Great Android tablet for great price11/25/2012 12:37:25 PM

Pros: Pros lets see Micro sd slot, usb port that works for charging (last tablet i tried the usb pro wouldn't work for that), quick startup also has the android app store (last tablet also didn't have that and so didn't have access to the full range of android apps)

Cons: A bit slow in game, When it goes to sleep it losses wii fii connection and when you wake it up it does reconnect to a home wii fii router automaticly however when i use my cell phones wii fii hotspot feature it doesnt work and claims the phones out of range even when it is sitting right next to the tablet and wont find it again till I shut off and turn back on the hotspot.

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Kingston 3g9/25/2011 5:32:18 AM

Pros: Came with my 8gig G.skill Ripjaws X Seriers memory that I would def buy again. Very good memory.

Cons: could be bigger.

Overall Review: could be bigger but as it came as a freebee with my 8 gig G.Skill that came in under sixty bucks was well worth the price

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G.Skill Ripjaw 8g9/25/2011 5:22:58 AM

Pros: I rarely give such a high rating but this one is deserved the memory performs as good as advertized and is recognized properly unlike some other well known ram i have used previously (won't mention here) the G.Skill was recongnized on boot at proper speed and had no probelms pop up otherwise.

Cons: None great memory would def buy again and will as I want 16 gig to spread between my 6 core cpu.

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Adata ssd s5999 solid state drive4/11/2011 7:44:42 PM

Pros: As fast as othwers have claimed came in right out of the box at 7.6 in win7 ExIndex same as my 10906x cpu and ram so much impressed. Only downside is my harddrive(1.5 tarabyte) died less than a week afetr i got it and before i had time to install this as my new install drive.

Cons: much smaller than my old drive 128gig vs 1.5 terabyte not really the manfactures fault but a personal con none the less (as I wish I could obtain a 1.5 tare ssd drive but neither here nor thair just a wish so a veirtual not real con).

Overall Review: Price on ssd's still need to come down yes i know their low now but could still be lower.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Works for iphone 3gs10/9/2010 10:18:44 PM

Pros: Works as a battery booster for the iphone 3gs gives extra battery life as it's designed to do.

Cons: The back of the device heats up and it doesn't as with all battery devices give quite the amount of time it claims. You also can't plug it in and charge it while useing it to charge your iphone at the same time, it just won't allow the device to charge your phone during that time.

Overall Review: Would be much nicer if it didn't heat up like it does while running and in the pocket feels like you have a heat pad or something in their.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Works well in razor12/25/2007 11:54:13 PM

Pros: Good memory works well in razor/blackberry. excellent price.

Cons: Speed isn't the fastest but not slow either about average.

Overall Review: Overall looks good but will wait to see how it performs over time. But I have used patriot memory before and it has worked out well. So im hopefull this will as well.

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Good cheap power supply7/31/2007 6:01:13 PM

Pros: It works well does the job and gives plenty of power plus it has the 8 pin cpu molex for multi core mobo's so it does the job nicely

Cons: None that i can think of

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Works well7/31/2007 5:57:44 PM

Pros: Bought it to replace a dead wireless optical mouse. It works well for a wired mouse.

Cons: None that i can think of but then im not the user my niece is.

Overall Review: Would buy another again.

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Works with my R3205/30/2007 4:28:08 AM

Pros: What can I say they work very well. No problems with burns or bad discs at all.

Cons: None

Overall Review: If you need good dvd's that are printable go with these they just work.

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Vista upgrades5/30/2007 4:08:14 AM

Pros: First off I beta tested Vista got a free copy of the ultimate edition with bills graces for my work Thanks Bill!. Second I got a free upgrade to prem with my new laptop and bought 2 copies of vista from newegg.

Cons: None works great couldn't be happier. And this is comming from someone who spent 12 years hating on MS for what i relised was a pointlessness if that's even a word.

Overall Review: Upgrade if you want but check the stuff that comes with vista first and compare to what you have to see if you really need what it offers otherwise stick with xp. If your running an OS older than xp then upgrade you fool your crazy not to. P.S. just bought another copy to upgrade my last pc to vista cause it's that good.

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Works great in the car5/7/2007 7:25:27 PM

Pros: What can i say I needed a plug for use with the laptop in the car on a long road trip across 5 states and this certainly did the job exceptinally well.

Cons: None that i found

Overall Review: Worked great on my toshiba satalite couldn't be happier with it.

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Works great in Vista5/7/2007 7:21:12 PM

Pros: Works well with Vista Ultimate and has buttons for most every function you would need.

