So Far, So Good11/6/2017 5:51:49 PM

Pros: Nice little board, well laid out and easy to install, well put together manual and nice bios.

Cons: As noted by another reviewer, I have a minor misalignment between the port shield and the ports because the board is very slightly bowed. Not a big deal for my purposes.

Overall Review: "This review for ASRock review rebate program."

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Excellent6/20/2011 3:20:56 PM

Pros: Running with no problems under Ubuntu 11.04 as a little server / light duty desktop machine. EFI bios is great and ASUS quality appears excellent. Runs reasonably cool. Was cake to hook everything up.

Cons: Potential issue is no HDMI or digital audio out, but there is a pci-e slot if needed. A fair trade for the 6 sata ports

Overall Review: Hasn't given me any trouble at all and has proven to be a little workhorse, though very rarely a little slow. Excellent value.

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Solid value, pretty good case6/20/2011 3:16:08 PM

Pros: I am pleased by this case, paint is surprisingly good, as is the front panel plastic. Case definitely looks better than its price. Item was packaged well and came without a scratch. Included 80mm fan is very quiet and moves decent air.

Cons: The front plastic seems a bit soft, I scratched it up a little bit, but it still looks fine. No real spot for a front fan.

Overall Review: Had to rearrange the front panel power led connector, it was 3pin, my mobo has a 2pin header, easily fixed, but slightly annoying. Screws managed to break out of their bag in shipping and were all over the inside of the case on arrival - minor inconvenience.

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Nice big drive, speedy enough9/6/2010 9:00:00 AM

Pros: New platter tech, as the other review mentions. Big capacity, competitive price, runs cool and quiet.

Cons: Slightly slow spinup, but most Samsung drives (I have 2 7200RPM 1TB F3s) seem to be that way in my experience.

Overall Review: Haven't had a chance to run HDTune or similar yet, but the drive seems to perform quite well, especially for a 5400RPM drive.

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Very Good Value9/6/2010 8:55:58 AM

Pros: Nice printer, fast, excellent text quality, very good image quality especially at higher resolution setting.

Cons: Potentially toner and drum cost, which is why I dropped an egg. That said, it still appears to be way more economical than a cheap inkjet especially if you don't print that often, or if, on the other extreme, you print a lot.

Overall Review: Glad I bought it, I don't print that often, but when I do it is fairly high volume. Nice to not have to deal with clogged printheads or dried up ink.

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Fast, Quiet, Priced Well3/21/2010 7:51:53 AM

Pros: Very nice drive so far, it seems to be pretty quick though I haven't really formally assess that. Very quiet in my mini itx machine -- it really can't be heard and the drive access sounds are agreeable and not noisy. Packaged in a shell with screws and a little manual -- this is the way all oem drives should be packaged not just the static bag with bubble wrap!!

Cons: Looong spinup time -- I have this same problem with a Samsung F1 1TB -- it's not too bad but it can get annoying if you want it as a network share and want it to spindown. Also, they both vibrate quite a bit, if this is a concern make sure you have rubber washers.

Overall Review: I can't comment on heat yet, but it seems to be ok and inline with most other 1TB drives these days.

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Good sound quality for the price3/8/2010 8:33:18 AM

Pros: Pretty good sound quality, highs are a bit pronounced but other than that it's pretty well balanced. Excellent isolation and pretty quality design.

Cons: Cables are thin and feel fragile. Part of the cable was kinked in the plastic packaging -- it works, but it could break. From what I have heard though the warranty program is pretty good so I'm not too concerned.

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Very Solid Little Case3/8/2010 8:30:44 AM

Pros: Great case, really nicely designed, super high quality and perfect size for mini itx. With a little hacking there is plenty of room for 4 3.5" drives in place of the 5.25" It's also great that it supports a full size ATX PSU.

Cons: None really. Would be nice if it had more 3.5" bays

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5/20/2009 9:37:37 AM

Pros: Well packaged, reasonably fast, nearly silent

Cons: Runs a little hot, slow to spinup

Overall Review: These come nicely packaged from Samsung, they are in one of those plastic HD containers. Enclosed are screws and an installation manual. Newegg then wraps this in bubble wrap. That said, mine was placed at the bottom of the box w. packing materials on top, I suspect that without the container the drive would have been damaged.

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5/15/2009 6:03:53 AM

Pros: This PSU has been great, it's powering a Q6600 with no problem at all, very nice and very quiet. It's a quality piece and I have not had to think about it at all.

Cons: This PSU was not designed for use in a case w. a bottom mount PSU. This isn't that big of a deal, but the cables are a little short making cable management a little bit difficult. Only a few SATA connectors and only a few molex connector.

Overall Review: Rock solid, I have not given it a second thought after the install.

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5/15/2009 5:53:32 AM

Pros: Using this with an overclocked Q6600 and it keeps it nice and cool. The mirror finish is fantastic and overall it's a high quality piece.

Cons: None

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5/15/2009 5:50:09 AM

Pros: Good for it's price. Nice design, quality materials, good airflow, washable air filter

Cons: There is very little space between the HD cage and that side of the motherboard, making it a pain to swap drives.

Overall Review: Would buy again, w. the exception of the HD cage placement it is very well thought out

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5/15/2009 5:46:29 AM

Pros: Good drive, fast, quiet, runs pretty cool

Cons: none yet

Overall Review: Performs noticeably better when playing back 1080p HD than the 1tb 7200.11 that it is replacing.

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absolute disaster, huge mistake5/28/2008 3:37:34 PM

Pros: none whatsoever

Cons: Terrible, yet another issue with color casting, Pantone sent me 2 replacements(slowly, I might add) and the problem was present on all three. Pantone refused to return numerous phone calls and emails. Absolutely unacceptable, I would not recommend this product to anyone.

Overall Review: Pick something else, no, seriously, buy something else. Thankfully Newegg rectified my situation for me...

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7/9/2005 11:44:48 AM

Comments: Great! Works very fast over Firewire w/ a mac and a 160gig Hitachi Deskstar. However it does run a little hot, but that's not a big deal as long as it is not in like a 100 degree room.

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7/9/2005 11:43:18 AM

Comments: Fast and Quiet. When there is no activity it just sounds like a quiet whoosh and when there is heavy hard drive activity it doesn't grind like Seagates it sorta sounds like it is kicking itself(quietly, of course) Great drive for the money, I will be getting another because 160gigs fills up surprisingly fast!

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