Nice notebook, wipe it...10/23/2009 8:03:24 PM

Pros: Great Video card, 4GB DDR3, Decent CPU, Good keyboard that doesn't feel like cheap plastic when you type. Speakers are better than most laptops, glossy top casing but doesnt show fingerprints, strong lcd.

Cons: comes with vista, gotta wipe the hdd. Doesnt have a 6GHz cpu or 16GB ram, doesnt sound like a 15" subwoofer when a bomb goes off on screen. PS, its a freakin laptop.

Overall Review: Great NB. Wipe Vista asap and install win7 x64, runs much faster. Decent gaming NB. Did i mention it runs great with windows 7? Oblivion runs at max everything and res nice and smooth. 3 usb ports, the e-sata is a hybrid usb and e-sata port. HDMI. Seriously, its a good notebook. Feels way more solid than other brands, coming from a computer tech/salesman.

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