Exceeded my overly high expectations1/9/2018 9:32:14 PM

Pros: It's a 1080ti. There's nothing like starting a new game, immediately maxing out all settings and still getting 100+ fps in 4k. The power of this thing is just simply ludicrous. For a full graphics card, especially one that runs this fast, this card is exceptionally quiet. Even overclocking the card to 2125Mhz core clock and 5900Mhz memory clock I've never had the temperature go above 73C under the heaviest loads for multiple hours straight without the fans having ever gotten above 65% speed. Even running like that I need to mute the volume AND take off my headphones to actually notice the sound. When I first ordered it I felt pretty nervous, thinking what if this $800 graphics card isn't as good as I think it'll be? Then when I got it it turned that not only did it satisfy all of my expectations but exceed them. If there's an earthquake or something that knocks over my pc and breaks 1080ti, I would 100% get this one again without hesitation.

Cons: It cost me $800. It's not cheap. Also I wish that the "republic of gamers" tag on the side of the card was a sticker or something else that I could take off. This is really nitpicking, but thats just because I cannot think of anything else I don't like about it.

Overall Review: If you want a 1080ti then I could not recommend this card any more than I do. This is a great product that makes me glad everyday that I bought it.

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