021 2:35:57 AM

Pros: Works well no issues.

Cons: Was advertised with RGB HEADER but as you see I installed my own. yes they have two different volts which I worked around. was not easy but got it done.

Overall Review: I am happy the way it turned out!

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SAMSUNG TOC T260HD Rose Black 25.5"2/5/2010 2:18:33 PM

Pros: I have had several monitors and this is about the best I have ever owned! It compares with my Dell Ultra Sharp 21.5 Wide Screen. For the money I don't think there is a better monitor that I know off. The outer edge light bleed is very minimal. I mean it does not show up on the edges of the screen. You will not be sorry you bought this Samsung TOC T260HD Monitor!! It also makes a wonderful tv to.

Cons: So far none.

Overall Review: I had bought a Hanns·G HH-281HPB Black 28" witch was the worst monitor I ever owned. After a week and a half I returned to new egg. The outer edge light bleed was terrible. I am not stretching the truth, 2 inches in on all four sides were unvisitable the light bleed made arms,head or any part of a dark object disappear. My 19" Hanns wide screen I bought 5yrs. ago was fine so I thought it should be ok to buy the same brand? Not!! So save yourself time and money and get the SAMSUNG TOC T260HD. You want be sorry!!

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stgh_tech1/26/2010 11:44:25 AM

Pros: I want you to know this monitor is the best monitor I have. I replaced with what you see know. The Hanns·G HH-281HPB Black 28" 3ms HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor is junk!!!!

Cons: know

Overall Review: I have owned 25 monitors and gave them to my children. Some where a Hanns 19", and four Dell, oneDCLCD, l one ACER, AND the big og whitch is SAMSUNG TOC T260HD Rose Black 25.5" 5ms HDMI Widescreen HDTV Monitor 300 cd/m2 DC 10000:1(1000:1) thgis is the best of all!!!!! Say your self a lot of trouble! YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG! BEST OF ALL MONITORS!!!!!!

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Hanns·G HH-281HPB Black 28"1/21/2010 2:39:16 PM

Pros: Non

Cons: This monitor is the worst I have ever seen. From 2 inches on all four sides it is unusable. If there is a dark object on all four sides it is hard to see what it is.

Overall Review: I think they should have made a better effort to in prove this monitor or give everyone there money back!! I returned to new egg and bought a samsung. Had a hard time getting them to RMA for the TOC SAMSUNG.

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