Simply Great7/17/2015 10:00:56 PM

Pros: - The installation was pretty easy. I built a server with my brother and we unscrewed the case mounts and hammered down the flaps. - It's simply stylish. No silly looking bells or whistles. It just has a sexy latch and a sexy LED. - It's sturdy and well-designed. The first couple days you might have trouble getting in the drive, but once you do there's no problem. There are little wheels on the bottom to smooth the sliding in process. - You get alot. 5 drives in 3 slots. That's 66% extra space you just gained.

Cons: - The fan is loud. This is even after a quiet after market fan. My impression is that the device lacks a fan controller and has the fan set to run constantly at full speed. - It is a little hard to slide the drives in, but that is offset by having the sheer number of drives.

Overall Review: It's nice. I shopped around and couldn't find a better one at this relative price point. (If you're willing to shell out an additional $100+ you can find better)

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