Realtek issues and no solutions3/21/2014 8:45:32 AM

Pros: Board is well laid out, feature rich and even attractive

Cons: Realtek audio doesn't work. Contacted MSI Tech Support and was told it must be the motherboard and not driver because "No users have reported an issue with the drivers online". I found a post on Toms Hardware after 10min of searching indicating others having the same issues with MSI Z87 boards (realtek drivers break windows audio). Interestingly the default Windows 7 driver from Microsoft works just fine.

Overall Review: I could use the default driver or my soundblaster card, but I'm concerned there's a motherboard defect which will manifest itself in other ways. Newegg graciously agreed to cover the shipping, but I'm not keen on taking the risk of pulling everything apart, having it lay around for a week, then putting it all back together without anything else being damaged.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We apologize for the issues that you are having with this product. If you have not go through troubleshooting yet, then feel free to contact our tech support team for assistance at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 6am to 6pm Pacific Time. If you have gone through troubleshooting and confirmed the symptom, then please kindly visit the URL below to set up a RMA for warranty service. Required Information: 1. Full name (first, and last) 2. Telephone # 3. Physical address (No PO box) 4. Email address 5. Serial number (located on the box, or underneath the motherboard, eg 601-xxxx-xxxBxxxxxxxxxx) 6. Please write clear details about symptoms you are having onto the Special Remark section. Once your information and warranty are verified by the system then you will get a RMA# immediately. You will receive a RMA email which indicates the turn-around time as well as ship-to address. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the product or special requests, received the unit back from RMA but are still having issues, please do not hesitate to call us or email us directly and we will be more than happy to assist you, thank you. Tech Support Line: 626-271-1004 (M to F, 6am to 6pm Pacific Time) Tech Support Email: Best Regards, MSI Review Team |
Quality Issues9/13/2012 7:59:01 PM

Pros: - none with a 50% failure rate. Where's there a pro in that kind of performance?

Cons: - One out of two drives has failed within the first two weeks of use. Unfortunately it's more than 30 days since purchase so I have to RMA with Seagate which means I get a remanufactured drive instead of a brand new drive which means, based on experience, a higher chance of a second failure.

Overall Review: I'm rather disgusted with the low quality of hard drives these days. Although they seem less expensive, the reality is they are only cheaper in quality because you have to buy two and mirror them to get any kind of reliability. For years we never mirrored drives and only occasionally backed them up. Now it's a required ritual.

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Guaranteed failures...4/8/2011 9:00:40 PM

Pros: - none because of unreliability

Cons: - purchase multiple drives and make sure you are in some type of failure recovery mode (RAID 1, RAID10, RAID5) because at least one drive you buy WILL fail

Overall Review: I bought these knowing how often all drives over 1TB fail. And now after three months of moderate use, in the mode for which they were designed as media server drives, the first has failed. When buying drives over 1TB the only thing to look at is how long the warranty period is because that's all that matters.

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What a joke!1/25/2011 2:28:44 PM

Pros: None

Cons: It's supposed to support 300lbs, right? Well it couldn't support my 52.9lb son without the seat ripping at each side away from the bottom. What horrible engineering! Haven't they ever heard of a stress point? It lasted about an hour. Note: the site won't let me give it 0 eggs

Overall Review: With the thousands of dollars I've spent at NewEgg this is the first time I've ever commented on a product. I can't rate this <insert expletive of choice here> piece of garbage low enough!

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Awesome Case!11/12/2005 2:56:22 PM

Comments: I always buy Antec, Cooler Master, and Koolance cases and this one is the sexiest. Great tool-less design, easy access, parallel HD bays, plenty of air space. Comes with one 120mm fan which is enough for most applications. Oh - I removed those crazy looking silver caps - looks better with out them!

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2 Years and Counting11/12/2005 2:49:28 PM

Comments: I had the 4.1 predecessors which now sit in a closet. These speakers are very high quality. Rich, full sound, no hiss, deep bass. If you blow the fuse you can replace it (located inside the sub enclosure - just take out the screws) which is about the only thing you'll ever do to these things. Rock solid, can't go wrong.

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