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GoodGrief2/1/2017 9:04:50 PM

Pros: Supposedly a free game.

Cons: AMD Makes this almost not worth messing with. 1st. I had to wait a day after creating the AMD account before they will even let you login to it... Unless you want to give them your Cell Phone Number. 2nd After being allowed to login and entering the code I received from Newegg I was not provided with a game but more hoops to jump thru... 3rd I was made to screenshot the email from Newegg and submit it as if it were a Support Ticket. Aftwards Still no game just more waiting. Maybe Tomorrow I will have a fourth step to add to this Review. Not convinced I will have a game at that point either. I sure don't have one yet now Two days of messing with this Very Inconvient string along!

Overall Review: Didn't ask for this but decided to go ahead and get it. Now I am really getting frustrated with AMD! Game might be free but I charge for my time! and I cant get the last two days of my life back trying to get this stupid Free Game that I didn't ask for in the first place. It Would not let me purchase the CPU without it being added to my cart.

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Failed1/21/2015 7:08:08 PM

Pros: Large size for the money at the time of purchase.

Cons: Failed with all my photos from my HD Sony DSC-HX1

Overall Review: Failed when I exceeded approx. 7-8 Gbyte as if it were one of the dreaded counterfeit one's! That is the symptom described in all the postings about Fakes! Maybe its just a coincidence. But I have read comments all over the internet describing just that. No amount of warranty can replace what I have lost! Wonder if Lexar is monitoring these posts?

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