Awesome Mouse7/27/2017 1:31:31 PM

Pros: This mouse can either be used as Wired or Wireless, the Mouse has a built in battery and is charged with the wired portion. It is controlled and setup using Logitech all in one software that uses most of the modern Logitech devices like my Camera and Keyboard.It comes with a weight which i installed because the mouse doesn't weigh much.and it will hold a charge wireless for 20 hours, can be used while charging.

Cons: As of now i cannot find any cons

Overall Review: For the Price , this is a wonderful mouse with insane tracking, i'm a gamer and this mouse is crazy fast and would recommend it for gamers

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Super product my wireless access doubled in speed4/15/2017 2:47:31 PM

Pros: 15min or less set up time four nodes 25% increase in internet speed Easy Router selection through app when 4 or more routers connected Red LED light on, easy reconnect process. Stylish node/convenient cable management. * Re-connectivity after a power loss was flawless * Always connects at full speed (866.5Mbps) 3 year warranty (reviewers get 3 too?) 6 built-in antennas 4K streaming Automatic report issues with the nodes through app. App is full of features and settings for managing the nodes/routers giving you full control

Cons: A real web interface would have been nice for some of the advanced users?

Overall Review: I have tried Other routers, and they all failed since this condo was built in the early 70s a lot of thick concrete to go thru . These routers are powerfull and they will mesh around the whole coverage area, i first bought 2 routers and liked them so much that i bought 2 more, i now have 50mbps download speed anywhere I can go in the Condo and outside in the garage i was getting 20mbps download speeds, adding 2 more routers fixed that too, also getting 50mbps

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi, Steven D., Your feedback is greatly appreciated. We're glad to hear that the setup process ran smoothly for you. Should you wish to access your Velop's Web UI for advanced configuration, we have our Escalation Engineers ready to assist you anytime at 800-986-0518 or via email at Regards, Jay Linksys Support
Overall good product7/10/2016 3:27:10 AM

Pros: Was easy to setup, took me all of 5 minutes

Cons: Drops connection 2 or 3 times a day, must reboot to fix it.range is not as good as advertised and the speed also.

Overall Review: I would recommend this if on a budget, but i will buy a more expensive one soon

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Killer Card6/4/2016 11:13:59 AM

Pros: I have three of these in CrossfireX, At the moment i can run any new game at 60 fps, same as my monitors. im a happy camper.

Cons: These cards get very hot being so close together, put a 230mm fan on them now the temps dont go above 50c

Overall Review: If you want to run CrossfireX , these are the cards to get .

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Faster than amd 959012/20/2015 9:01:17 AM

Pros: Computer runs has a I5 6600k CPU, runs faster than AMD 9590 top of line CPU Runs very cool, have Intel's stock CPU cooler does the trick, ran prime95 for a hour CPU didn't get over 60c

Cons: i cant think of anything wrong about the board Doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but i can live with that

Overall Review: The only thing is if you buy board and CPU, and get some ddr4 ram and a ultra m.2 drive this is a killer gaming machine

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GREAT5/22/2015 1:12:54 PM

Pros: Super easy to install, comes with Cam software. Have this on a AMD 9590 at 5.0Ghz at idle 23C and under full load with Prime 56c, these to fans and grill are friggen awesome as heck. this is by far the best CPU cooler out there. I have a antec case with 2 top 140mm fans , all i did was install on top of them, now i have 2xpush pull.

Cons: None ....the instructions could have been done better, but it wasnt hard to figure out

Overall Review: Be sure to have 2 x 140mm fan spots ready, THIS will not fit on a 120mm.

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