Cons: No internal buttons or ability to setup buttons for PC only use it assumes you will use the PC in a Tv Tivo like setup so gives no easy way to close MCE back to the desktop and no progamable buttons to allow you to set it up.

Overall Review: Would have been nice to have a couple user progamable buttons to allow for more flexability with the program.

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Addendum to last review3/30/2006 12:51:16 PM

Pros: Great print surface

Cons: Worst...Media....Ever. After completeing the cake i had to update my review i had only 10 good burns the rest were garbage. Quality control is apearently noexistant bubbles even exist on inner ring of most disc's probably through the whole of the disc's which is most likely why they fail.

Overall Review: Just don't buy these Disc's if you do i hope you survive the experience and learn dispite ignoring the negative reviews. You've been warned stay far away from this media.

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Addendum To Last Review3/12/2006 11:05:53 PM

Pros: None Really other than Great print surface

Cons: I had to add this to my last review (They are that bad seriously don't use them) that i have never in the last 2 years of buring DVD's (i have burned a great many) that i have never before found myself wishing hoping and begging whatever gods may exist that a burn works than i have with these. I in fact haven't seen this high a fail rate since the early days of CD burning and had thought these days were way behind me but i guess that was premature just do yourself a huge favor stay well clear of theis media it isn't worth the price savings no matter how attractive it may seem.

Overall Review: Don't use these they just aren't worth it their pot luck at best and all garbage at worst. You'll have almost better luck in a game of Russian rulette than with this media.

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Garbage Total Garbage3/12/2006 10:31:28 PM

Pros: Well the printable surface is very good better than the Maxells i had purcashed at Wallmart after buying the R320 off newegg (great buy but i should have gotten the R340 get that it has a scanner) while waiting for these to arrive but well that goes in the cons so when they do work their pretty great.

Cons: After going through 3/4 of the cake i can say that only having about half a dozen succed varification and viewing (thoughs that failed also failed viewing of the ones i tried viewing) i can say without a doupt these are the worst disc's i have ever purchased and i have purchased many in the last few years that i have been burning CD's and DVD's. I have never had this high a DVD's fail at anywere near this high a rate even with my own mistakes (and i have watched that very closely on these given others reviews). I would never recomend these even to my worst enemy let alone friends so don't buy them period go for a better rated disc like verbatum or Maxell instead.

Overall Review: Should have looked more closely at the reviews and paid more for Maxell or Verbaitum instead of buying these potluck disc's definatly the worst tested and quality control i have ever seen in my years of burning CD/DVD's and i have burned many since i had purchasing my first drive an old long since replaced Rioch 2X cd burner for $600 in the late 90's. I prided myself on keeping up on this tech but to fall to this kind of garbage is just embearising to say the least. Their pot luck take the warnning avoid these like the plauge.

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Best Printer i have ever Gotten for the price2/24/2006 3:05:16 AM

Pros: Prints great on printable CD's excelent color on even draft mode which i tend to use to conserve ink unless i want a proffessional print.

Cons: Led to display photos to print without printer is very small and could stand to be larger for better viewing. No scanner but then it came with a rebate which cut the price by a quarter so in the end it was much cheaper than the R340 which does come with a scanner (plus i have one on my old lexmark which ended up on another pc in the house networked so it's not an issue) so it's worth it unless you need the scan feature, If so then get the R340 instead.

Overall Review: I'll probably get the R340 later just so i can get rid of the older lexmark 5150 which has auto expire ink tanks. If you buy this i would recomend buying multiple inks at once as it cuts down the cost otherwise it's about as much with shipping as buying through a chain store as i found out. Shipping was much better at a lower price from Fedex when they were the only shipper for newegg but since UPS they are the lower but poorer shipper. Had a 2 day gap with no update on the ups tracker and only an arrival scan in Alberta, CA a departure scan from Iowa 2 days later with nothing inbetween. What kind of tracking is that? Also had no tracking from arrival at the local UPS location the night before till well after the package arrived which is just sloppy, Fedex by contrast maybe more but i have never had such sloppy care taken shipping through them as i have from UPS on this and other packages. I will use fedex from now on for packages i need shipped and tracked well instead.

