Bought four; one dead4/16/2015 9:00:02 AM

Pros: 8TB is a lot of capacity for the money. 75% of the ones I have worked....

Cons: You get what you pay for. 25% of the ones I have didn't work. They're pretty slow if you're used to quality enterprise drives.

Overall Review: Swapped them one at a time into a server that had 4TB drives and grew the array. They stood up to probably three days of nearly continuous RAID resync so I thought I was in the clear, but after ten days of regular use one croaked. Let's hope the remaining three are OK; Newegg only let me buy four so I couldn't keep a spare on hand.

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Perfectly good Ethernet cable3/25/2015 6:24:43 PM

Pros: It's as long as advertised. Was quite easy to straighten and coil properly. Nice snagless cable ends. Flexible sheathing. Works fine at 100mbps with PoE. Pretty shade of blue. Delivery was quick.

Cons: None that I can see.

Overall Review: Needed to hook up a network camera at the far end of the building. Some places wanted as much as $170 for a 200 foot cable. Saw this for a mere fraction of the price and figured at worst I'd be out a few ten-spots. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived; with a little straightening it coiled up nicely and it provides 100mbps network and power to my network camera. Will definitely pick up more of these as I wire up the rest of the building.

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Great case, great company2/10/2015 10:42:28 AM

Pros: Extremely good ITX cases; build quality is great and they are very durable. Assembly is easy. Lasts forever.

Cons: Not much, really. The version without the included power supply doesn't have the power supply support bar included, but it's not really necessary.

Overall Review: I have over 200 of these cases. Most were purchased as the original SG05 model with included power supply, but these days they sell the case and power supply separately. It's cheaper to buy them separately anyway; the only thing you don't get is a support bar for the power supply, but it's not really necessary. When USB3 became a thing, Silverstone conveniently offered a USB3 upgrade kit. We still upgrade our cases to USB3 when we recycle out an old motherboard. Most companies would have told us to buy new cases. Recently we noticed that a couple of the power LEDs had burned out on the oldest cases we have (which are six years old). Called up Silverstone and they sent us some new switch boards even though they don't officially offer them on their web site. Can't argue with service like that. To date out of the 200+ we have had one failed power supply and one noisy front fan. Both of which were easily replaced. We still use the original batch of cases we bought six years ago, with USB3 upgrades and new boards and such.

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Merely OK2/10/2015 10:14:49 AM

Pros: Didn't cost a lot, Does have an IPS screen and good viewing angles. It's not particularly bulky.

Cons: Really cheap construction; the monitor flexes and warps very easily. The power brick is an actual wall wart instead of one of the bricks that accepts a standard power cord. This means that you get only five feet of distance between the monitor and your power strip. (We are not allowed to use extension cords out of power strips so this severely limits the utility of the monitor.) But hey, it will take the same power adapter as our Sony laptops. The monitor only comes with an analog cable, but that's pretty standard with low-cost monitors. The screen is rather dim even at maximum brightness. It comes set with the brightness at 100 and the contrast at 70 (which is pretty far up for a default value) and it's still not great.

Overall Review: Basically, yes, it's a really inexpensive monitor (if you get it on sale) with an actual IPS screen. You sacrifice a lot for that screen, to the point where I wouldn't really recommend it unless you absolutely require IPS and don't want to spend a little more money on something better, or if you just aren't concerned with build quality or screen brightness.

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