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Three tuners no waiting2/20/2006 1:54:22 PM

Pros: Great 2 in one solution installs more painlessly than most single tuners and any HD tuner i have tried. And i have tried many Hauppauge software tuners, ATI Allinwonder 128, ATI pci se, Creative PVR, Hauppauge 250, Yuan 600mpg, Divico's Fusion HDTV3 Gold-T and this Hauppauge pvr500. Of all thoughs cards i would have to say the PVR500 is the most painless card to install, 5 seconds and two prompts (Found tuner 1/2) after recongnition it had finished install and after trying out the AMCAP.exe program on the install cd i found both tuners working a quick check of my system settings showed under sound settings tuner 1 and tuner 2 nothing else which was quite different form any other tuner card i had tried but yet it worked in Hauppauges Amcap and Sagetv without flaw. I would purchase (and probably will given i need more tuners for my whole house HTPC solution) another again.

Cons: When both tuners go start to record it makes a anoying sound like brrda.brrda.brrr. sound then starts recording. Im not sure if this is just my system setup or a normal thing with a dual tuner card as it's my first. But being a HTPC'r on the Sage forums with several others using the same card without comment makes me wonder if it isn't a defect in the card esspecially since the card arrived in a OEM box with the OEM seals broken im still considering a exchange for another if the issues are not normal to the product before warrentee runs out.

Overall Review: Would be nice if it came with a remote but purchasing a USB remote like the Firefly or MCE remotes does help resolve the issue.

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Great card for current games2/20/2006 1:25:17 PM

Pros: Works well beyond my old BFG FX 5900 agp card plays BF2 at almost full speed and BW2 at 1024 mode at almost full speed. But really not able to handle BW2 at higher than 1024 mode at high settings without slowdown. I can understand the performance increase with blooming in BW2 but to tax a high end card like an overclocked 5900GT at more that 1024x768 high settings (my 5900 was able to handle this at almost Note almost) the same speeds) that's extreame. I guess the makers of BW2 either didn't optimise the game well or they put in some very extreame graphics that i can't see. It plays every other game i have UT2K4, Farcry etc. at speeds beyond the 5900 though.

Cons: Only overclocked to 474,1.11g using coolbits. Didn't come with any games and i was to late to get in on the free game with purchase offer of COD or Q4 from Evga but it was still worth the purchase though for the speed boost.

Overall Review: None that i can think of other than thoughs i have already mentioned.

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Almost persorms to FX 5700 speeds2/20/2006 12:57:53 PM

Pros: It doesn't work well with almost any game released 2006 or later and doesn't perform well in Battlefield 2 modern combate in anything but the lowest settings, However if you set everything to the lowest settings then it will handle BF2 at exceptable speeds but any higher than that will be just to slow on a AMD 3200+ (my current Proc) with 1 gig of memory or slower so don't bother. Plays Unreal 2k4 at great speed no stutters or delays whatsoever so it should work with any game before late 2005 or early 2006. It's main claim to fame is as a HTPC mobo however it does work well as a default mobo with video on the PCIexpress side so you can use it as a standin system switch mobo if you haven't purchased a pci express video card yet for cheap, I did and it kept me going till i got my Evga 5900 GT CO card which works awsomely

Cons: Onboard PCI express works with almost any game 2k5 or earlier at great speed at high qualitry settings. Ondoard sound works well i could go PCI sound card but for the price it is great as is. Only improvement would be a newer bios that enables overclocking in the bios (with the current bios overclocking is not avalible, I couldn't get the bios to overclock one millimeter to save my life if i tried) however you can still overclock in windows quite well via the superstep utility (i was able to get to 2.46gig with at 400mhz at 1.57v cpu and 1.65 memory)which isn't really a plus as you can't transfer thoughs settings to the bios after testing them out. However if the bios could accept the overclock settings it would give a great boost to perofrmance without running any windows software to do it.

Overall Review: Foxxconn has a great board on their hands here if they can just work out the windows update of the bios and bios overclocking issues otherwise it's a great board but current issues with live updateing bios and overclocking force me to conclude that i was better off with MSI's boards with handles live updates via windows without a glitch (gotta love the painless update in windows without using a floppy or having to boot to dos). Dos does really need to die a fast painless death and getting rid of the last vestigeses of dos reliance is the way to ensure it does so and live bios updates ensures this pitty Foxconn hasn't gotten it working as well as others have yet. (Making my own PC's since 1988 and anoying Apple basic, windows, OS2, Dos and others since 1982).

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Memory 1 Gig2/20/2006 12:26:24 PM

Pros: Works well was able to set it to timing No system errors or crashes using in 1t Mode.

Cons: None that i have found from use Exelent memory.

Overall Review: Would buy again without hesitation performs beyond expectations in my HTPC Gaming Rig, Now just need a AMD X2 3800+ Proc and im all set for the next couple years.

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